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Chapter 24. Sa Y Nin.

Lin Hun Looked at An Sueun, and then at E Xinghe and silently went.

E Xinghe wrinkled his brows: “Sister An, what’s happened?” – He followed her.

All apprentices quickly were going E Xinghe looked at three scared apprentices they ran away one by one.

E Xinghe couldn’t understand what’s happened? Why does everybody hide?

Mo U ran up to E Xinghe and uttered rapidly: “E Xinghe, Lan Zan died!”

Lan Zan died!?

E Xinghe shocked looked at Mo U however everything was good with him, why did he suddenly die?

Although over the years of pa.s.sing this test apprentices got wounded, hardly anybody died. Besides that Lan Zan is from Dark moon clan’s – it is very cool.

It’s no wonder why sister An Is so depressed, it’s clear why everybody is so scared.

Everybody knows that Lan Zan and E Xinghe yesterday had the conflict, why more likely responsibility falls on E Xinghe.

E Xinghe has the reason to kill!

Yesterday evening he didn’t go out of tent this may be confirmed by An Sueun and Lin Hun.

He didn’t understand how lan Zan could die and who killed him?

All apprentices ran to teacher Chu and five leaders. Everybody had severe facial expression. Looked around one leader didn’t know where go to.

This wasteland is in five-six meters, the corpse lied there in the center on the clothes there were traces very cognate werewolf’s handiwork, on the earth trees were felled it is apparent that there were cruel fighting.

Apprentices whispering one to another looked at E Xinghe.

They even more suspect him!

Teacher Chu watched everything and was discussing something with leaders.

-We reported director today afternoon he must to arrive! – One of the leaders said to teacher Chu.

That time Lan Y looked mourner:

-Who could think that on this test my tribesman dies, please find the killer I must revenge!

-Cool it we are already searching the killer! – Teacher Chu said seriously. He couldn’t try to avoid shouldering the responsibility and the best solving is to find the killer!

-Thank you, teacher Chu.

Lan Y went to E Xinghe:

-My tribesman fought with you the family knows about it! If somebody had the reason to kill him it was only you! He is death! Teacher Chu restores justice!

Heard what Lan Y said all apprentices were excited they only suspects him why does he say so?

E Xinghe wrinkled his brows he also didn’t understand why Lan Zan had died and by bad luck after their conflict?

Was it really Lan Y? He killed to cast the blame on E Xinghe?

But there was no any incentive, but if it was true he had big problems.

-Who could do it? – E Xinghe thinking wrinkled his brows.

-Lan Y you have just slandered man, what proves do you have that he had kill Lan Zan? – An Sueun said angrily. She looked at silent E Xinghe who didn’t justify himself at all.

-I said it to E Xinghe why did you become so angry? Can you prove that he hadn’t killed Lan Zan? I have just said that he has the reason!

Lan Y grinned:

-Can you really prove that he hadn’t killed?

-Of course I can! – An Sueun p.r.o.nounced with serious look.

- Can you prove that he hadn’t killed Lan Zan? Had you really been with E Xinghe yesterday evening? – Lan Y said with a smile. She categorically can’t be its witness alternatively how does she explain what relation they had?

-Yesterday evening I really was with E Xinghe, something else? – she said seriously with her head high.

All apprentices began to make a racket this news was a shock to everybody not less than Lan Zan’s death. An Sueun what kind of man she is? From Endless sky’s clan! Is it really that she with E Xinghe committed adultery?

How two can meet.

Heard what An Sueun said E Xinghe was touched he glanced at her he understood she has to protect herself. It can harm to her reputation. He doesn’t want her to be his witness!

-Ha-ha-ha – Lan Y widely laughed.

-An Sueun who could think that you with E Xinghe really would commit adultery, I didn’t expect it. You are from Endless sky’s clan and he is some pleb, that’s surprise! An Sueun if you committed adultery with him and are his witness don’t you be at one accidentally? I thought how he one could kill Lan Zan. But if with you so everything is logical. Well you knew that he loved you why you arranged to meet him here and then with E Xinghe killed him! This is why he died here and not in the tent!

-You… - suddenly An Sueun said, -you didn’t know anything and talked a lot of nonsense!

This time not far standing girl folded her arms and laughed. –Yesterday I also was with him that means I also committed adultery? – Sa Y Nin said.

Heard what Sa Y Nin said all apprentices were dumbfounded if only An Sueun was with E Xinghe it was actually questionably, but if with Sa Y Nin, certainle there is no any problems. E Xinghe attracted another G.o.ddess not on any account it cannot be they fling into his arms!




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