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Chapter 34: Cavern

Oh s.h.i.t oh s.h.i.t oh s.h.i.t!

It's all over!

I'm finished!

Being frightened, Ye Xinghe was constantly complained in his heart.

Once this tyrannosaurus rex girl awoken, Ye Xinghe knew, he would definitely dead! This violent girl would definitely kill him!

Last night wasn't his mistake, he just sat cross-legged in cultivation, everything was on Xia Yuning's end, she was the one that entangled him like an octopus, never letting go at all! Although Ye Xinghe had groped the two girls before, that was purely an accident!

In his frightened vision, Xia Yuning's eyelash moved slightly, the eyes opened gradually.

Xia Yuning looked at Ye Xinghe with gla.s.sy eyes, her mind was still blank, unconsciously rubbed Ye Xinghe's hair with her white hand.

Saw Xia Yuning's just woke up appearance, with a dull face and messy hair, made Ye Xinghe speechless.

Before, Ye Xinghe always thought that Xia Yuning was so proud and aloof, a violent female Tyrannosaurus rex. He never expected, when Xia Yuning just woke up, her drowsy look, was sooooo adorable.

As if feeling slightly uncomfortable, Xia Yuning finally moved from Ye Xinghe's bosom and tried to find a more comfortable position.

Ye Xinghe was holding his cold breath, he didn't dare to make any sound. Such hot, young girl as Xia Yuning rested in his arms, already made him felt awkward, when she suddenly moved slightly, Ye Xinghe was greatly startled, felt that his remaining life already cut short at that moment.

Xia Yuning seemed to felt that she was still uncomfortable, her vision that was unfocused just now, finally has sobered slightly. Her vision focused on Ye Xinghe's arm, then, her gaze moved to his face, made both their eyes looking at each other directly.

"Rogue!" Xia Yuning screamed, immediately a palm flew to Ye Xinghe's cheek, made a resounding sound in the cavern. Xia Yuning looked like a cat whose tail was being stepped on by something, as she jumped all of a sudden. She immediately stood, she took a look at her surrounding, finally gradually recalled the matter of last night.

Last night, she only thought that she felt really cold, unable to hold on, just wanted to rest immediately.

She thought that she was going to be frozen to death, made her almost gave up resisting the cold, when she felt some warmth in the air. She traced the warm air slowly, finally she found a very warm bosom, made her really comfortable, really steadfast. She even felt infatuated with that feeling.

As she finally recalled what happened last night, her cheeks were turned red and felt boiling hot, she knew that last night's matter, was not caused by Ye Xinghe being frivolous, but she delivered herself to him!

Saw Xia Yuning's current face, which was a nice mix of doubt, shyness, and other complicated expression, made Ye Xinghe felt slightly annoyed. He was innocent, even helped her to withstood the coldness, but the first thing she did as she awoken was slapped him in the face? However, as he saw that Xia Yuning could jumped around like that, he felt relieved, since she was all right.

Xia Yuning looked down at Ye Xinghe, and saw that An Xueyun was still sleeping happily like a cat, rolled her body up by Ye Xinghe's side, with her head rested on Ye Xinghe's lap, and with a beautiful, serene smile on her face.

"Eldest Sister Xia Yuning, last night's matter was not my mistake, yet you slap my face just as you wake up, that was too excessive!" Ye Xinghe was covering his burning cheek as he complained to Xia Yuning.

Xia Yuning was a 5th Heavenly Layer Dragon Martial Artist, her casual palm slap's strength, wasn't a simple matter! Ye Xinghe felt that his own face was swollen from that single hit just now.

"Don't just go around and call me 'eldest sister' like that, do you think I'm that much older compared with you?!" Xia Yuning opened her eyes wide, fiercely staring at Ye Xinghe.

Heard this, Ye Xinghe rolled his eyes, this… really? He obviously said a lot of things just now, but Xia Yuning only noted the 'Eldest sister' two words?

"That hit just now also just as you deserved, granted, the matter of this morning when I woke up in your arms wasn't your mistake, but last night when you groped both of me and Xueyun, do you dare to say that wasn't your fault?" Xia Yuning continued to talk, furiously scolded Ye Xinghe.

"This," Ye Xinghe gawked, unable to found any ground to argue, then sighed. "Fine, it was my fault… I'm sorry!"

"Snort, it is okay if you understand." Xia Yuning curled her lips happily.

As they spoke, An Xueyun's low moan could be heard, sign that she started to regained consciousness.

Xia Yuning was anxious immediately, slightly shy whispered to Ye Xinghe, "Xinghe, anything that happened this morning, you mustn't tell An Xueyun! Otherwise, I absolutely wouldn't let you off!" Xia Yuning clenched her small fist, slightly threatening the latter.

When she remembered that she hugged Ye Xinghe this morning, moreover rubbed his head calmly, made Xia Yuning's elegant face turned crimson. If this matter was known by An Xueyun, she wouldn't have any face to confront her anymore!

Saw Xia Yuning's expression, Ye Xinghe stared slightly before immediately chuckled. Before, he didn't know much about Xia Yuning, so he only thought her as an ice-cold, arrogant young aristocratic girl, but now, he realized that Xia Yuning was really cute and adorable!

"What are you two just talking about? What is it that you must not tell me?" An Xueyun had opened her clear eyes, while still lying on floor, looked at Ye Xinghe and Xia Yuning in doubt.

"Nothing." Xia Yuning's heart was tightened, hurriedly said that while stares at Ye Xinghe with a menacing look.

"Big sister An, it's like this. Yesterday, when you almost fainted, it was sister Xia Yuning that helped you to warm up!" Ye Xinghe smiled to An Xueyun and answered calmly.

"Is that so? Yuning, thank you very much!" An Xueyun looked at Xia Yuning and said gratefully.

Xia Yuning looked at Ye Xinghe in doubt. Last night, she and An Xueyun was being rescued by Ye Xinghe, properly speaking, other person would definitely try to take any credit for that in front of An Xueyun. But what Ye Xinghe did was the opposite, he pushed all the merit to her hand just like that.

Ye Xinghe, just what kind of person are you? Xia Yuning was slightly at a lost.

If not for Ye Xinghe, they would truly freeze to death here!

For the graciousness of saving their life, Xia Yuning was really grateful to Ye Xinghe in her heart.

"fortunately, it's already dawn right now, the sun also already came out. We didn't get frozen to death here, is something really worth to celebrate for." Ye Xinghe said in relaxed manner.

An Xueyun suddenly discovered that her head also rest at Ye Xinghe's lap, then she sat in hurry. Last night, what exactly happened? She completely oblivious for that matter, fortunately she still could keep living.

"Also, tonight we absolutely can't stay in this cavern anymore. I found that outside of this cavern wasn't cold at all, the chill from last night was transmitted from inside the cavern!" Ye Xinghe looked towards cavern's inside, this cavern wasn't actually deep, only has several meters depth, the innermost place, was only a stone wall.

"Transmitted from inside the cavern? How can this be?" Xia Yuning asked doubtfully, but she realized truly, since the sun rose, this cavern was become warm, nothing like last night's biting coldness.

Xia Yuning walked towards inside of cavern, as she observed the wall, she discovered that there was an issue in the cavern's terminus, as if something was deliberately placed to close the cavern pa.s.sage. After thinking for a bit, she clenched her right hand into a fist, injected Dragon power inside, and punched towards her front wall.

[Dragon Aura's Fist]!


The wall inside was broken by Xia Yuning's fist, made entire stone wall rapidly avalanched, revealed another deep section of the cave.

"This cavern hasn't ended here, we could still move deeper inside!" Xia Yuning shouted in surprise.

In their vision, there was a deep tunnel inside, the darkness was profound, so much that when one put one's hand to the front, one wouldn't be able to see the fingers at all. Moreover, there was a 'Whiz whiz' sound created by cold wind that was coming from inside.

Fortunately, last night the wind was blocked by the stone wall. Otherwise, the cave's temperature would only get even lower than before!

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