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Chapter 16. Demon’s blood.

If Lin Hun speaks like this there is nothing left for E Xinghe to agree. He nodded and said: “Well! I will no longer treat!”

In spite of E Xinghe didn’t understand why Lin Hun demanded from him such, but even so he didn’t want to lose the friend.

“Mmm”, - Lin Hun nodded.

That time when E Xinghe treated the wound he noticed that on his hand mysterious seal was seen.

He didn’t know how he can distinguish it through the clothes.

It was very mystery scheme, dark red colored demon’s blood, swallowed human’s sight. E Xinghe felt it oh his neck, why he was difficult to breathe.


E Xinghe breathed deeply, and his body covered by cold sweat.

Saw E Xinghe Lin Hun kept silent for a while, and then asked: “Can you see?”

“What is this?” – E Xinghe frightening looked at Lin Hun.

“Nothing to it, you shouldn’t tell about it anybody. You should know that I won’t harm you!” – looking into E Xinghe’s eyes, Lin Hun gently p.r.o.nounced.

He was looking at him for a long time he still wanted to remain friends with him. This dark red demon’s blood, what is it? E Xinghe began to worry. Who is actually Lin Hun? He doesn’t look like a simple man outwardly.

After the treating Lin Hun’s hand recovered quickly, there wasn’t any trace of scratches on it. A teenager standing near was surprised: “E Xinghe, you are cool! Everybody says that Practicing Starlight martial technique are the most useless, I don’t think so at all! We are in one group, if I get wound in the next time, I will depend on you!”

This teenager was dressed in grey clothes, and his name was Mo U, he is also from simple family. He has a good relation with Lin Hun, also he wanted to make friends with E Xinghe.

They all three are plebs.

“If wounds are minor, don’t look for him, when he treats, a lot of Starlight body’s energy spends!” – Lin Hun said strictly.

E Xinghe was about to explain everything, but saw ferocious Lin Hun’s sight, but leaves to say anything.

“Well!” – Mo U opened out his shoulders and started to do gymnastics.

Although they were the same age, but Lin Hun was wise for his age, and Mo Un can be attributed to such type of people who lives without trouble. E Xinghe had heard somewhere that name Mo Un came from “Demon’s Gates”, why when he heard this name he had felt the cold on the skin.

Mo Un is an orphan one peasants’ couple took him for care. Every day he has a good time, not to try training. But he shows enormous talent because of he was a.s.signed under Heavenly Starlight Academy.

While they were talking the squad had already come without a hurry.

Teacher Chu came up to them, saw E Xinghe’s eyes said: “You are all in one group, a will be accompany you, Sa Y Nin, An Sueun, Lan Y, Sao Yan, He Shan, U Lon…”

Teacher Chu called else sixteen names, in one group are almost half of all a.s.sembled apprentices.

Besides the teacher Chu another five accompanying, they have charge of apprentices’ practical implementation.

Called the all name, teacher Chu smiling said: “We sally out!”

Formed up they went.

One by one they went out of Starlight Academy and sallied into mountains.

The way to there is very long, it took more than two hours and finally came up to rock, which both side rocks are towering up. Iron chains along the rock blocked the road in excess of several hundred meters.

“We are crowded by cliffs, near the one runs the bridge upward in excess more than five thousand meters, not more than thirty people can pa.s.s it!” – Teacher Chu smiling said: “Don’t worry this bridge is made of super strong iron, there is no any problem up to now!”

Herd what teacher Chu says everybody looked at bridge and began to breathe deeply, at the bottom clouds were seen, and because of the fog the end of bridge isn’t seen.

Stood a little in front of the bridge, they were slowly going.

“I will go as first – who is behind catch up!” - Smiling teacher Chu said.

Sa Y Nin and An Sueun were going at first, Lan Y follow them, swallowing saliva, he was a little afraid, but he couldn’t recognize himself worse than other.

“How we can way to girls?” – Lan Y looked at Sa Y’s silhouette going on the bridge.

E Xinghe and Mo U were going together.

How is higher there, do you say? – Mo U over and over looked in all directions, no being afraid at all.

Behind apprentices one by one climbed on the bridge, only five teachers looking out for the apprentices stayed.

More than thirty people walking on the staggering bridge, everybody shortened the stride, being afraid that it can break down.

“E Xinghe how is your cultivation now?” – Looked at him Lin Hun smiling asked.

“I don’t even know yet” – E Xinghe timidly said: “It must be second level, may be third one.”

“Is it the third level?” Lin Hun was a little stupefied, then laughing said: “Your cultivation is really very quickly, I am still at the third level!”

“I am not sure that I have a third level, in any case I can’t overcome practicing Fiery and Dragon martial technique with the third level!” – E Xinghe acrimoniously grinned. Practicing Fiery and Dragon martial technique, having the third level, are already rather strong.

“For the Practicing Starlight martial technique it is necessary to reach the eighth level to be really strong”, - Lin Hun smiling said.

“How do you know?” – E Xinghe stared wide eyes asked Lin Hun. Even deputy director Su didn’t say about it.

“Err…” - Lin Hun stopped, scratched his head, then laughing said: “I have read in some ancient letters by chance.

“Ancient letters, what is the letters, can I look through it?” – E Xinghe cheered up at once, he had read almost every book in the room!

“These letters have been already burned”, - Lin Hun turned back and went on.

“Have they been burned?” – E Xinghe uncomprehendingly looked at Lin Hun’s silhouette, feeling that he concealed something.




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