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Chapter 3 - Lin Hong(1)

"The teacher's back!" An Xueyuan to the side suddenly said.

Hearing this, Liang Yu felt his heart tense up as he immediately looked around and spotted the teacher walking over in the distance.

"You got lucky today, I'll make sure to properly discipline you in the future." Liang Yu snorted as he turned and headed back to his own spot.

Ye Xinghe raised his head and glanced at An Xueyuan who was also walking back, a look of relief on her face.

Ye Xinghe picked himself up and sat back down with his head lowered, unable to forget what had just happened. 

Without strength, one could only be humiliated. 

I have to be stronger, for the sake of my clansmen.

A short moment later, the instructor returned, his gaze swept past all the students, frowning as he noticed the blood on the corner of Ye Xinghe's mouth as well as the palm marks on his face. The teachers voice became firm as he said with a sinking voice, " what happened here?"

Hearing the teacher's words, Liang Yu's eyes flashed frantically. The Heavenly Star Academy was not a simple place, it was a place of education under the direct patronage of the Great Zhou Empire. Even the City Lords Mansion didn't dare do anything here. If the teacher were to let off what had happened to Ye Xinghe, then everything would be fine, but if the matter was investigated, then the situation would turn ugly.

The crowd of students looked towards Ye Xinghe with hopeful gazes as they silently wished for him to expose Liang Yu for his actions.

"Reporting to Teacher, I merely fell down by myself just now." Ye Xinghe said with his head lowered.

Hearing what Ye Xinghe said, the crowd of students sighed with disappointment.

"Coward!" A student next to Ye Xinghe mocked.

Ye Xinghe remained silent.

The young teacher muttered to himself for a moment, he had pieced together what had happened to a certain extent. Seeing Ye Xinghe's disheveled figure, he faintly sighed, he understood that there were certain things that he shouldn't delve upon further.

"The test will occur soon, you should all prepare now!" The instructor said.

Seeing the teacher no longer pursuing the matter, Liang Yu let out a sigh of relief as his fear turned back into arrogance. It seems like Ye Xinghe knew his place! If he had told the teacher what had actually occurred, then Liang Yu would have personally made sure that the Azure Feather family faced punishment.

As time pa.s.sed, the trainees began to calm down and prepare for their tests, Ye Xinghe was no exception.

However, for some reason, the inside of Ye Xinghe's mind began emitting a buzzing sound that drilled into his mind. Was this the result of his anger and humiliation? Over time, the buzzing increased as it soon began to feel like all the qi and blood within his body was crashing into his head.

Bang! A flash of light appeared, and the buzzing sound faded away. Although Ye Xianghe could still feel the anger and resentment in his heart, his mind now felt empty and silent.

Ye Xinghe opened his eyes and was greeted to a bright dazzling light as mins slowly became tranquil and calm. Somehow, he could feel himself being immersed withing a white ray.

"Where is this?" Ye Xinghe's eyes were filled with astonishment as he strained them in order to take in his surroundings. To his surprise, he found himself in a place containing extremely beautiful scenery. 

The area he was sitting in seemed to be a lake within a forest, the atmosphere there was tranquil with a large moon reflected in the waters of the lake.

Ye Xinghe couldn't understand why such a scene existed within his mind, furthermore, everything here seemed so genuine, so real.

While he took in surroundings, a bright ray projected from within the lake.

He opened his eyes in astonishment as the ray began moving towards him, drawing closer with every pa.s.sing second. 

Soon the ray had become a blindingly bright pillar in the sky, further piquing Ye Xinghe's interest.

Within the light, one could faintly see the outline of an ancient monument that gave off an ancient aura. The monument was covered in cracks and had mysterious writing carved into it. Looking at it make one feel like a millennia had pa.s.sed in a single instant.

Suddenly, an ancient and majestic voice exploded withing Ye Xinghe's mind. 

"Condensing pills from nothing, following the path to its beginning, memories of cultivation fade into emptiness, the meaning of the heavens and the earth, a memory engraved within the soul!"

Every word and stanza spoken by the ancient voice shook the inside of Ye Xinghe's mind. 

The pillar of light shook, then released a ball of flame that collided with Ye Xinghe before he could react.


Ye Xinghe's body shook as a ferocious power exploded throughout his body, carving its way through his one hundred meridians.

The light on the ancient monument grew grighter and brighter as the flame surrounding Ye Xinghe increased in size and power, causing him to feel an intolerable burning pain. The surging white flame was like a vicious wave in a stormy sea as it constantly bombarded Ye Xinghe.

Every pore within his body felt like it was being fried!

"Aghh!" Ye Xinghe felt himself being engulfed by the dreadful white flame, unable to move as he suffered for what seemed like hours.

Within that moment, his body was completely disintegrated by the flames!

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