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Chapter 15. Friend.

It is a silent night.

In the early morning, sunbeam is slowly rising.

Today in the Heavenly Starlight Academy everybody is very lively, on the waste-ground many apprentices got together. Because today is the testing day, the Academy organizes for some apprentices the hunting for the werewolves.

This solemn meeting is for those, who have a weak cultivation, not having any force. Every time probationers get injury, and sometimes even death happen. So all the teachers are in the Academy, take a part in providing of the safety for the apprentices.

E Xinghe also was in this crowd, he noticed An Sueun and came a little closer. She was dressed in white training clothes and looked cheerful, there was another girl with her, she was dressed in fiery red clothes not resigning to An Sueun.

It is wonder who is this girl?

Two matchless beautiful girls attract attention of many people.

Who is standing with An Sueun in the fiery red suit?

Don’t you know her? She is chief town’s granddaughter, Sa Y Nin. She is even stronger than An Sueun and already on the forth level.

An Sueun and Sa Y Nin whispered to each other about something, evidently, they have well relations.

“Sister-mentor An!”

E Xinghe wanted to move his hand to welcome An in spite of yesterday’s incident, even so he spoke first.

Saw E Xinghe An Sueun a little blushed and pretended that she didn’t noticed him, turned back and went away.

E Xinghe unwittingly breathed. Evidently because of yesterday she didn’t want to see me.

Seeing from a far E Xinghe made a floater Lan Y burst out laughing. E Xinghe really doesn’t know what real trouble is. An Sueun told him several good phrases and he already thought that he can expect her attention and respect, he doesn’t even make doubt in that.

They both are from differ estates.

Lan Y glanced at shape of Sa Y Nin, he undoubtedly likes her. In addition she ideally fit him, and furthermore her grandfather who is city chief and her father is king in the North Sinzan. Moreover she has a splendid talent and they are the same age. Before Lan Y had no hopefulness, but since his family had got a refusal, he began to dream about Sa Y Nin, if he gets married her he certainly becomes the head of the Dark moon’s family.

Although the family of the Dark moon’s clan is from Heavenly Ancient City, his ancestries were very influential generals in the capital. In spite of this is out of comparison with Sa Y Nin’s family even so this is too rather well.

Lan Y very wanted to instate Sa Y Nin in favor.

Saw Sa Y Nin pa.s.sed by Lan Y smiling said: “Y Nin, you came!”

He knows that she doesn’t like ill-bred people.

Y Nin looked at him indifferently, probably she isn’t interested at him, she looked at An Sueun’s reaction.

Although she disregarded him even so she still looked embarra.s.sed and didn’t show her eyes.

Definitely there is a problem!

Sa Y Nin scanned by her eyes all E Xinghe, outwardly he looks well, rather handsome guy. I’m afraid her influential clan won’t let them to be together

May be I had thought of, but I noticed he several times glanced at our side, and then turned back.”

Noticed that Sa Y Nin ignored his words Lan Y got angry, but it isn’t such badly as she looks at E Xinghe not at him – because of it he was in a wax.

If there isn’t Sa Y Nin he will make things lively for him!

This time Lin Hun shiny smiling came up to E Xinghe and said: “E Xinghe, we haven’t seen for a long!”

Saw E Xinghe he was very glad that they would be accompanied by deputy of the director Su.

How long he hadn’t seen Lin Hun, E Xinghe considered him in the Heavenly Starlight Academy only friend.

“Quite some time!”, - E Xinghe said, smiling looked at Lin Hun. He noticed that his palms scarred. He practices the Dragon martial technique. Usually during training the skin often very damaged.

Unimaginably how he can suffer this during training!

“Your hands are wounded!” - E Xinghe smiling glanced at his eyes and said with care.

“Ha-ha a very little more!”, - he said smiling and looked at E Xinghe, and then at Sa Y Nin and quickly turned back.

“I help you in treatment, I have a healing salve!”, - hold his hand E Xinghe quickly p.r.o.nounced.

“There’s no need for it!” - Lin Hun a little took thought, and then drew back his hand.

“Testing is soon, don’t you want to reach a good results?” – he asked, looked quickly at Lin Hun, then he took his hands, turned it. His palms looked frightening – all are in the wound and callus.

E Xinghe felt ashamed himself, because Lin Hun worked harder.

He got the medicine, s.m.u.tched the wounds by it, and then broke away the power of the Starlight body.

Lin Hun smiled, letting E Xinghe to help him with the treatment.

During the treatment the energy penetrated Lin Hun’s palms and reached the energy, situating below the belly b.u.t.ton, why he knitted his brows and looked a little frightening at E Xinghe.

“What’s happened?” – saw Lin Hun facial expression, being puzzled, he asked.

“E Xinghe, this is very serious ability!” – Lin Hun p.r.o.nounced, changed his facial expression.

“What is the ability?” - E Xinghe asked uncomprehendingly.

“In future there’s no need to be friendly and to help in treatment to other!” – Lin Hun said very strictly.

“Practicing Starlight martial technique can help without problem in treating of wound!” – E Xinghe smiled and sincerely said: “Practicing Starlight martial technique though is not strong we can treat and help people I think this ability makes sense”.

E Xinghe still remembered, when he was a child, his aunt taught him help people and do good things. She preferred to harm herself than somebody, though she died E Xinghe still treasure in heart the recollection of her.

Looked at E Xinghe, Lin Hun rudely said: “If you don’t obey me we will no longer friend!”

Heard what Lin Hun said, E Xinghe looked at him, not understanding at all, why he so got angry?





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