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Chapter 23.Something has gone wrong.

Saw E Xinghe looked at An Sueun blushed and turned back.

They both kept silent and E Xinghe looked at beautiful like goodness An Sueun.

“I will go!” – She said not understanding why she so wants to stay, but to stay here is wrong at all.

“Hm”, - E Xinghe emitted the sound.

An Sueun corrected the trouser-leg, came up to the exit turned at E Xinghe and smiling said: “E Xinghe, thank you!”

An Sueun’s smile is like bright blooming rose.

Finished talking she went out of tent.

An Sueun went away and E Xinghe was thinking still about her and her smile for a long time.

“I don’t know how was this beautiful girl engraved my heart”.

E Xinghe calmed down sat down and began cultivating.

Concentrated starlight body’s power he felt like two stars became one. Flowing through the meridians starlight body’s power partially gathered in starlight apple of eye why eyes engaged by gold light.

During an hour he was cultivating when suddenly somebody entered the tent.

E Xinghe raised his head and saw Lin Hun. Proud port, dressed in white clothes and a little puckered brows. His clothes even in the dark catch the eye.

“Why did you come, Lin Hun?” – E Xinghe asked

A little strange – starlight apple of eye felt negative energy in Lin Hun. How is it possible that negative energy is in his body?

E Xinghe a little frightened though Lin Hun is only his friend in Heaven’s Starlight Academy, but today he saw demonic blood he had.

“Lin Hun what kind of man are you?” – This question tormented E Xinghe.

Saw sitting E Xinghe Lin Hun smiling said: “It is that late, but you are still cultivating. It is not surprising that your cultivation advanced so fast. I have two starlight stones and I want to give it to you, they must help you!”

Lin Hun opened his right hand and there were two shining stones in his palm.

E Xinghe thought that was mistaken about Lin Hun, he is very good. E Xinghe began to prejudge himself for that he was thinking about Lin Hun.

“Such expensive gift, how can I get it?” – E Xinghe quickly p.r.o.nounced.

“Inexpensive at all, these stones are used by practicing Starlight Martial Technique – it is useless for me. Today you helped me with treating of wounded, I would like to give thanks you!” – Lin Hun smiling said.

“Starlight stones are very expensive!” – E Xinghe said. One stone costs several hundred coins. They are plebs’ children and don’t spend even three hundred fifty-two silver coins!

“I give it to you, if you don’t take it you aren’t my friend anymore!” – Lin Hun put out two stones laid on E Xinghe’s hand.

For a long time E Xinghe keeping silent kept starlight stones in hand. Raised his head he seriously said: “Lin Hun! Thank you!”

Thanks to Lin Hun in Heaven’s Starlight Academy he firstly felt what the friendship is.

E Xinghe was struck what he was thinking about Lin Hun.

“Brother, you’re welcome!” – laughing shook his hand he said: “I am with you fellow sufferer”

“Fellow sufferer is?” – E Xinghe was surprised.

“It’s nonsense!” – Lin Hun laughed he said it without a reason. “I hurt again, help me in treating!”

Lin Hun rolled up his sleeves there was terrible wound on his hand. E Xinghe was surprised: Lin Hun and An Sueun one by one got wounded and such strange. An Sueun has on ankle something like a cut of knife, Lin Hun has something like a cut of sword.

“Yes”, - E Xinghe sat down and began to treat Lin Hun.

Warm power of heaven starlight penetrated into him, he raised his head thought looked at E Xinghe. They are fellows, both are plebs’ sons, honest and open-hearted, but everything has changed.

He is worry about E Xinghe, because it is very easy to harm him, Lin Hun doesn’t hope that he become such as he is…

“That’s it!” – smiling E Xinghe said.

Lin Hun looked at his hand there is no bite of the wound! He was surprised by E Xinghe’s treating abilities, simple practicing Starlight Matrial Technique with fith-sixth level is out of comparison with E Xinghe.

E Xinghe helped Lin Hun with treating of his wound and he stayed in his tent for cultivating.

E Xinghe continuously insinuated that he wanted to know more about him, but he didn’t say anything and he stopped interrogate.

It is silent night.

Waked up at the daylight E Xinghe noticed that Lin Hun was still sitting not far from him.

Suddenly outside shouting were heard.

Something has gone wrong!

Something has gone wrong!

Lin Hun suddenly opened his eyes and asked: “What is doing there?”

“I don’t know too”, - E Xinghe answered. “Evidently something’s happened, let’s go out and look.”

“Let’s”, - Lin Hun nodded his head, stood up and they went out.

All apprentices went out of their tents and ran.

E Xinghe couldn’t understand what is doing, why all apprentices were frightened.

They saw An Sueun and came up to her.

“Sister An, what’s happened?” – E Xinghe asked. She seriously looked and said: “Don’t ask so much, let’s go with me!”





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