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Chapter 5 Ancient Tablet

An Xueyun’s talent caused quite a stir among the students. Even in the eyes of Liang Yu a deep emotion of jealousy surfaced.

Five red soul crystals result made everyone feel inferior.

Looking at An Xueyun’s back Ye xinghe showed a look of envy in his eyes.

If he can have that type of talent, then how good would be his life?

But he understands that it is only wishful thinking, he instead looked at the seven crystals, what would he do if his talent his poor.

All the master sitting in the stage looked at each other, seeing Vice-Headmaster Xu smiling they were feeling quite depressed. As per their estimation, after finding such an outstanding talent, he will definitely not give her to anyone else. Although Vice-Headmaster has not received any disciples in more than 10 years, but seeing his smiling face they can obviously determine that he will not concede this time.

The first row’s eight children had been tested. Now everyone looked at students standing in the second row.

“Two soul crystal sensing!!”

“Two soul crystal sensing!!”

After the first row more than 20 students had been tested, among them were other n.o.ble family and city merchants sons, but a majority of them were able to sense only two soul crystals, the students who could sense three were only two.

n.o.ble families have strong ancestor blood running in their veins, and therefore they always perform better than other lesser families or merchants sons. If they can get in Heavenly star Academy it means they have above average talent, however if the comparison is done with n.o.ble family’s sons than a huge gap is found.

Now all eyes fell upon the last row students, remaining eight common or subservient family sons.

These students of common descent had been admitted from every corner of the province. During the admission of Heavenly star academy, thousands of n.o.ble family and merchant’s son come to compete, however during the admission quota for common people tens of thousands of children come to partic.i.p.ate.

This is Great Zou Empire’s national policy, through academy, they have given the children of common people an opportunity of promotion. Although these students can’t have high official positions in the empire, but having graduated from the academy gives them the chance to join army or city guards. It is a chance to change their destiny.

Ye Xinghe is one of them who wants to change their destiny, he had been admitted in Heavenly Star Academy by working hard and diligently. However out of all eight students remaining, his talent was the worst

“Come On” Lin Hong patted Ye Xinghe’s shoulder.

Lin Hong turned and started to sense the first of the red soul crystal.

Shortly after a glow of red, orange and bright yellow was shining in front of him. When three soul crystal had shone Lin Hong slowly closed his hand.

“I was able to unexpectedly sense three soul crystals.”

All students couldn’t help but give Lin Hong looks of admiration. As a subservient family member, his result was very astonishing. Over the year, students who can sense three crystals from common students have been very few.

Several other students had also completed their test, but their result was far from satisfactory. Two of the common decent students could only sense one red soul crystal, their complexion was white, deep in their eyes were the sign of despair and dying embers. Both of them have not pa.s.sed the exam, they had arrived till here with great difficulty and hard work, but they didn’t have the destiny to advance from here.

After everyone had been tested, it was Ye Xinghe’s chance.

Ye Xinghe placed his hand above soul crystals and tried to sense them as the teacher had said.

However no resonance could be found in any of the soul crystals.

What was this?

Why is there no response?

Ye Xinghe started feeling anxious and cold sweat could be seen on his forehead.

Every student was looking at Ye Xinghe because he was last, however, no glow could be seen below his hand. Everyone thought he still hasn’t started and was therefore waiting for him to start.

Everyone stare made Ye Xinghe’s situation more difficult, his nervousness started increasing, Whats the matter? why is nothing happening? Why is there no response from even one soul crystal?

Another minute pa.s.sed by, but still no glow could be found.

The whole hall was deathly still.

Couldn’t even sense one crystal, Was this real?

Suddenly Liang Yu started laughing ” You really are a waste, you can’t even inspire one crystal to glow for you, Ha Ha Ha really made me laugh.!!”

Teachers on stage also looked at each other with blank dismay, a situation like this has never happened, before there was no one who couldn’t even sense one soul crystal. How could a person who can’t even sense one crystal was admitted in Heavenly Star Academy?

Ye Xinghe tightly clenched his left hand into a fist, he does not understand what is happening. What’s the matter, why can’t I even sense one crystal.

Nearby, Lin Hong seeing Ye Xinghe facial expressions had a sinking feeling, he said in a low voice “You do not need to mind what other people are saying, keep your attention on the soul crystals below your hand. Also, you were too anxious, first calm your heart and then try again”

Hearing Lin Hong words, Ye Xinghe looked towards him with a grateful look. when everyone was ridiculing him then Lin Hong spoke on his behalf.

I do not believe that I am a waste.

I had worked so hard and diligently, finally was able to enter Heavenly star Academy, can such hard work be for nothing?

If I were expelled from Heavenly star Academy, then what about my parents and clansmen’s hope?

Ye Xinghe closed his eyes, no longer paying attention to anyone in hall anymore, slowly his heart started to relax, an indiscernible feeling suddenly pa.s.sed in his heart. Ye Xinghe felt as if he have again arrived in the forest of his dream, everything was very serene and quiet, he fully calmed down and basked on the quiet of the forest.

This time, Ye Xinghe completely immersed himself in that mysterious feeling without caring for anyone else.
“Even if you try again, what result can you show? Someone who can’t even sense one soul crystal is nothing but a waste.” Liang Yu sneered in mockery.

An Xueyun eyes fell upon Ye Xinghe’s body, she looked with kindness toward him, she definitely didn’t want Ye Xinghe to get expelled from Heavenly Star Academy due to poor talent.

At this moment everyone’s eyes were suddenly drawn towards Ye Xinghe palm, which was still hovering above soul crystals.

The first red soul crystal suddenly flashed a dim red light, followed by a bright wave of red light.

Finally sensed the first red soul crystal.

Vice-Headmaster and every teacher in the stage relaxed slightly. every one of them revealed a gratified smiling face. They did not want to believe, that a waste who can not even sense one red soul crystal was admitted in Heavenly Star academy. Really, Ye Xinghe was too nervous in starting and had not gathered his mind.

Liang Yu seeing this cannot help but sneer and coldly snort. Your luck was good that you were able to sense one soul crystal, otherwise, if you had failed, then you would surely have been expelled.

At this point, Ye Xinghe was not paying attention to anyone. With eyes closed, he was immersed in the tranquil feeling. It was like he was floating in the void.

A moment later, second soul crystal started shining, the orange ray that came out of soul crystal was incomparably pure and bright.

“This is second!!”

Everyone was a little surprised, no one thought that Ye Xinghe could sense two crystals.

While everyone was surprised, third crystal also slowly started giving a yellow glow, which was getting brighter by the second.

“He can actually sense three?”

Seeing this everyone was so surprised that they couldn’t help but not  to believe in their eyes. When Ye Xinghe cannot sense even one soul crystal, everyone thought that Ye Xinghe was a complete waste, however not only Ye Xinghe was not a waste but he was a three soul crystal talent now. As a subservient family member, sensing three crystals was a very outstanding result.

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