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Chapter 22. Where is the wound?

“Some werewolves are very powerful, these are kings of werewolves. Totally five kings of werewolves exists, according to the legend they can to take human form, every of them has terrible power. Although king of werewolves is on the ninth level, we are people having the ninth level aren’t enemy for him at all!

One day one king of werewolves came in our capital. We had sixty-seven people with the eighth level then we could to protect the capital. He looked like an adult man he was badly wounded and ran to the mountain forest country.

We always underestimated the werewolves’ power, afoul with powerful werewolf we met all together, so only we could to protect ourselves!” – Teacher Chu said.

Heard what teacher Chu said E Xinghe began to be worry. He imagined that fighting and how strong the king of werewolves is. If all five kings unite, won’t they want to destroy all Empire?

There are very many strong in the world, even the ninth level, what E Xinghe dreams about, doesn’t beat with the king of werewolves’ power.

Teacher Chu said right: “Met with werewolf firstly you’re necessary to take hold of yourself and to protect!”

“E Xinghe you go the second to fight with the fiery bird”.

He discovered that every time when he used the starlight body’s power, it gathered and appeared fully in the starlight apple of eye. The fiery bird noticed that got afraid and wanted to run away.

Knew how to use the starlight apple of eye E Xinghe was excited.

He continually concentrated his starlight apple of eye, when he returns he definitely will be looking for the describing in ancient books, but now he can only superficially examine!

Trained it was quickly getting dark and they set camp on the wasteland, in the forest, more than forty tents.

When tents were fixed E Xinghe and Lan Zan exchanged glances one time, his cheek was still swelled. Saw E Xinghe he went away after he was beaten by him Lan Zan didn’t want to see him.

E Xinghe didn’t pay him attention, in any case he wasn’t afraid of Lan Zan!

He didn’t know could Lan Zan revenge his family. E Xinghe thought that he became stronger he knew if he didn’t become stronger Dark moon’s clan sooner or later found his family.

Too many people died from Azure feather’s clan!

With advent of the night it’s subsided around. E Xinghe sitting in the tent was cultivating starlight body’s power covered all his body.

E Xinghe was selflessly cultivating.

In the region of tonight outside it was heard the rustlings, caught up the curtain beautiful and charming girl entered. E Xinghe raised his head dumbfounded saw An Sueun.

Why did An Sueun come so late?

“Sister An, why did you come so late?” – E Xinghe wonderingly asked.

An Sueun a little blushed, in the daytime he promised to help her with treating of her ankle. She thought that better n.o.body saw it. At night to come in boy’s tent is very shamefully.

“In the afternoon you promised to help me with treating of my wound”, - calmed down An Sueun said pretended that nothing happened.

She is wild of E Xinghe’s mystical power, she understands that can become stronger and get rid of family wish. Certainly An Sueun understands that she shouldn’t to come to E Xinghe at night, but all the same she came.

E Xinghe thought that she was joking who could think that she would actually come!

“I don’t know where sister An wounded?” – E Xinghe asked.

Listening what E Xinghe is saying An Sueun remembered that on her chest still left dark red spot.

Seeing that An Sueun was ashamed E Xinghe surprised stared wide-eyed: “Does she want me to help her in treating the wound on her chest?” He blushed: “I don’t know what I should say”. “Is it not well?”

Heard what E Xinghe said An Sueun was embarra.s.sed and stomped her foot: “What do you think about? I want you to help me with treating of my wound on my ankle!”

“Wound on your ankle? Sister An, didn’t I treat it yet?” – E Xinghe asked wonderingly.

An Sueun lifted the trouser-leg, stripped her white shin, she pointed at the scratch and said: “Faster, help me!”

Looked at her wound he asked in amazement: “Sister An, where did you get this wound?”

It is very strange, looks like a cut by knife.

E Xinghe didn’t understand what she found such pretext for him to help her with treating after all she especially hurt her leg.

He quickly sat down near her got out the medicine and spread it the wound, then heaven body’s power went into An Sueun.

She felt this mystical power was going into her shin, and then lifted up and went into her energy situating below her belly-b.u.t.ton.

“Ah”, - An Sueun’s cheeks became dark red colored. This power opened all the pores why it became very calmly.

Emitted sound she was embarra.s.sed An Sueun didn’t understand why she can’t manage to control herself.

E Xinghe lowered his head was treating patiently An Sueun cursorily glanced at him, he is actually well boy!

Before she was very often made love to and talked nice by children of influential family, but they so differ from E Xinghe. He is such honest with him you feel the safety and calm.

E Xinghe though didn’t understand how she could wound but all the same helped her. It may be seen with the naked eye how the skin quickly restores, becoming smooth.

“That’s it!” – Smiling E Xinghe p.r.o.nounced. Raised his head he saw An Sueun’s sweet facial expression, what was a little amazed with.




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