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Chapter 32. An impudence.
Sa Y Nin felt great excitement.
She deeply breathed and rushed to attack.
-Zzshing, zzshing, zzshing!
Some starlight fiery knives exploded in the air.
Sa Y Nin attacked violently, not giving him opportunity to hit back, it was him only to evade continuously.
Although with every time it became more dangerous, but E Xinghe continued to evade.
Activated his apple of eyes he learned Sa Y Nin’s attacks, all her acting. 
Every her moving was drawn in his head, and already he never forget it!
Sa Y Nin was a little worried though E Xinghe’s power very caves in hers, and she doesn’t give him opportunity to attack, however she feels as if he sees every her hit.
Her attack’s speed is very slow for E Xinghe why he can easily evade from them.
But who is this guy?
Burst of dragon power!
Sa Y Nin deeply breathed and her heavy dragon power flied away in all distances.
E Xinghe evaded from another Sa Y Nin’s attack, suddenly he felt the power like a thick wall which was falling on him.
He is unable to resist such power, after numerous attacks he flied away and landed on the earth.
E Xinghe laughed bitterly.
Although between the third level and the fifth level is enormous different but E Xinghe could use the starlight apple of eye and evade from attacks.
Met with martial skills of practicing dragon martial technique he couldn’t resist it.
And it’s impossible to resist dragon power at all.
Sa Y Nin laughing said:
-Finally I have defeated you!
-My martial skills more exceed your abilities!
E Xinghe grabbed his chest and stood up slowly.
Sa Y Nin didn’t show all power which she was able on, if she demonstrated he real power he couldn’t resist so long.
So you’re not so bad, I’ve never thought that somebody with the third level could hold out for so long! –Sa Y Nin p.r.o.nounced with serious tone. She folded her arms and began to examine E Xinghe.
-Can I ask you? Actually how strong are your martial skills? Can you actually divine all my attacks and moving?
E Xinghe was keeping silent for a long time and didn’t answer.
-If you don’t want to answer, well, forget it! –Sa Y Nin p.r.o.nounced laughing.
Looked at Sa Y Nin and E Xinghe An Sueun breathed freely not understanding why when they were fighting she looked only at E Xinghe and was excited strong when Sa Y Nin attacked him.
An Sueun a little blushed and took thought:
-When can I finally get rid of my fate?
-We returned at the cave! –Sa Y Nin p.r.o.nounced.
Sa Y Nin couldn’t understand why E Xinghe during the fighting was such fast. She a little didn’t like the look of it.
When they returned in the cave it was already slowly getting dark.
E Xinghe gathered brushwood and already wanted to ask An Sueun help him to kindle fire, but Sa Y Nin stopped him said:
-It’s not necessary to kindle fire!
E Xinghe glanced at Sa Y Nin and at once understood why she had said so. In this enormous covert danger enemy hides if he notices the fire, we at once will have opened our location. It is even fear to imagine what the consequences will be.
E Xinghe scared p.r.o.nounced:
-If somebody kindles fire he will…
Sa Y Nin nodded his head to him.
-We can only hope ourselves! –Sa Y Nin breathed said.
-I think there is also dangerous in this locality, why we must be safe and look after each other, and also after exit into cave! –Sa Y Nin p.r.o.nounced with serious facial expression.
-I am responsible for night guard, don’t worry and sleep calmly, I won’t sleep this night! –E Xinghe said.
-E Xinghe don’t forget you are still suspect, and if I and An Sueun fell asleep you can let fly with your fists and harm us, can’t you? –Sa Y Nin seriously p.r.o.nounced.
-Sa Y Nin you… -An Sueun wrinkled her brows, -Sa Y Nin, to talk such is too much!
-Hey, come on! –Sa Y Nin said shook him her hand.
She laid down put under her head the stone:
-If you stand at guard this night I can sleep calmly.
-E Xinghe, Sa Y Nin has joked, don’t pay attention, she has a loose tongue! –An Sueun told E Xinghe.
-That’s all right, she said truly I haven’t been absolved from the blame yet,-E Xinghe said, he really trusts An Sueun.
He thinks that An Sueun is very beautiful girl, he even a little likes her, however knowing that she was already promised in wife, he didn’t talk to her about this theme.
Gradually it has been got dark night was dark like a resin.
Here in highlands when the sun shines is very cozily, but as night felt you feel beastly cold to the bones.
E Xinghe noticed that steam which he breathed out became icicle at once.
Why is it so cold?
He couldn’t imagine that it can be so cold and it isn’t necessary to kindle fire, because they can be discovered at once, however they can freeze to death!
He didn’t know how Sa Y Nin and An Sueun are there.
There is pitch darkness around E Xinghe pulled his hand he doesn’t see his own fingers. E Xinghe held his hand to sides and found warm wind from east to west.
Slap sounded.
E Xinghe lashed somebody across the face.
-What is the impudence? –Anger Sa Y Nin’s voice sounded.
-I don’t especially! –E Xinghe was so confused. Here is so dark and it’s impossible to see something, he didn’t expect that he touched Sa Y Nin.
-She is sleeping not far from me with the stone instead of pillow?
-In the afternoon there is so good! –An Sueun p.r.o.nounced shivering, -Here isn’t impossible to gather you fiery power.
-It is so long to the daylight! How can we survive this cold night?

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