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Chapter 30. Exchange of experience.
It’s in the cave.
E Xinghe made a fire, skinned the rabbit, and then began to fry it.
Very quickly the all cave was full by the smell of the frying rabbit.
-Well done! –Sa Y Nin surprised p.r.o.nounced. This rabbit fried until gold-yellow on top looked very appetizing. 
Sa Y Nin was a little cold with unknown for her people but E Xinghe noticed that she is cheerful and open-hearted girl, but with strange she is other.
He divided food into parts and they began to eat.
Sa Y Nin chewing the rabbit asked:
-E Xinghe is it true that you are practicing star martial technique?
I don’t understand why she asked about such, he nodded his head answered:
-Of course!
If you are practicing star martial technique then why there are burn marks on these rabbit’s bodies, is it really that you have ability practicing fiery martial technique? –Sa Y Nin asked laughing and chewing the rabbit.
Sa Y Nin is really very observant!
-It’s… -E Xinghe didn’t know how to explain, -Really must I say that starlight body’s power can imitate the abilities of practicing fiery martial technique?
-Sa Y Nin doesn’t you trust E Xinghe? –An Sueun asked looked at Sa Y Nin.
-Who said that I don’t trust him, though his martial technique’s abilities is very strange, but even so I think that he isn’t able to kill the man, furthermore I can vouch him in Heaven’s Starlight Academy!
-It’s curious how he could beat Lan Y, before I’ve never faced such abilities of martial technique! –Lightly smiling Sa Y Nin p.r.o.nounced.
-Hm –E Xinghe nodded his head, he noticed that Sa Y Nin and Sueun were nuts about his martial skills, why he was confused!
E Xinghe when we finished eating we will measure our powers I am very interested in how it is heavy and what can you do! –Lifted her head and looked at E Xinghe Sa Y Nin p.r.o.nounced.
-Sa Y Nin, you are already on the fifth level, but E Xinghe is just on the third! –An Sueun p.r.o.nounced concerned.
-Don’t worry, we only will exchange by experience!
Sa Y Nin looked at E Xinghe and laughing p.r.o.nounced:
-Don’t you want to learn from each other? It helps you to improve your martial technique and will be enormous experience for you!
Heard what Sa Y Nin p.r.o.nounced E Xinghe hesitantly nodded his head: -Well, I had rather not refuse!
Sa Y Nin’s power must be very heavy the learning of each other must be really beneficial to.
He recognized that he very caves in her power and her martial technique’s abilities!
-Well. Then let’s eat faster! –Sa Y Nin p.r.o.nounced smiling.
E Xinghe didn’t throw up his cards, but even so everything’s well.
They three went out of the cave and came on the wasteland.
-E Xinghe, Sa Y Nin is dragon warrior, her power is very heavy and she is already on the fifth level. You should be more careful! –An Sueun reminded.
-An Sueun you so fast betrayed your friend? –Sa Y Nin joked smiling.
Sa Y Nin took off her mantle fiery red colored, bared closely adjoining leather clothes.
I don’t know which leather it was made of, but it was covered it from head to toe. It is glossy and black colored.
This black leather clothes closely covered her body and showed off her lovely figure. During the training her long legs were bandaged, and her chest looked very temptingly.
Sa Y Nin unb.u.t.toned some b.u.t.tons and this moment she became from cold her into hot girl.
Sa Y Nin firstly limbered up her left wrist, and then the right. Smiled she said:
-How long I haven’t been exercised! My black leather clothes is very soft and elastic, it was not afraid of any knife, I have a big advantage, this is already can’t be helped!
Simple clothes during the training of practicing dragon martial technique it would be broken but these clothes made of special leather why Sa Y Nin didn’t take off it during the fighting with E Xinghe.
Sa Y Nin was standing and there was tyrannical atmosphere around her.
She is dragon warrior and on the fifth level, for E Xinghe she is very strong enemy!
E Xinghe looked at Sa Y Nin and in his body gradually heaven’s body’s power began to function. Now he is ready for fighting.
Sa Y Nin deeply breathed and in her body powerful energy’s flash appeared, so she gave it the freedom without any fear.
-I will attack carefully! –Sa Y Nin shouted.
She relied on her right leg stomped at the earth an on the earth appeared cracks from her hit.
a.s.sumed attacking pose she looked at E Xinghe.
-Let’s begin!
E Xinghe felt big excite, because he demonstrated truly incredible power, he is faster than rabbit!
Sa Y Nin’s power is very heavy of the fifth level could E Xinghe become her enemy?
Felt that Sa Y Nin is going to attack, E Xinghe decided to apply fast running’s technique and starlight fiery knives.
-Zzshing, zzshing, zzshing!
Two starlight fiery knives flied to Sa Y Nin.
Sa Y Nin a little wrinkled her brow and was going to show what the limits of her power’s abilities, but E Xinghe has the secret trump!
Looked at two letting out starlight fiery knives into her, she smiled to such E Xinghe’s skill. They look like fiery knives of practicing fiery martial technique, but the power is a little differed.
I think his level is actually still small! Sa Y Nin beaten off two starlight fiery knives smiling.
-Zzshing, zzshing, zzshing!
Sa Y Nin easily beaten off these two starlight fiery knives. In her fists there is very heavy power if she hit on big camp probably she would break it she is so strong!
Beaten off the knives she turned to E Xinghe and hit it by leg.
There was a sound of dissect air.
Sa Y Nin beastly attacked E Xinghe lightning using the power of starlight body’s she blocked by two hands.

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