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Chapter 29. Star fiery knife.
E Xinghe not coming long away from the cave, was looking for the wildfowl, there must be very many of wild animals, especially small animals for example rabbit. 
He has read in books that such little animals have very soft and tasteful meat, in addition is healing, it helps to save the physical form and strengthen the health.
But such small animals run very fast I even said that they are lightning. 
Discovered the rabbit E Xinghe at once chased for it.
There was the sound of ploughed air.
This rabbit was rushing with incredible speed, E Xinghe fell behind with it and the rabbit dropped out of sight.
E Xinghe stared wide-eyes, he didn’t expect that this small animal runs so fast in comparison with him, rabbit’s speed twice exceed his.
About more twenty minutes E Xinghe was scampering bout this rabbit, but everything is without result, he can’t catch up it.
-I can’t believe it, I couldn’t pick it up! –E Xinghe couldn’t humble with it and continually thought about how to pick this rabbit up.
For a start he was looking on which speed rabbit had, in spite of its foot are very small, he was very quickly working with it and running from side to side. Human isn’t able to this.
Noticed that the rabbit is running in front of him, in E Xinghe’s eyes the gold light appears, and in his head the thought that he gradually increased his running’s speed flashed.
-I understand! –E Xinghe abided in euphoria, he was rushing with enormous speed.
He felt the starlight body’s power especially strongly it was felt in starlight apple of eyes. This power doubled his speed twice. Watching the rabbit he knew the secret of fast running.
His speed has already increased three times, but for to save this ability and take it thoroughly, likely it takes a lot of time for him.
Besides this E Xinghe remembers that while he can’t attack anybody, because he can kill!
Practicing Dragon’s Martial Technique has enormous physical power why they are good at hand-to-hand combat. Practicing fiery martial technique has fiery knives which break in far distance, and practicing star martial technique hasn’t anything.
E Xinghe remembers how Lan Zan showed in fully his fiery knives’ power and Lan Zan the fiery b.a.l.l.s. Their skills of battlefield management are the same.
Now in E Xinghe’s head distinctly all Lan Zan’s moving is drawn when he let out fiery knives and Lan Y when he let out fiery b.a.l.l.s.
E Xinghe didn’t know why every time when he used star martial power of apple of eye, he began to breathe deeply, and body practically doesn’t move.
He more and more began to think about it.
Can the starlight body’s power generally be used, or to fall behind with practicing fiery martial technique and practicing fiery martial technique in development of his cultivation?
Although he doesn’t know it can or can’t be used, but now he tries to become stronger. 
Around practicing fiery martial technique raging fire appears, and around practicing starlight martial technique appears dark blue radiance.
A loud exhalation resounded.
He was appeared this not so long ago, why it so fast disappears.
It’s failure!
But E Xinghe won’t give up so easily, fiery warrior’s power exceeds his, why it’s necessary to him become stronger!
A little thought E Xinghe began to teach fast running’s technique. Trying again and again he suffered defeat and only on the hundredth time he managed to reach the success.
A little trained suddenly E Xinghe had two dark blue fiery knives.
These fiery knives starlight body’s power, the flame is fail.
E Xinghe shouted.
Kept in hand two fiery swords, he turned to the tree and let out them to it.
These two fiery swords left the trace on the tree.
-In comparison with fiery knives’ power of fiery warriors this power was too little!
E Xinghe shook his head he was displeased in such result and continued to train, to imitate the fiery knives. And he increased the power of this martial technique.
Although these knives’ power caves in fiery warrior’s knives’ power but not much.
-It must be this ability is individual how I should call it? –E Xinghe was animated.
-I call it the Starlight Fiery knife!
E Xinghe was excited because practicing star martial technique has such ability at first.
They say that practicing star martial technique reached the sixth level cannot do anything he just helps people in treating of wounded.
But E Xinghe’s talent proves otherwise!
Besides of fiery knives there is no harm in teaching to imitate the tearing out of fire!
E Xinghe remembered everything what he did began to train. But discovered the rabbit he at once applied the technique of fast running and rushed for him, he used starlight fiery knife to behead the rabbit.
-Zzshing, zzshing, zzsging!
E Xinghe fully exercised the star fiery knives’ power one by one he let out the knives but he scored only to the earth and it is failed to score to the rabbit. But he didn’t give up and continued to chase him.
Chasing the rabbit in deep forest wood, one man dressed in black clothes saw him and was very surprised. This man first practicing starlight martial technique was quite on a par with practicing fiery martial technique long. He showed fully far attacks it was actually astoundingly.
This man from afar watched E Xinghe he gradually more and more honed his skills.
E Xinghe watching the process began to feel very excited he recognized that his power is actually great and if he is given some years which height can he reach? It is even fearfully to imagine.
-Who is here? –E Xinghe scouted out his eyes was ignited with gold light, and he let out two starlight fiery knives into the distance.
E Xinghe ran looking about sides who was it or it was just seemed? 
It was very questionably, but he continued to hunt on the rabbit.
Soon he discovered the secret of using of starlight apple of eyes. With help of starlight apple of eyes he could control the rabbit where to run him and then using starlight fiery knife to kill them.
-Zzshing, zzshing, zzshing!
One hit by starlight fiery knife and headless rabbit lies on the earth.
-Finally wise up! –E Xinghe exclaimed gladly.
He didn’t stop hunting and very quickly got six rabbits.
E Xinghe ran away very far from his cave.
Being deeply in forest wood he was watched by man in black clothes. He looked how E Xinghe went away.

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