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Chapter 20. Teach us.

Saw the enormous fiery guard E Xinghe not only doesn’t back down, and conversely not being afraid the difficult attacked.

The starlight body’s power situating a little below the belly-b.u.t.ton flowed into the right fist.

This power went out by dazzling ray of the fist.


E Xinghe pelleted the enormous guard by his fists. This is inconceivable fighting of heaven’s body and fiery power. The voice of hit was spreading in the air.

Now E Xinghe did absolutely not weakened heaven’s body’s power and conversely increased.


The fire was flowing from the fiery guard extensively.

Lan Zan changed his facial expression because of fright he didn’t expect that heaven’s body’s power was so strong. Is it really that fiery warriors are not strong in fighting?

He quickly gathered the fiery power and wanted to block the E Xinghe’s attacks again, but they turned up faster.

Zzshing, zzshing, zzshing!

The fiery guard was broke.

Seeing E Xinghe was closer to him Lan Zan wanted to avoid but he didn’t manage.

E Xinghe broke the fiery guard stopped his fist a moment before it’s collision with Lan Zan’s cheek.

Lan Zan turned flew down from many hit and fallen. E Xinghe’s power is such great as Lan Zan was laid out.

All surrounding apprentices shocked observed the happening. They didn’t expect that heritable fiery warrior with the second level may be broke by E Xinghe.

Who would have thought that E Xinghe had very heavy power!

Actually this nugget deservedly awaked six red crystals!

E Xinghe not so late entered the Heaven’s Starlight Academy however he has now heavy power! Some apprentices discontentedly looked at him. Through his waistcoat the cold sweat leaked, fortunately they weren’t going to pester him, being afraid that the result would be better than Lan Zan’s!

Surroundings were continuing to regard E Xinghe, uniquely they had changed their opinions about him.

Lan Y saw that E Xinghe’s cultivation had grown up s.m.u.tched his fist and his veins were seen distinctly. He expected from the beginning that E Xinghe couldn’t manage Lan Zan, especially with equal success. But now E Xinghe’s power drove back all his offenders’.

Saw that E Xinghe managed Lan Zan An Sueun smiled also she was surprised that his power very quickly grow. Today she realized again that he was very strong.

Last time he helped her with treating of wounded, mystery power went out of his hands, which not only had treat her and sped up her cultivation’s development.

It’s very interesting for her what mystery power appears late at night.

Sa Y Nin looked at E Xinghe, smiling folded her arms and was lost in thought: “What interest man I found out!”

Teacher was also very surprised, firstly he had thought that he was need to protect E Xinghe from Lan Zan, but now he understood that there were not any necessity in it. E Xinghe easily can look after himself!

Teacher Chu looked at Lan Zan he was also star warrior, teacher came up and scrouched down began to treat.

Lan Zan’s cheek swelled because of strikes, this is only that E Xinghe stopped because of he fainted away!

E Xinghe closed his eyes and was a little lost in thought, opened his eyes there weren’t gold filament yet.

This time fighting with Lan Zan he felt that he reached quite a few aside from fighting management he discovered the using of starlight apple of eyes.

Lin Hun came up to E Xinghe clapped on his shoulder and laughing said: “That’s a good job!”

E Xinghe smiling nodded.

Mo U was so surprised that spluttering said: “Who would have thought that power of practicing Starlight Martial Technique is so heavy. Now n.o.body dare to look at starlight warrior contemptuously!”

Heard what Mo U said E Xinghe was lost in thought: indeed that was what he wanted, n.o.body looks at him contemptuously. This case it’s necessary to depend on power!

“Well, there’s no need to crowd, we must to continue to go to the place of fighting!” – Teacher Chu said shaking his hand.

LanY cursorily glanced at E Xinghe going afar.

Lin Hun glanced at Lan Y said to E Xinghe: “Lan Zan’s power strong surrenders Lan Y, you must be careful with him. He is very cheap man and never agrees on a truce!”

“Hm, I know”, - nodded his head E Xinghe said.

Under the direction of mentors they were going to the first test area.

E Xinghe was going and thinking about martial technique.

That time two girls came up to him though they were not such beautiful as An Sueun but are lovely and pretty.

“Brother mentor E Xinghe!” – They p.r.o.nounced their voices were unusually melodic.

Heard their voices he awakened from his thought and looked at these charming girls a little blushed asked: “Do you need anything?”

“Brother E Xinghe, my name is In Lu, I also practice Starlight Martial Technique, could you give me advice how I necessary to cultivate Starlight Martial Technique?” – She was a little confused.

“Brother E Xinghe, I also practice Starlight Martial Technique, my name is Czhao Niner. We are very interested at you cultivating, could you teach us?”

Czhao Niner is active, pretty girl, turned up his sleeves E Xinghe was talking to her noticed that her figure was very s.e.xy.

E Xinghe was a little awkwardly why he called Lin Hun and Mo U by sight.

But they laughing pretended that they hadn’t notice anything.

“I don’t even know…” – he was such awkwardly as he didn’t even know what said to. He didn’t expect such situation.

E Xinghe looked around all surrounding him apprentices, they looked at him enviously. Although In Lu and Czhao Niner aren’t alike An Sueun they are very lovely. An Sueun is unattainable G.o.ddess, they are very different.

If E Xinghe nodded his head who knows probably they fling into his arms.

He is such awkwardly as he wants to go away but behind him two friendly girls, he doesn’t know how refuse them. He was very long solving to say something.




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