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Chapter 36: Ice Dragon

This treasure has mystical powers!

In Ye Xinghe's mind, flashed a few words, 'Ancient Book of Spiritual Item', a book that recorded every powerful ancient times Spiritual Item in the world. This [Heaven's Halberd] had spiritual intelligence, also known as 'Treasure Spirit', and it was unexpectedly strong to this degree!

Ye Xinghe could feel that this [Heaven's Halberd] absolutely was an extraordinary Spiritual Treasure!

As he realized that the [Heaven's Halberd] was a Spiritual Treasure, made it more impossible for him to let it escape, the right hand holding the halberd stubbornly, but at this moment, this Heaven's Halberd suddenly transformed into an Ice Dragon, that grazed toward the icy pond below.

"It's not good!" Ye Xinghe felt that the Ice Dragon that the [Heaven's Halberd] turned into, wanted to run into the icy pond, made him grasped it even more tightly.

Ye Xinghe obviously wasn't willing to let it escape, lowly shouted, [Star Flame Blade] was condensed from Star Power, sh.e.l.led on the Ice Dragon.

If it was another Flame Martial Artist of the same level, impossible to condense any Flame Power here, but Ye Xinghe's Star Power actually could move unimpeded in this cold situation.


Ye Xinghe kept bombarding the Ice Dragon, the roaring flame kept blasting open.

"What's the matter?" Xia Yuning and An Xueyun were startled. Ye Xinghe obviously said that the mysterious thing was a [Heaven's Halberd], how could it change to an Ice Dragon in an instant? Moreover, that Ice Dragon was fighting intensely with Ye Xinghe?

"Xueyun, you hurry and get out of this cave! I will go help him!" Xia Yuning lowly shouted, disregarding her freezing stiff body, she bravely jumped, in her hand, suddenly grasped a [Moon Wheel] from thin air. As the [Moon Wheel] being summoned, the trim region had been illuminated instantaneously.

This [Moon Wheel], was one of the three highest ranked magic weapon of Heavenly Ancestor City, which was an heirloom pa.s.sed to Xia Yuning by her late mother. Under normal circ.u.mstances, Xia Yuning would never take it out to use, but made it shrink into fist size and hid it in her sleeves. This [Moon Wheel] had formidable Spiritual Intelligence, it even could protect its owner in the critical moment.

The [Moon Wheel] changed into cold, light beam, rumbling toward the Ice Dragon.

An Xueyun stood on the lake side, she was worried about Ye Xinghe and Xia Yuning, but the coldness here greatly restrained Flame Martial Artist, made her unable to even using any Flame Martial Arts. She couldn't even defend herself properly, let alone got rid to help them.

Flame Martial Artist that was unable to use the strength of Flame Martial Arts, was the same as any waste!

An Xueyun looked at Ye Xinghe that was fighting, she suddenly felt hate towards herself, why must she be so weak? Why was it that everytime there was something urgent, she never able to helped at all?

At the time, Ye Xinghe and the Ice Dragon's fight was heating up like a raging fire, this Ice Dragon was too strong, Ye Xinghe couldn't control it thoroughly. Although Star Power being continuously surged from his body, but it was very difficult to defeat the Ice Dragon.

Under Ice Dragon's powerful strength, Ye Xinghe was being dragged into the Icy Pond.

It's not good!

Once we entered the ice pond, I wouldn't have any means to defeat this Ice Dragon!

As it was increasingly likely that he wouldn't be able to subdue this Spiritual Treasure, although it was a pity, but Ye Xinghe also understood the choice he have. If he wasn't fated to have this item from the beginning, there was no use to kept demanding about it!

When he prepared to let the Ice Dragon go, suddenly he saw a dazzling white beam rumbling toward Ice Dragon's body, by Ye Xinghe's [Star Eye] that could see beyond the cold mist, he discovered that the white beam was a [Moon Wheel], and Xia Yuning was the one controlling it!


As the [Moon Wheel] collided with the Ice Dragon's scales, a loud explosion could be heard. Unexpectedly, the [Moon Wheel] was completely bounced off to the sky.

Xia Yuning was dumbfounded, she never expected that this Ice Dragon had such formidable strength. In that moment of carelessness, she only saw that after the Ice Dragon received her attack, it roared angrily and attacked Xia Yuning. Its dragon tail pounded on Xia Yuning's body, she groaned weakly, her whole body flew to the icy pond.


The lake water scattered as she fell to the water.

Not only received the [Moon Wheel] attack and bounced it off, the Ice Dragon also managed to swept Xia Yuning to the ice pond!

However, after suffered the last strike, this Ice Dragon also wailed, struggling to maintain its posture. Obviously not feeling well after the [Moon Wheel]'s attack.

Saw Xia Yuning fell to the Icy pond, Ye Xinghe immediately felt immense anger in his heart, although Xia Yuning's disposition was somewhat arrogant and proud, but they get along well, and she was also a good person inside. In Ye Xinghe's mind, swiftly flashed the image of his cherished moments with Xia Yuning, one of them being Xia Yuning's adorable drowsy look when she just wake up on his side. He never thought that Xia Yuning would brave hardship and danger for him, made him became mad, he roared, his left hand held the Ice Dragon's body, and the fist of his right hand kept pounding on Ice Dragon's body.

"You evil creature, I will kill you!"


Ye Xinghe continuously pounded the body of Ice Dragon, even if his right fist already bled, he had no intention to stop, boundless Star Power gushed out along his fist turbulently.

Under Ye Xinghe's bombardment, the Ice Dragon kept wailing and struggling, emitting a sad and shrill pitiful sound. Finally it crashed on the ground of the lake side, then transformed back into Heaven's Halberd.

Ye Xinghe, at this moment, felt a faint trace of spiritual connection with this Heaven's halberd.

His anger vanished without trace as he sobered. After all, this was only a Treasure!

But before he could take a closer look at that halberd, he remembered about Xia Yuning. Without wasting anymore time, Ye Xinghe jumped into the icy pond, opened his [Star Eyes], and seeking Xia Yuning's trail.

Ye Xinghe's heart suddenly tightened, if Xia Yuning died, he wouldn't be able to forgive himself, after all, Xia Yuning fell to the pond because she tried to help him!

In the icy pond, Xia Yuning felt the terrifying chill in the water raided her body, gave her feeling of being frozen into ice sculpture. In her heart, flashed through innumerable thoughts instantly, she remembered her childhood time, when she cultivated happily under both her parents' supervision, but after that, her mother was dying, and without ever knowing the causal of her death, little Yuning received the mother's heirloom, the [Moon Wheel], from her father's hand. Started from that moment, her father never smiled anymore.

Since then, The great North Guardian Mansion Lord, had air of frightening ice-coldness and solitude.

Later, she had a friend, that was An Xueyun. This made a faint trace of joy pasted on her face, but each time she went home, she must face her cold father, who kept compelling her to cultivating everyday, and sometimes when she was caught being lazy, her father would even wield a leather whip to lash her.

When mother was still living, father was very good to her, his smiling face also very warm. But ever since mother pa.s.sed away, he became a strict and fearful father.

Even if he never said anything, but Xia Yuning understood that her father had his difficulties in his heart. But no matter how she inquired, father never told her even the slightest clue.

Afterward, the image of Ye Xinghe surfaced in her heart. This person was really bold, unexpectedly took advantage from her cheaply, dared to touch her body's private spot, this was simply unforgivable! She was a dignified female of North Guardian Lord Mansion, Ye Xinghe being too bold, was he not afraid of being beheaded?

But at the later time, when she woke up in the bosom of Ye Xinghe, she knew that this matter she couldn't blame Ye Xinghe. It was her that hugged him, made her innermost feeling become disordered. However she discovered gradually, this bold person, Ye Xinghe, was not that repugnant. She even felt happy that she met him.

But the one Ye Xinghe liked, most probably, was An Xueyun…

'It's over…' she sighed in her heart, from infancy to maturity, she had too many things to do. She hadn't know how mother died, had not know why father was so strict to her, and unlike other girls, she had never fallen in love with a boy…

But now she would die here in this remote place silently, even her corpse, would probably never being found in the future… this made her felt grieved for her pitiful fate.

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