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Chapter 1 - The Three Great Martial Arts(2)

"Quiet!" The instructor released some of his aura, silencing the students. "Each of these three paths are extremely profound. As long as one can cultivate to a high enough level, limits can be broken, and new techniques can be found or created." The young mentor became very serious as he said this. "If you insult the Star martial path at its current state, you are simply giving no honor to its entire heritage!"

The teenager who was previously mocking Ye Xinghe immediately shut up and no longer dared to speak. Although there was indifference in his heart, he still understood the meaning of his teachers words.

The instructor continued, "there was once a mighty Star cultivator who had the ability to change the stars. The power he drew from them was strong enough to wipe out an entire kingdom in a single stroke! The reason why the Star cultivation path had declined to such a point is not because the heritage is weak, it is just that without the proper cultivation techniques, it is nearly impossible to succeed."

The power to destroy an empire!

Ye XInghe's hopes rose up once again as a fascinated look appeared on his face. Was it really possible to become such a supernatural existence?

"Since you have already entered the school, you have all already undergone a round of physical testing. In two hours, you will be tested for talent." Said the young tutor, before walking away.

After the instructor left, the atmosphere lost its nervous tension and the students began talking to each other. After all, they were going to be cla.s.smates in the future. 

One of the teenagers, a young boy dressed in white ropes swept across the trainees with a cold gaze and began to speak. "Today will be the first day for us in the Heavenly Star Academy. I understand that some of you belong to n.o.ble houses while others belong to subordinate provinces." His shout drew the attention of everyone sitting in the area. "However, I do not care about who you are or what background you are from, in the future, I will have the final say! From this day forth, I am the boss of this cla.s.s!"

After hearing his words, the cla.s.s erupted in chatter.

"Who is this extremely arrogant person?" One student asked in a low voice.

"You don't know who he is? That person is Liang Yu, the young master of the Darkmoon family." A young man replied before another cut in.

"The Darkmoon family is only second in power to the City Lord's Mansion. I've heard that his family controls six of the twelve towns under Heavenly Ancestor city's protection. In fact, several of Heavenly Ancestor city's n.o.bles are the sons of the Darkmoon family!"

Upon hearing the scattered whispers of his fellow cla.s.smates, Ye Xinghe's eyes flashed with a spark of hatred. The white clothed teenager was actually a member of the Darkmoon family! However, this spark was quickly put out as he lowered his head and kept quiet.

Ye Xinghe's home, Blue Carp Town was naturally one of the six town under the control of the Darkmoon family. There, members of Darkmoon wielded peerless power and were allowed to do whatever they wanted.

Every year, Ye Xinghe's Azure Feather family was required to pay an unfair amount of tribute to their Darkmoon overlords. One year, due to drought, the harvest was extremely low. Regardless of this, the Azure Feather family was still forced to pay the same amount of tribute, and the amount of food remaining was not enough to feed the towns population. That year, many of the elders willingly starved themselves in order to save food for the children.

Ye Xinghe's family had simply suffered too much because of the Darkmoon family's actions. He could remember that when he was young, he had an aunt that doted on his every move. Ye Xinghe's aunt was one of the most beautiful young women in the town at the time, but one day, she was taken away by members of the Darkmoon family. Two weeks pa.s.sed before she returned, and the night she came back, she committed suicide! Although he was too young to understand at the time, he now understood the horrendous acts that were inflicted upon his aunt.

The pain his family had to endue was ingrained in Ye Xinghe's heart. If he could not make the Darkmoon suffer as his Azure Feather family had, then he could no longer be called a man!

From a young age, Ye Xinghe had dedicated himself to changing his family's fate. Due to his good talent and extremely hard work ethic, his Azure Feather family made efforts to support him, and after years of training, he was able to enter Star Academy.

He came to Star Academy not only to change his own fate but the fate binding his family as well!

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