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Chapter 18. Starlight apple of eye.

Lan Zan blushed he didn’t expect such that from Lin Hun, who would have thought that he is so strong. He doesn’t even give in Lan Y!

Lan Zan more pulled a long face.

“Challenge without witness how is generally it? What for will I get in touch with you? In this case, I challenge E Xinghe!” – Lan Zan sniffed said. He understood that he is not opponent for Lin Hun, why he wants to grab his attention.

Lin Hun turned and looked at E Xinghe.

E Xinghe clenched his fist and didn’t take his eyes off Lan Zan not avowed himself worse than others, he said: “Don’t rope your clan into, do you challenge?”

Firstly Lan Y, now Lan Zan he understood that there was a reason, if you show your weakness, you weren’t left in peace!

“Well as E Xinghe agreed we ask all the group and teachers to become onlookers – it is not important who wins and who loses to marital status, it is out of all relation!” – Lan Hun released Lan Zan’s hand and smiling said.

Teacher Chu noticed this scene wrinkled his brows, though E Xinghe and deputy director Su’s teaching have especial meaning, but there was no getting around dispute with Dark moon clan’s children. In Heaven Starlight Academy may be challenge each other, as long as E Xinghe agreed he can’t already prevent and all that remains is not to give them to hurt each other.

“Everything is reasonably!” – Teacher Chu looked at Lan Zan said strictly.

Heard teacher Chu’s words Lan Zan grinned: wounded are inevitable, he undoubtedly knows all tasting of bitterness!

All apprentices stared at Lan Zan and E Xinghe.

Since test pa.s.s when E Xinghe could awake six red crystals, they have not seen him for a long time, also didn’t know which cultivation he had.

E Xinghe had to a.s.similate the base, if even his cultivation is progressing fast, he can reach only the second level for such short time. There is nothing to be afraid, Lan Zan and those present apprentices were already on the second level when they entrance Academy.

A real wonder of Lan Zan E Xinghe met the challenge.

All apprentices thought that E Xinghe loses besides practicing Starlight Martial Technique is not strong at fighting.

Lan Zan suddenly attacked E Xinghe with fists.

*The sound of ploughed air*. It’s tiger’s style.

Noticed that Lan Zan attacked E Xinghe began to use Heaven’s body’s power he took his right hand aside.

Now E Xinghe already can manage Heaven’s body’s power and apply so as he needs.

Altough Lan Zan’s attacks are strong he was also able to hit, but E Xinghe blocked.

That time E Xinghe’s eyes were full of gold filament, it misted apples of the eyes several times slowing down all Lan Zan’s moving was reflecting in them.

E Xinghe suddenly noticed that Lan Zan’s moving was slow, looking at his fist’s swings, he easily avoided and everything what he learned earlier was now in his head.

Zzshing, zzshing, zzshing!

Lan Zan attacked E Xinghe without a break, and onlookers screamed him to step on it.

E Xinghe slowly dropped behind and hugged Mo U the sweat poured off him/

An Sueun was looking without removing his eyes.

During the fight Lan Zan and onlookers noticed that he was stronger that E Xinghe, though he could to hit back, however as for attacks he was not so strong.

Noticed Lan Zan’s fist’s. .h.i.t directing into his face, his weak place, E Xinghe suddenly bended, dodged an attack and hit elbow his stomach.


Lan Zan flied away from a strike, like a bullet and fell on the ground.

Lan Zan holding his stomach spitted being in a wax, it seemed to him that he fought off his guts.

E Xinghe hitting felt endless burst of energy a little below the belly-b.u.t.ton/

Slightly hold the knuckle, there was a mystery shining in his eyes. That time he used Heaven’s body’s power and felt that new amazing power was born inside him. His eyes became unusually clear, slowing enemy’s moving.

Is it starlight apple of eye’s power?

E Xinghe remembered that he had seen it in the ancient letters, there was written about starlight apple of eyes. During the cultivation if all the acupunctures of point are opened heaven’s body’s power will be rotated without in head a break then it was possible to release the starlight apple of eye.

Everybody who could to release the apple of eye, become very strong. This power of starlight apple eye can awake in process teaching of martial technique have a speed exceeding simple people’s speed. Also there is other abilities lied outside the range of imagination.

E Xinghe a little settled down and was standing at gaze at Lan Zan.

That time Lan Zan breathed deeply, being in a wax emitted the fiery energy, sound of hit scattered in the all sides.


There was very flaming fire.

Lan Zan’s eyes began to sparkle by anger and wish to kill.

“That you forced me!” – Lan Zan looked frightfully, his body was up to the sky, and his mantle was fluttering on the fire.

This mantle is made of special gold silk the fire is not terrible for it.

Fiery technique is hereditary, and every clan’s child is the perfect fiery warrior!

Lan Zan hoped that he flattened E Xinghe by his power and made a loser of him. Now he was being in a wax.

“I want you to know practicing starlight martial technique is rubbish, and they can’t to resist practicing fiery martial technique!

Doggoned E Xinghe I want you to be on your knees before me!” –

Lan Zan being in the air he emitted the flame both hands full of terrible power.




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