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Chapter 28. The best friend.

E Xinghe looked coldly at Lan Y and said:

-I say but you don’t believe but I repeat these three weren’t killed by us! Certainly you can attack!

-How funny! Until now you adultery couple want to justify, anyway you can’t be left! –Sniffed Lan Y said.

He seemed strong, but inside he was weak. Saw E Xinghe breaks his fiery b.a.l.l.s he was very scared.

E Xinghe now could use his power but who knows suddenly it kills him!

In addition E Xinghe’s receptions of martial techniques are very ancient, he doesn’t fully understand yet how he could to break these fiery b.a.l.l.s, he also a little scared of it.

Sa Y Nin looked at E Xinghe on her facial expression it was seen that she was very surprised she didn’t expect that he was capable of such, because he easily broke Lan Y’s fiery b.a.l.l.s.

E Xinghe’s cultivating so increased does he know such receptions of martial technique? Sa Y Nin wondered very much. From E Xinghe became so strong An Sueun liked him, there is common sense in it.

Lan Y turned and looked at Sa Y Nin said:

-Sa Y Nin if we unite our powers we can beat these two and this adultery couple will no longer try to be clever!

Sa Y Nin’s cultivating is much higher than their one, if she attacks E Xinghe they even can run away!

Sa Y Nin shook her head and said in calm tone:

-E Xinghe and An Sueun didn’t kill these three!

Lan Y a little petrified not finding a place he said:

-Sa Y Nin you in no case shouldn’t give these two confuse you. Although these corpses are wounded and at first sight they were left there but these two discovered them here, I don’t think that it is coincidence who knows may be the especially dreamed up everything!

-This is my opinion! –Laughing Sa Y Nin p.r.o.nounced, and then looked at An Sueun and came up to them/

Looked at Sa Y Nin’s silhouette Lan Y turned nasty. He couldn’t understand why she so trusted An Sueun. He is rather difficult to cope with E Xinghe and An Sueun now else with Sa Y Nin, why he with Vu Lon hadn’t any chances at all!

He had already long ago quarreled with E Xinghe, why he can’t be with this dumb E Xinghe together. When there he has such opportunity to get rid of him?

Sa Y Nin with An Sueun are since childhood together, they grew up together and are the best friends. Why she can’t believe in some Lan Y’s mistaken phrases.

-Master what now should we do? –Vu Lon asked looking at Lan Y.

-We will go away! –Lan Y glanced at Sa Y Nin’s silhouette there was so much anger in him. Then he turned and went into forest wood.

-Sa Y Nin you will be sorry about it!

Vu Lon and Lan Y went away.

An Sueun looked at Sa Y Nin and said:

-Sa Y Nin thank you that you believed me.

-We are the best friends, sisters, certainly I believed you! Sa Y Nin smiled and looked at corpses, examined them she asked:

-What’s happened?

Their bodies are wounded it seems that werewolf left these wounded, but what does he do it for is unclear! –E Xinghe said wrinkled his brows.

-Now it is unimportant werewolf it is or not, firstly we must to go from here, it is foolishly to stay here, suddenly we are mistaken and it is human handiwork! –Sa Y Nin said.


Sa Y Nin, An Sueun and E Xinghe went away from the wasteland.

-I don’t know how other apprentices are now they must be found the shelter, here are mountains around us where they may be hidden.

After an hour they found the cave. It is very deep it is the good place for shelter.

-We stay here for some days and returns when the bridge is repaired! –A little thought E Xinghe said.

-Yes! –Nodded his head An Sueun p.r.o.nounced.

-Now we have no any food, I will go to hunt on wild animals we will be hungry by the evening! You stay here and go out nowhere! –E Xinghe said.

-To go alone is very dangerous, it is better if we go together! –A little thought An Sueun said.

-That’s all right, I will be hunting around here and can shout you aloud, why stay here! –Smiling E Xinghe p.r.o.nounced.

E Xinghe looked wherever he go, and An Sueun and Sa Y Nin now were very tired and couldn’t understand where all their energy is.

-Let him go! –Sa Y Nin said looking at An Sueun.

-Well, be careful! – An Sueun said.

-I understand! –He nodded his head and ran away.

Looking how E Xinghe was running away Sa Y Nin smiling looked at An Sueun and said:

-I can’t understand you so worried about him, and how is his origin?

-He is from poor family, pleb’s son. He lives in small town Blue Carp which is situated in ownership of Dark moon’s clan, this year entered Heaven’s Starlight Academy, -A little thought An Sueun said,

-Only because of it? –Sa Y Nin.

-Yes! –An Sueun nodded his head

Sa Y Nin was a little surprised that E Xinghe is pleb’s son and had such talent!

Sa Y Nin and An Sueun were very tired, but E Xinghe didn’t feel tiredness at all.

His life power much exceeds their!

If somebody’s abilities pa.s.sed by inheritance them, it may be thought usual phenomenon, but E Xinghe is simple guy, he is pleb’s son, it can’t he had such inheritance.

Sa Y Nin was very interested how E Xinghe is cultivating, especially how he could break Lan y’s fiery b.a.l.l.s, it was stunningly.

-An Sueun, do you a little like E Xinghe? –Sa Y Nin glanced at An Sueun asked her.

-What did you say? –An Sueun blushed p.r.o.nounced.

-I just wanted to remind you, that if you are with him, nothing good will come of it!

Sa Y Nin a little kept silent said:

-You had been already promised in wife to very influential family from the capital, if they know about it, E Xinghe undoubtedly dies, and Endless sky’s clan won’t also sit in their hands!

Heard the words about marriage An Sueun worried, it is really can’t be done anything with it? She breathed and looked at Sa Y Nin with sorrowing sight.




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