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Chapter 27. Corpses.

Saw such terrible accident scared E Xinghe deeply breathed. They changed glances with An Sueun, their sights were full of the horror.

-How could this happen?

-An Sueun a little settled down, she didn’t know this time how many was injured or killed, - and where is the rest?

Here are only E Xinghe and An Sueun now, but now isn’t still safe.

Survivors are going by slow steps they could die here!

E Xinghe asked:

-Sister An did you see Lin Hun? – He very worried about him.

-Lin Hun must be all right, he ordered me to search you, and he went to search Mo U! – An Sueun said.

-Whew well! –E Xinghe breathed out, hoping that everything’s good with him.

-E Xinghe how do you think who could do it? – A little kept silent An Sueun asked worriedly.

-I don’t know too. –E Xinghe answered not presuming to say something else.

-How do you think could teacher Chu do it? Our camp is destroyed, but this place was chosen exactly by him and here this enormous clump suddenly rolled down, or it is just consilience? –An Sueun thinking asked.

E Xinghe and An Sueun together were thinking about everything.

This landsfall isn’t consilience at all their camp is destroyed, because this place was dangerous! And initiator is teacher Chu!

If this is teacher Chu then what does he do it for?

E Xinghe and An Sueun changed glances, they were very scared apprentices and leaders all ran away.

Was the bridge destroyed to kill Lan Zan?

-E Xinghe I don’t know teacher Chu did it or somebody else, but we must to protect ourselves and n.o.body can be trusted! –An Sueun thought that she said right and couldn’t understand why she so had become intimate with E Xinghe and trusted E Xinghe.

-Yes –E Xinghe nodded his head.

He trusts only An Sueun, Lin Hun, Mo U. I don’t know if he found Mo U and they were in safe.

E Xinghe and An Sueun ran away from landsfall.

-E Xinghe, look! –An Sueun looked into the distance and shook with fear p.r.o.nounced it.

An Sueun pointed at the wasteland there were three corpses on it, they were apprentices, one girls and two guys. E Xinghe had already seen them before. This girl had talked to him, she was In Lu!

Another three died!

It is impossible to describe what E Xinghe felt now, though he didn’t like to teach with them, but when he had seen them death he felt sick.

These apprentices entered Heaven’s Starlight Academy not long ago, they had big plans for the future, but now they are death and lie on this wasteland.

E Xinghe and An Sueun inspected the corpses and discovered that scratches like inflicted by sharp werewolf’s clutches.

These apprentices caved Lan Zan in, why they couldn’t resist him and they were killed.

Just now in front of E Xinghe and An Sueun went out three silhouettes, one silhouette in red is Sa Y Nin, behind her another two, they are Lan Y and another apprentice.

After landsfall’s occurrence Lan Y and Vu Lon were going for Sa Y Nin. Vu Lon accompanied Lan Y he is very faithful to him.

Although Sa Y Nin was tired of them she is alone so let them go.

They three saw corpses on wasteland. E Xinghe and An Sueun didn’t expect to meet in such situation.

Three corpses lied on the earth. E Xinghe and An Sueun thought that this enormous clump is very suspicious and could be a reason of everything!

Sa Y Nin wrinkled her brows looked at E Xinghe and An Sueun said nothing.

Lan Y was gloomy he told E Xinghe:

-You are actually adulterous couple! You constantly trinket us! I want to kill you!

Around Lan Y appeared the fire.

Zzshing, zzshing, zzshing!

Lan Y suddenly let out the fiery ball into E Xinghe and An Sueun.

Zzshing! –This ball is full of terrible power.

-Sa Y Nin when we came they had been already death! –An Sueun shouted up.

Lan Y thought that it mustn’t be taken no notice if Sa Y Nin also misunderstands them An Sueun will be sorrowing because they are the best friends.


E Xinghe deeply breathed and his eyes kindled with gold light.

Zzshing, zzshing, zzshing!

The fiery b.a.l.l.s one by one burst in the air and flied apart to all distance.

From the hit broke the fiery ball blew the wind.

Whistle sounded.

E Xinghe knows that he will have to explain everything to Lan Y many times, but he all the same will not believe.

Lan Y shouted up let out another fiery ball, but E Xinghe broke it.

Lan Y couldn’t believe that all his attacks E Xinghe broke into pieces.

-It’s impossible! It can’t be! –Lan Y was in anger, his attacks of the third level in addition he is fiery warrior. It’s impossible to resist his attacks.

But E Xinghe easily breaks his fiery b.a.l.l.s!

He can’t understand how he does it!

Had E Xinghe such heave power? Is he on the forth level?

When E Xinghe just entered Heaven’s Starlight Academy he was so weak it was easily to trample him, but now his power doesn’t give in to himself it may be said even exceed him!

Lan Y doesn’t want to measure with him. Some pathetic pleb’s son for such short time exceeded him!




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