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Chapter 37: Mystical Treasure

As Xia Yuning sank in the icy pond, the Star Power that Ye Xinghe poured into her body earlier made her dantian retains a bit of warmth. The warmth made her thinks about that man she just met in this trial.

Actually what was the origin of Ye Xinghe? What secret did his body have?

But, all of these matters were not important anymore. She would never get the chance to know the truth, after all.

Xia Yuning felt that both her eyelids getting heavier, made her want to enter deep sleep immediately. But at this moment, she felt her waist was being cradled and her lips had been blocked by something, a stream of warm air entered her mouth all at once.

She opened her eyes in panic-stricken manner, and when she discovered that it was Ye Xinghe that was 'kissing' her, she tried to struggle free.

As she discovered that as Ye Xinghe was holding her closely, Star Power surged from all direction and seeped into her body, made her feel warmer. All her whole body meridians that was almost frozen, was being filled by a warm aura.

Ye Xinghe kept swimming to the icy pond's surface, felt relaxed after found Xia Yuning. This woman was really lucky, unexpectedly hadn't die after everything that happened. But earlier when he just held Xia Yuning, Ye Xinghe discovered that almost every part of her body was frozen, moreover she wasn't breathing. Therefore, without thinking about anything else, he hurriedly administered first aid to Xia Yuning.

He thought Xia Yuning was unconscious, but he would never have imagined that as he administered first aid, the woman's eyeb.a.l.l.s were opened wide and stared at him, while kept struggling in his brace. Even though she was really embarra.s.sed, there was nothing she could do, because right now, she couldn't muster any strength in her body.

Ye Xinghe brought Xia Yuning while swimming to the surface, then carried her to the lake side.

When Ye Xinghe managed to reach the sh.o.r.e with Xia Yuning, he discovered that An Xueyun was also freezing, almost became a beautiful ice sculpture. He started to treat both An Xueyun and Xia Yuning in a hurry.

After about an hour, Ye Xinghe held both An Xueyun and Xia Yuning to the outside of the cavern. Under the warmth of the sunlight, these two women's condition finally returned to normal.

"At last, you two are all right!" Ye Xinghe said in relaxed manner. "For now, you need to stay under the sunlight. I will return to the cavern to take that [Heaven's Halberd] and sister Xia Yuning's weapon!"

At this moment, the face of An Xueyun and Xia Yuning was as red as an apple. Since their body was being frozen stiff before, Ye Xinghe needed to help relieve the stiffness in their body with the way of body ma.s.sage, but this procedure, let him traced almost every nook and cranny of their whole body.

This made Ye Xinghe didn't dare to face An Xueyun and Xia Yuning, shrank his head as he tried to run back to the cavern.

Looked at Ye Xinghe's back, Xia Yuning snorted and shouted to him, "Ye Xinghe, you just humiliated us, now you want to run without saying anything?"


Xia Yuning's words made An Xueyun's face blushed again!

These words made Ye Xinghe depressed. A moment ago he just acted according to the special circ.u.mstances, and after he did everything he could, finally managed to save these two girls, how could those counted as 'humiliating' them?

"Ye Xinghe, in any case, you can't run from responsibility of today's matter! Either you take responsibility of us, or we will just perish together here!" Xia Yuning coldly snorted as she was staring at Ye Xinghe's back.

Her words, made him greatly shocked. Turning his head, his eyes opened wide as he stared speechless at Xia Yuning. This girl, wasn't she too excessive?

"That is impossible!" Ye Xinghe anxiously said, "You girls, one is the Eternal Heaven Family daughter of first wife, the other one is North Guardian Lord's daughter, how could I have take responsibility for both of you? If this matter was being known by any of your families, I'm as good as dead!"

He just tried to save others, how could he became the guilty one, all of a sudden?

"No matter what, even if in the end Xueyun can forgive you, but I won't! Who ask you to trace my whole body? You already enjoyed the feelings of my body, now you refused to take responsibility for that?" there was n.o.body beside them in this place, so there was no need to hide anything. From the moment that Ye Xinghe saved her from the icy pond's depth, Xia Yuning realized that she… already recognized this man as someone worth her attention. Even if Ye Xinghe rejected her, she absolutely wouldn't give up on him! "If you still refuse to take responsibility, I will tell this matter to my father, I'll see what will you do when he visit you in the future!"

"Enjoyed the feelings of your body? When your body was frozen, you're just the same with an ice piece. You think that touching an icy-cold, smooth ice block would be very enjoyable?" Ye Xinghe grumbled unwillingly.

Heard the dialog of Ye Xinghe and Xia Yuning, An Xueyun tried to hold her laughter, made her body trembled as she was closing her mouth with both her hands. She thought about the fact that right now she was still alive, could listen to Ye Xinghe and Xia Yuning's quarreling, this was absolutely a happy occasion, other matters felt unimportant for her right now.

An Xueyun's laughter broke the quarrel of them two, this made Ye Xinghe felt relieved, immediately ran towards the cave's interior.

Looked that Ye Xinghe slipped out without her knowing, Xia Yuning pouted her mouth, and while staring at An Xueyun, said "Xueyun, both of us had been taken advantage heavily by him, are we really going to act as nothing has happened?"

"Then what do you want to do? Let him marry you? Not to mention that even if he agrees, would your father agree?" An Xueyun looked at her reluctantly, her complexion became low-spirited thoroughly. "We have our own family, has our own fate that can't be escaped…"

Xia Yuning was being silent for a moment. Then she said, "Xueyun, I know that you had engaged, and once you ruin the engagement, entire Eternal Heaven Family would meet its demise, therefore you can only submit with the engagement. But initially, when you were being betrothed, why did you just agreed with the engagement?"

Xia Yuning said proudly, "Initially, my father also wanted to marry me to the Ninth Prince, at that time I took a knife to my throat, I gave him two choices: either he cancelled the marriage or had his daughter died right there and then. In the end, my father submitted to my demand and cancelled the marriage. The man who I, Xia Yuning, recognizes, even if he was coming from one pile of mud, I will support him and stand behind him with all my might, even if that was against my North Guardian Lord Mansion! All the privileges of North Guardian Lord Mansion's princess… if that means I'll lose my freedom to choose the man I like, then this status as a princess, I'd rather lose it!"

As she listened to Xia Yuning's words, An Xueyun became silent. Xia Yuning was the North Guardian City's City Lord's daughter, and Heavenly Ancestor City's City Lord's granddaughter. She indeed had the qualifications, and the ability, to revolt against her destiny. But An Xueyun was different… She still had a younger sister in her Eternal Heaven Family. If she rejected the political marriage, then her sister would be the one that needs to do it.

Sometimes, it was just impossible for one person to live happily according to her wish.

An Xueyun heavily sighed in her heart, she felt grieved for her own destiny.

At the same time, inside the s.p.a.cious hall inside of the cave.

Ye Xinghe had reached the icy pond's side after walking through the cavern's dark tunnel. He took Xia Yuning's [Moon Wheel] and then bent his waist to get the [Heaven's Halberd]. At this moment, the halberd seemed as if it already recognized its master, as the halberd emitted a docile and warm aura in Ye Xinghe's hand.

This treasure indeed was a really mystical thing, once it recognized its master, forever it would only submit to him!

Ye Xinghe looked at the [Heaven's halberd] in his hand, all over the halberd's body was covered with glittering and translucent carving, gave impression that the halberd was completely carved from Ice Jade. Its full length was around 2 meters, and as he made a simple slash to the cave's wall, it easily left half meters deep cut on the tough cavern wall. Moreover, the surface of the wall that had been cut was instantaneously covered by thick solid ice.

Quite fierce!

This formidable [Heaven's Halberd]'s attack brought an icy cold Qi that instantaneously froze the thing it attacked, made its might extremely powerful.

Then Ye Xinghe noticed that, on the halberd's surface, carved three ancient characters that emitted an aura of vicissitude, [Frost Dragon Halberd]!

This ancient letters and the Ice Dragon from before… it seemed like that Ice Dragon should be this [Frost Dragon Halberd]'s [Tool Spirit]!

Ye Xinghe hand that gripped the [Frost Dragon Halberd] moved slightly, and with an intention from his mind, the [Frost Dragon Halberd] swiftly shrank in size, before turned into an icy blue Dragon Seal on Ye Xinghe's arm.

As long as Ye Xinghe's mind intended it, the [Frost Dragon Halberd] would be instantly summoned into his hand again.

This [Frost Dragon Halberd] absolutely was an extraordinary heavenly treasure. Its might was, at least, several level higher that Xia Yuning's [Moon Wheel]!

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