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Chapter 6 How Could This?

The people, who were ridiculing Ye Xinghe a moment ago, have all closed their mouth.

Many of them could only sense two red soul crystals, what qualifications did they have to ridicule Ye Xinghe’s actions?

Before Ye Xinghe obviously cannot sense even one crystal, then, why can he, suddenly could sense three? Many people were wondering the same question.

Teachers on the stage seeing three crystals glow started nodding their head. Yes, for a student of Ye Xinghe’s status, sensing three crystals were quite good.

Common people are always inferior in terms of ancestral blood inheritance, and therefore always have sub-par talents as compare to n.o.ble family sons. Having a talent of three crystals was already very good.

When every person thought that the test has ended, Ye Xinghe felt a refreshing cooling sensation between his eyebrows, every muscle of his body contracts and expands with the flow of his breathing, even his heart beat slowed down.

A moment later fourth soul crystal started sending green rays slowly.

Fourth Soul Crystal?

For a long moment every person looked with a shocked dull look at the fourth crystal in front of Ye Xinghe.

Even the Masters in stage were shocked silly.

This is impossible.

Laing Yu’s eyes widened, he cannot believe that a subservient family member’s talent is same as him.

It must be understood that Dark Moon Family had an inheritance of Dark Flame blood, because of this; every younger generation of their family had a talent for Flame Martial Arts. Now an outcast like Ye Xinghe has same talent as him, how could he accept that?

“Even if you have Four Soul Crystals talent, your innate physique is of Star Martial Arts, a trash like you cannot be compared to me” Liang Yu Coldly grunted. Several hundred years ago there were many star martial n.o.ble families, but they slowly declined in absence of suitable inheritors. Now star martial art does not shine brightly anymore.

Currently Flame Martial Art and Dragon Martial Art are the two strongest martial arts in the world.

An Xueyun’s beautiful eyes looked astonished for an instant, Ye Xinghe’s talent unexpectedly gave her a surprise.

Ye Xinghe’s talent of Four Soul Crystal has pushed him among the top three talents with Liang Yu and An Xueyun.

When others were feeling surprised for Ye Xinghe’s talent, he himself was still in tranquility. His eyes were still closed and he had no idea that four crystals had glowed for him. He was actually feeling that he was submerged in warm coc.o.o.n of gentle water, which was slowly nourishing his body.


In Ye Xinghe’s mind a low continuous humming started.

Pure white energy from all over his body started rushing towards his palm.

Fifth soul crystal started shining with green rays; even sixth soul crystal started shining with a dazzling blue light. When the sixth soul crystal shone, it was more eye-catching and beautiful than the combined five soul crystals.

A Six Soul Crystal talent!!

Vice-Headmaster Xu and every person in the hall could not sit straight and stood up in surprise.

If it is said that a five soul crystal talent can only be found in several hundred years, then a talent of six soul crystals can only be found in several thousand years. From the early beginning of Heavenly Star Academy, students with six star soul crystal talents can be counted in one hand.

The students who had sensed six soul crystals in the past has all gone and established their own powerful families in the past.

Although everyone was feeling shocked in their heart, but n.o.body spoke at this moment, everyone was intently looking at the seventh crystal.

Everyone thought that they can already see the seventh soul crystal glowing a bit.

They are stubbornly staring at the seventh soul crystal, if Ye Xinghe could inspire seven soul crystals to shine for him then he will one day become a peerless emperor of the heaven.

Seventh soul crystal moved a bit, a very dim purple ray came from inside it, but it quickly went dim again.

Seventh Soul Crystal did not shone.

Unexpectedly seeing this greatly relaxed.

“How can it be so simple to inspire seventh soul crystal?”

That is a fable realm of Great emperor powerhouses, it is impossible to appear in this small Heavenly star Academy.

However even than Ye Xinghe’s talent made every person feel immense shocked. A six soul crystal talent!

Before An Xueyun had inspired five soul crystals, that already was enough shocking but Ye Xinghe had surprisingly over shadowed that monstrous talent.

An Xueyun background of an prominent n.o.ble family’s young lady, also she is one of the two most talented women in whole city, made people to easily accept her talent. But Ye Xinghe talent was unforeseen. Who would have thought that a junior family member of subservient family could have such an astonishing talent?

Liang Yu gripped the corner of table and pressed so hard that the viens in his hand started showing. His eyes showed a deep unwilling look.

Why does Ye Xinghe have such surprising talent? He is a slave of my Dark Moon Family.

An Xueyun was also greatly surprised, She never thought Ye Xinghe’s talent will be so far removed from her expectations.

“This Child’s talent is good” Vice-Headmaster Xu does not care about Ye Xinghe family or his status in Dark Moon Family. What he does care about is Ye Xinghe’s talent.

In the eye’s of Headmaster his talent is only good. That is a super talent of six soul crystals. All the teachers were in depression from vice-headmasters words.  It was impossible to take Ye Xinghe from Vice-Headmaster.

“It’s good, now that no one has been left. According to agreement, I will first choose three disciples. I choose Liang Yu, An Xueyun and Ye Xinghe.” Vice-Headmaster revealed a faint smile while saying the names.

Three best talents were all taken by vice-Headmaster. They will be taught by Master Xu personally.

Every teacher hearing this felt pain in their heart. A talent of five soul crystals and six soul crystals were very hard to find, it is estimated that before new such talents are found they will be already buried in their grave.

Ye Xinghe slowly opened his eyes; he saw six soul crystals shining below his hand and had a great start. He urgently receives his hand.

What’s all this about?

Had I inspired six soul crystals?

Six soul crystals, what kind of talent is that?

Ye Xinghe looked at students standing beside him, but they all were staring back at him. Even Lin Hong was watching Ye Xinghe with unexplainable feeling in his eyes.

After Ye XInghe withdrew his hand from above soul crystals, their glow gradually faded.

“What happened?” Ye Xinghe asked looking at Lin Hong, he was just immersed in the calm and tranquil feeling from before, then how did this incredible result of six soul crystal shining happened?

He was going deeper and deeper in that calm feeling, but suddenly a noise had startled him, and he woke up to find six soul crystals shining.

Seeing Ye Xinghe’s dazed expression Lin Hong cannot help but give a wry smile ” I can’t believe you don’t know anything, it’s so frustrating, and you even somehow managed to inspire six soul crystals to glow”

“Six Soul Crystals? I Did?” Ye Xinghe cannot help but doubtfully asked. Before not even one crystals had shone and now six were shining, how incredible this was. Even An Xueyun and Ling Yu had only inspired five and four soul crystal respectively.

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