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Chapter 17. Starlight columns.

Everybody is going one by one, Lan Y wants to find Sa Y Nin and talk to her, but she ignores him.

She is talking to An Sueun now and sometimes smiling, while at the same time she is very indifferent and arrogant with other, ice queen.

Going upstairs along the rocks already more than half an hour, they finally reached highlands to the covert. Here the trees are as much as a few dozen meters. Across the mountain valley there is heard beast’s roar, why it makes hair stand on end.

Here overhead about hundred li (li – Chinese long measure ½ km) is no any roads, it can be went down only by that bridge. Finished the hunting it became clear that this werewolf isn’t such terrible.

These werewolves were locked under six seals.

Divided into six test areas, they were already going to go to the first areas.

It is going several hundred meters before it, there were fiery bird-werewolf locked, as teacher Chu said.

Apprentices were protected the first test area was about safe.

Apprentices located behind looked constantly in all directions – for them everything was new.

All group in forest covert wriggled along.

Ahead they found out enormous hemispherical dome, closing enormous territory. Around column was rising up hundred meters in height with enormous stems.

All these high columns are disgustingly spotty, spread to the top by liana, and inside there were seen antique letters of unknown epoch and what civilization left it.

Came up to this place E Xinghe felt that he had already sensed like this sometime. As if he is situated on the smooth water lake’s surface, but came up nearer his body began to feel like a small wave was going from his head to the foot.

“For what is need these columns?” – Apprentices being behind were asking the teacher Chu.

“This is a relic of the very ancient epoch, for what these columns use teachers don’t know, it is only known that these ancient stone columns are called “Starlight columns”, and every full moon the sky is covered by stars and endless Heaven's body’s power is directed towards the Starlight columns. It’s very amazing epoch’s legacy, now people don’t know for what it is need to use. For example, these columns are situated on all worlds as the heaven’s spirit’s towers, and another is those which is in the air”, - teacher Chu been deeply lost in thought looked into the distance.

All apprentices admired such ancient thing.

E Xinghe fixed his eyes on the Starlight columns, which ancient empire were they belonged? They are too old to even know from somebody.

An Sueun were looking at the Starlight columns and thought: “It must be they are for the practicing Starlight martial technique”. And at once she thought about E Xinghe and a cursory glanced at him.

E Xinghe felt the sight, looked at An Sueun and they met by their eyes.

An Sueun suddenly remembered yesterday’s case, there was on her chest still bright-red trace, she sadly breathed and turned back.

Saw An Sueun was ashamed E Xinghe began to remorse preyed upon his mind. I don’t know when she can forgive me. He already thought how he can apologize, but An Sueun always ignores him.

Standing near Sa Y Nin was a little excited. Is it something between them? Why is she so blushed? She was very interested.

This time from one side of Lan Y there was some youth, who saw this scene. His name was Lan Zan, he was Lan Y’s tribesman.

Firstly in the group his talent gave in only Lan Y and An Sueun, and he could fully become deputy director Su’s apprentices, but E Xinghe unexpectedly appeared and took his place, why he was in a wax.

He liked An Sueun, but he didn’t know that her Endless sky’s clan and his Dark moon’s clan were at odds with each other at all, and that she was promised to be wife of one influential family from the capital.

Saw An Sueun as a queen, her yearlings can never to get her respect, he was however in shadow and looked after her. But now it’s evidently a problem! Can the relationship between An Sueun and E Xinghe appear during the training with deputy director Su?

La Zan was being mad with jealousy, looking at beautiful An Sueun he wanted with all his heart to become intimate with her, he was even ready to die for her!

Thinking about E Xinge he got very angry, he couldn’t put up any longer and set out to him.

Lan Y noticed Lan Zan’s acting, thought that E Xinghe would be in big trouble. In The Heaven Starlight Academy there are so many who has a surname Lan (everybody is from Dark moon’s clan), but Lan Zan is only with whom he hasn’t well relation. So, if he decided to find E Xinghe, it is happy event.


Lan Zan hit in the E Xinghe’s shoulder why he almost fell.

“What are you doing?” – Bent his brows he angrily looked at Lan Zan, understanding that he did it purposely.

“How did the servant dare to be wide-eyed at master? Did he grow bolder? It is evidently that I will have to give a good lesson you! – Lan Zan sniffed coldly looked at E Xinghe, moved his hand, being going to hit him.

“You…” – E Xinghe clenched his fist, not taking into consideration his origin, hit him. Because of exerting pressure of Dark moon’s clan E Xinghe was in a wax.

Lan Zan came nearly up to E Xinghe and stopped him the way, E Xinghe took his hand and coldly said: “Lan Zan, we are all the apprentices of Heaven Starlight Academy and by the rules of item thirty-two all the apprentices are equal regardless of family’s origin.

You are the whole days only doing that keep down others, saying about your origin – it is very basely!”

An Sueun from time to time kept an eye on E Xinghe but saw Lan Zan she began attentively to look, what is doing on there.

Sa Y Nin also stared at happening.

“You ought to be beaten! You are such trifle for me. Gangway!” – Lan Zan sniffed glanced around, he can’t to give in anybody, especially if An Sueun sees it, and certainly he can’t show his weakness to E Xinghe and Lin Hun.

Lan Zan already wanted to take his hand, but Lin Hun noticed that and caught tightly his wrist, no matter what times he tried to take his hand away, he had trouble doing it.

“Lan Zan, if you actually have abilities, I challenge you without witnesses, but if you can only to be wagging your tongue, get out of here!” – Lin Hun said coldly.




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