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Chapter 19. Destroying.

The power emitting by Lan Zan broke up by all sides.

All apprentices changed his faces.

Actually inborn fiery warrior in spite of that seemed only on the second level but emitted the power at least reached the third level.

It is feeling the belonging to clan. During the cultivation he possesses tremendous abilities. No one pleb’s son else even comes close with it.

Felt such as power of Lan Zan E Xinghe became at least serious. Actually he learns the martial technique not so long and knows only the base he has no experience to emit practicing Fiery Martial Technique.

Practicing Fiery Martial Technique possesses very larger power about E Xinghe doesn’t know yet.

E Xinghe moved his power of starlight body to his energy positioning a little below the belly-b.u.t.ton, why two stars let out the light. He was one step ahead his body covered by sh.e.l.l of the heaven’s body’s power protecting from the fire

This time An Sueun was very disturbed she didn’t know how E Xinghe’s power is heavy, even if his cultivating develops very rapidly, but all the same he is pleb’s son and learns martial technique only some months, it is not enough to emit practicing Fiery Martial Technique.

All apprentices not taking their eyes off looked at E Xinghe, Lan Zan at last showed fully his fiery power. E Xinghe will be in such big trouble cause practicing Starlight Martial Technique has only treating abilities, why he has no one chances behind the practicing Fiery Martial Technique Lan Zan.

Lan Zan calmly looked his facial expression didn’t change at all.

“Probably you will always be slaves and grub in the earth and never become strong!” Lan Zan said looked at E Xinghe’s eyes.

Since the childhood his parents said to him that who lived on his clan’s territory they are their servants.

But now does some servant venture to be equal to him?

It’s absolutely unacceptably!

Two flames in a trice flamed out in Lan Zan’s both hands, he acidly smiling said: “Do you still hope to resist me?”

Heard what Lan Zan said E Xinghe fit was tied, so many years of humiliation, so many years he stood for these all, and at last his patience gave out.

Can it really be true that our clan’s people don’t consider a person in your clan?

Aren’t our families’ children ent.i.tled to become strong as your family’s eyes?

What for?

E Xinghe remembered how his aunt died because of Dark moon’s clan’s mockery. She was very kind, and she was served this way! And else our families were forced to economize on, why old people died, did they deserve such death?

E Xinghe bunched fists and the veins became seeing on his hands, his apples of eyes shined by gold light. Starlight power against the fiery power is some madness.

Lan Zan’s fiery power is very strong, but E Xinghe didn’t retreathe can use heaven’s body’s power, now he looks terribly.

“Go to the devil!” – Lan Zan smiled because of wish to kill him and let out two fiery knives into E Xinghe.

Two fiery knives full of enormous power flied to kill E Xinghe.

Zzshing, zzshing, zzshing!

E Xinghe congregated around himself starlight’s body’s energy, as a result the fiery knives were crashed of a sh.e.l.l. It seemed that these knives split E Xinghe, but he stayed absolutely unharmed. This time his mind returned several phrases about Starlight Martial Technique.

E Xinghe a little calm down starlight’s body’s energy below the belly-b.u.t.ton penetrated through the skeleton, then through the skin and was reborn into dazzling light from eyes.

From E Xinghe’s apples of eyes shined gold light noticed fiery swords he destroyed them by his sh.e.l.l.

“It destroyed!” – E Xinghe screamed in deep voice.


Saw what’s happened teacher Chu turned pale because of fear. He didn’t expect that E Xinghe can break two fiery knives of fiery warrior. Although this is only the first stage but destructive force in comparison of dragon’s power’s. .h.i.t was still stronger several-fold!

Power of hit could to give E Xinghe heavy injures. Observing this scene An Sueun’s heart sank, and standing near Lin Hun it seemed stayed calm, but inside he was scared.

Standing near with E Xinghe apprentices were afraid saw the fire but E Xinghe sped off like a cheetah and struck a blow to Lan Zan.

What’s happened?

Why didn’t the fiery knives affect to E Xinghe?

Lan Zan couldn’t understand why don’t his attacks harm him at all?

During the fighting E Xinghe felt on himself apprentices’ eyes. But he insistently opposed the fiery knives, only he knew how to destroy it. Firstly it’s necessary to use a sh.e.l.l of heaven’s body’s power and then starlight’s apple of eye’s power and then they have been destroying, though he had destroyed the fiery knives but he had scarcely any power left in his body.

Abilities of starlight’s apple of eyes are far outside of human’s imagination.

Although E Xingh didn’t totally understand how to use it, his magical power had already exuded to him.

Starlight E Xinghe’s apple of eye isn’t trained yet, he only can destroy the fiery swords.

In the head shot that it was enough it is necessary to stop!

E Xinghe like a wide beast struck blows Lan Zan.

Lan Zan didn’t expect that his attacks don’t harm E Xinghe at all, at first sight he must not remain standing from his attacks, at least it must wound him hardly. E Xinghe came up and took him unaware, but Lan Zan was experienced at fighting, saw that E Xinghe attacked he fast blocked by two hands.

Incandescent fieryguard protected him.




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