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Chapter 2 To Kneel Or To Not Kneel

After seeing every one sitting respectfully and that no one dares to refuse his words, made Liang Yu reveal a very satisfactory smile.

In Ancestor Heavenly city, if anyone can make Dark Moon family feel dread, than its City Lord Mansion.

In this cla.s.s there was no one from City Lord Mansion and other students will definitely not dare to speak up to him. Liang Yu’s words that he said also created the prestige for him and Dark Moon Family.

Liang Yu’s eyes swept over all the student bodies and came to rest upon Ye Xinghe. Ye xinghe has at this time lowered his head, also his long hair have covered his face.

Liang Yu eyebrows arch upward and frown slightly. If he remembers right than the youth in front of him is from Blue Carp City’s Azure feather family. Liang Yu stood and walks toward Ye Xinghe.

“You lift your head” Liang Yu says with extreme arrogance.

Every students eye came to rest upon Ye xinghe, who was in front of Liang Yu. They do not know where Ye xinghe has offended Liang Yu, however were secretly thinking that he was truly pitiful right now.

Ye Xinghe’s appearance was slightly malnutrition, although the person in front of him is member of Dark Moon Family to whom he greatly hates, but he actually can’t do anything against him, or the whole Azure Feather Family will meet a disaster.

Ye Xinghe reluctantly complied and slowly lifted his head.

“Your Name?” Liang Yu frowns and feels that Ye Xinghe is stubborn for not following his command immediately.

“I am Ye Xinghe from Azure Feather Family”

Liang Yu suddenly lifts his leg and fiercely tramples it upon Ye Xinghe’s body.

Surrounding students seeing, Liang Yu suddenly and unexpectedly showing such a crude side became fl.u.s.tered. Several girls even called out in alarm.

“You are using such tone to speak with your Overlord Family” Liang Yu shouted angrily. “Even if you have been admitted by Heavenly star Academy, don’t forget that Azure feather family is a small family under Dark Moon Family, you Azure Feather Family people are all slave for generation after generation for my Dark Moon Family.”

Ye Xinghe was kicked to the ground and started bleeding from the face. Hearing Liang Yu’s words made him feel as if a thorn is directly piercing his heart.

“You Azure Feather Family people are all slave for generation after generation for my Dark Moon Family”

Linag Yu’s words made Ye Xinghe ears humming.

The boundless anger inside Ye Xinghe almost made him loose reason.

Ye xinghe wanted to ask, Why? My Azure feather family works especially hard for the whole year to pay Dark Moon Family. Our clansmen even starved to death in lean times. Then how can the members of Azure Feather Family be slave?

Ye Xinghe still remembers how after his paternal aunt had came back, her eyes had becomes ashen as if there was no life in them. At that time he was small only later did he come to realize the inhuman act done upon her by the Dark Moon Family.

This hatred was as deep as his bone marrow.

He remembers, it was at this moment when he had vowed to take revenge upon Dark Moon Family for his aunt.

Ye Xinghe clenches his teeth and tried to get up from the ground.

“Who said you can get up” Liang Yu again tramples on Ye xinghe’s body.

Ye Xinghe clenches his hand tightly in ground, although bloodied but he didn’t shed a single tear, gritting his teeth he remembers the humiliation of generation upon Azure Feather Family, what is his humiliation in front of that.

Looking at the bloodied lying figure of Ye Xinghe, Liang Yu coldly sneers “I must make you understand that even if you have entered Heavenly Star Academy you are still my Dark Moon Family’s slave. Never forget you own status, in a family you have to follow the rules. If I tell you to go north do you dare to go south?

“Liang Yu, you have gone a little too far this time, after all we all are students of same cla.s.s” A clear and melodious comes from nearby, it’s a delicate girl moving towards them, her body has a fine aura as if luxuriant waterfall is falling behind her, the white long skirt exquisitely outlines her body, her half open sleeves shows a white jade arm, on which was hanging a silver bracelet with a strong beautification, its making was elegantly simple. Although the girl is of only 15 Years old however her beauty makes her apart from simple people.

“A student of same cla.s.s, what a joke” Liang Yu laughs “Xueyun, he is a slave of my house Dark Moon Family, don’t tell me that your Eternal Heaven Family wants to go against us for a lowly possession as slave.”

An Xueyun wrinkled her brow, she sweeps a glance towards Ye Xinghe and look of unwillingness flashes through her pupil “Even if he is your Dark Moon Family’s slave, you don’t have to insult him in here, how will he be able to lift his head in Heavenly Star academy after this”

“A slave wants to lift his head?” Liang Yu looks at the lying Ye xinghe and snorts three times “Ye Xinghe I never thought that such a beautiful woman will stand up for you, today is your first day in academy, I don’t know how you manage to make relation with her? Ye Xinghe I want you to kneel down and kowtow me three times, only then will I not investigate today’s matter, otherwise you know the consequences. A small family like Azure Feather Family, hmph, I have lots of ways to cope with you”

“You” An Xueyun have not thought Liang Yu will be this aggressive and actually say such words.

Ye Xinghe clenches his fists tightly, his nails dug deep in his palm and a line of blood started trickling down. He slowly got up.

This is naked humiliation.

Men have gold under their knees.

Anyone who encounters such humiliation will probably lose his reasons.

All students look at Ye Xinghe’s every action and movement, after bearing such shame Ye Xinghe will definitely revolt in anger. Students from different subservient family all show deep unwillingness and anger in their eyes, are they all, really slaves for generation after generation of the main family?

Ye Xinghe lower his head.

Liang Yu looks at Ye Xinghe with cold and mocking smile.

Will Ye Xinghe revolt or will he kowtow. Does he dare to revolt?

Ye Xinghe is filled with hatred for Liang Yu, but he remembers the earnest look in the eye of clansmen, he knows that if he revolts than what is waiting for Azure Feather Family is endless danger. When that time comes then his family members will die for such a simple thing of to kneel or to not kneel.

He was obviously insulted, but unable to do anything.

Liang Yu slaps Ye Xinghe 2-3 times, a red mark can be seen in his face, “Ye Xinghe are you going to kneel or Not?”

Ye Xinghe is nipping his mouth tightly, even if he has to die, he will choose a clean death rather than kneeling in front of everybody, but what of Azure Feather Family clansmen?

Ye Xinghe’s innermost feelings is like someone is using a pointed knife to slowly penetrate his heart, his self respect was firmly under the sole of the others feet.

Ye Xinghe still remember when his parents and fellow clansmen came to deliver him till Blue Carp town borders, the antic.i.p.ation in their earnest looking eyes.

But if he kneels down than in this lifetime it will be impossible to ever walk by lifting his head in Heavenly Star Academy.

Ye Xinghe have not acted!

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