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Chapter 33. To protect from the cold.
Just about in half an hour it became colder.
-Sister An, may be all the same let’s kindle fire? –A little thought E Xinghe p.r.o.nounced.
Finished talking he hadn’t heard the answer for a long time.
E Xinghe was afraid pulled his hand forward and began to palpate everything. Not knowing who it is – An Sueun or Sa Y Nin he touched the cold body, and cool wind penetrated to the bone.
Things look blue she has already grown numb from the cold.
E Xinghe was afraid because he thought he had touched An Sueun.
Practicing fiery dragon martial technique must be hardy in such cold she fell among philistines she can’t pick her fiery power at all.
E Xinghe began to pick heaven’s body’s power and send it into An Sueun’s body.
Starlight body’s power penetrated into An Sueun’s body, E Xinghe felt the cold in all sides.
Firstly starlight body’s power helped him to protect himself from the cold, but now he understood that they had critical position because of cold.
-E Xinghe you used An Sueun’s predicament, don’t touch her! –Sa Y Nin felt E XInghe’s moving and angrily said it to him.
Sa Y Nin shivered with cold.
Knocking teeth’s sound was heard.
-I haven’t thought about such there is just cold!
Even the fifth level of dragon power went under!
-I don’t touch her just warm up her with helps of heaven’s body’s power! –E Xinghe p.r.o.nounced. Touched her soft body he fell silent at once.
-Take your hands off! –Sa Y Nin shouted in anger.
E Xinghe pulled her hands above An Sueun who could think that he touched Sa Y Nin?
-Sister An has already grown numb from the cold, if she was left such she can be frozen to death! –E Xinghe p.r.o.nounced worried.
-What to do now? –Heard E Xinghe’s words, knocking her teeth Sa Y Nin p.r.o.nounced.
-It would be necessary even so to kindle fire, now An Sueun is in unconscious condition there is no one else to help us to kindle fire!
Although Sa Y Nin is talented but even so we are the same age she is only teenager who in panic doesn’t know what to do her.
-Don’t worry –E Xinghe settled down Sa Y Nin.
Sa Y Nin tooth and nail embraced An Sueun, trying to warm her up by her warmth she felt her cold body.
E Xinghe a little kept silent then clapped his hands. His heaven’s body’s power can warm An Sueun up he began continuously to let into her body heaven’s body’s power.
Heaven’s body’s power began to function in his body and gradually starlight apple of eye activated. Now he can clearly see. Suddenly he discovered that cold doesn’t proceed from cave’s enter and from inside of cave.
-d.a.m.n, it was necessary before to guess that we are not allowed to stay in the cave!
E Xinghe looked at An Sueun’s body timeless help can lead to death. He tried to help herby his heaven’s body’s power.
Came up to An Sueun he felt that his legs was a little numb.
-I so frozen and want to sleep! –Sa Y Nin muttered the side.
-We must not sleep if you fall asleep now you will no longer wake up! –E Xinghe shouted.
-An Sueun are already in unconscious condition, if else Sa Y Nin fell asleep I can’t do anything.
E Xinghe practicing star martial technique on the third level isn’t still numb.
But now gave the heaven’s body’s power he is exhausted and tired. Now he also will die here!
E Xinghe didn’t wish to accept it he so wanted to help his Azure Feather’s clan to get rid of its fate, mother with father look forward to him.
But does he freeze here?
There’s nothing to be done about it!
He is exhausted!
-I must not, I can’t die here!
E Xinghe in anger shouted and suddenly felt inside him the sea with small waves.
Heaven’s body’s power broke a little below his belly-b.u.t.ton and spilled by in his body.
E Xinghe went in nirvana state and began continuously to cultivate.
During the cultivating heaven’s body’s power pa.s.sed all his body and gradually poured in An Sueun’s body.
Sa Y Nin though is on the fifth level of practicing dragon martial technique, but her organism is unable to resist such cold, why she lost consciousness, but she a little felt the warmth.
This warmth gives her the hope that she will survive!
This warmth is getting closer to her!
In Sa Y Nin’s body warmth began to circulate.
E Xinghe doesn’t know how long he remained in this condition he gradually recovered. Heaven’s body’s power continuously was rotating a little below his belly-b.u.t.ton. Flaming red light went out of two stars.
Although he is only on the third level but with helps of heaven’s body’s power he changed his nature.
What’s happened now?
Am I still alive?
E Xinghe recovered slowly opened his eyes suddenly he began to be out of breathed this moment Sa Y Nin like koala firmly embraced his and wasn’t going to loosen her grip at all.
Because of roundness of Sa Y Nin’s attractive body it became difficult to breathe for E Xinghe.
He didn’t expect that Sa Y Nin could hug him and even so closely!
An Sueun smiling also entwined him like a snake. He smiled, it turns very pleasantly.
E Xinghe couldn’t keep from smiling. Just yesterday she was in unconscious condition because of cold and he was afraid that she could die.
Now all is well!
E Xinghe easily breathed.
In his head it was running that now he felt how Sa Y Nin embraces him but suddenly she squeaked this means that she recovered.

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