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Chapter 3 - Lin Hong(2)

Ye Xinghe's surroundings disappeared in a flash of white light light as he opened his eyes gasping for air. He was still sitting on the practice field with his cla.s.smates meditating around him. 

The surrounding students were shocked out of their meditation as they gazed at Ye Xinghe. "What is he doing?"

Ye Cinghe was at a loss for words as he examined his surroundings, what just happened? Where was the lake, the ancient monument? Was he dreaming? He narrowed his eyes, how could a dream be so realistic? I can still feel a p.r.i.c.kling pain in my body.

Ye Xinghe slowly stretched, his body seemed to be still intact.

But the feeling of an immense scorching power was still there, surging within his veins.

His breathing slowly returned to normal. Should he tell someone? No. No one would believe him anyway. If he were to tell anyone about what happened, then they would have thought that he was delusional, or letting his imagination run loose.

Besides, he was new to the Heavenly Star Academy, with no friends and no one to take him seriously.

Ye Xinghe then silently sat down and appeared to continue meditating.

A few minutes later, the young instructor returned. "Alright, the test is ready now, follow me!"

The students quickly stood up, formed a line, and followed behind the teacher as he lead them to a courtyard in the distance.

Although the line was slightly messy, it was a line none the less. At the front walked Liang Yu and An Xueyuan as well as other members of the n.o.ble families. In the middle were some of the members of the Heavenly Ancestor City's wealthy merchant families, and following at the end of the line was Ye Xinghe and the rest of the commoners from auxiliary families.

It was obvious that although every student was seemingly equal in Heavenly Star Academy, it was still hard to forget about outside social distinctions.

While Ye Xinghe was walking in silence, a youth near him walked closer. This youth's height was about the same as Ye Xinghe, and although he wore a plain outfit, his appearance was still extremely handsome. He had middle length hair, white skin, elegant and sharp facial features, and eyes like stars. 

"Are you alright?" The boy said with a lazy smile. "You were breathing quite heavily back there, I thought you got sick or something!" The youth laughed. 

"I'm okay." Ye Xinghe said, not really understanding why someone was talking to him.

"As long as you're fine, then its all good. Er, I guess we'll be cla.s.smates in the future huh?[1] Nice to meet you!" The youth said with a cheerful smile.

 Ye Xinghe couldn't help but to raise his head and glance at the youth, his smile was bright like the sun and it gave people a feeling of fresh air.

"You're not laughing at me?" Ye Xinghe asked, his gaze turning back into the distance as he tightly gripped his fist. He still felt the humiliation within his heart,

"Laugh at you? Why would I laugh at you?" The youth asked confused before understanding what Ye Xinghe meant. "Why would I laugh at you? Getting angry is easy, but what about the people back home? I guess if Miss An wants me to kneel, then I'll do it, but she has a good heart so she would never make anyone kneel to her." The youth said before pausing. "Oh! Right! I'm Lin Hong by the way, I'm from Anyang town." The youth smiled again. 

Ye Xinghe frowned, "Then, aren't you afraid of offending Liang Yu?

"Ha! What's there to fear? I come from an auxiliary family of the Eternal Heaven family, not the Darkmoon family. I have Miss An supporting me!" Ling Hong laughed indifferently.

Seeing the sincere smile on Lin Hong's face warmed Ye Xinghe's heart. "Thank you" 

After being humiliated in such a manner, there was finally someone who could understand him and was willing to befriend him.

"We're here!" During their conversation, the teacher had led the students into a wide hall. At the very front of the hall was a high platform where approximately ten people sat. These people were all above the age of 40 to 50 years and were discussing something in a low voice, each of them were dressed in simple clothes, but exuded grand auras.

On the empty floor below the platform thirty or so tables were placed with a number of strange tools resting on them.

The chatter among the students slid to a stop as the atmosphere grew tense. Each and every one of them understood that today could very well be the day where their fate would be decided.

[1] - it sounded kinda weird direct translation, so i kinda changed it a bit to sound more friendly

This are the five chapters I owe to you guys, thanks for sticking with me through my technical difficulties. 

I owe a lot of the overall structure of the chapters to this dude who stopped translating called Tofu. 

In addition to that, I will start updating once a day from now on except for the weekends:) Thanks for your support!

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