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Chapter 14. Is it third level?

Heard what E Xinghe said An Sueun stared at him, her right hand covered her chest, where she had acute pain, that’s why she was a little angry.

Seeing E Xinghe quickly understand everything, her forehead broke out in cold sweat, and E Xinghe flashed his eyes. It’s necessary to say that clothes had already torn to shreds. Figure is, certainly, something, a small parts of her snow-white seductive skin met his gaze.

“You are still looking!” – An Sueun noticed E Xinghe’s sight, and ashamed stomped her feet.

“Aaa, I….”, - E Xinghe quickly turned back.

Must not to say An Sueun’s beauty took breath away. Such beautiful and charming girls are very little. Only few can keep calm hear her. Although he likes her a little, even so they have the same states, and he never venture to fall in love with her.

“Give me a medicine, which you keep, and else give my clothes!” – at this moment An Sueun felt embarra.s.sed.

“My clothes had torn to shreds, it is already dead!” An Sueun said, wanted to put on E Xinghe’s clothes.

“My clothes?” – E Xinghe couldn’t consider. Pa.s.sed the medicine, he went to the room, found the clothes and gift it An Sueun.

It is my new clothes, but it is very simple.

An Sueun glanced at E Xinghe and said: “Go out!”.

He quickly came up to the door and went away.

E Xinghe went away and didn’t pry.

An Sueun undid the b.u.t.ton, torn to shreds dress fell to the floor, stripped her snow-white body, it’s impossible to describe how she is beautiful.

She let her head down and looked at her chest and saw several injuries.

From the awkward situation, which she got, An Sueun blushed: “This guy is really such clumsy. Oh, not think-not think, a fine thing me also”.

How much mistakes. An Sueun took a little of medicine and began to cleanse a wound, her brows wrinkled with pain.

In a few minutes An Sueun have already cleansed all the wound and took the clothes, which was given her by E Xinghe. She a little thought, glancing at this.

Then she put on these clothes of the burlap and remembered, that E Xinghe usually wore such as, and from this thought she became sad, but she didn’t feel disgust at all.

E Xinghe was shyly waiting for near the door and didn’t know how An Sueun is there. The door is opened with a creak.

An Sueun, closed herself, quickly went out. In spite of her clothes looked baldly, but still she didn’t hide her beauty.

E Xinghe was a little surprised, saw her in such simple clothes, which is usually wore by commoners. That moment she seemed more beautiful.

He thought if she wanted to wear such clothes, she could simply walk around the city Blue Carp.

“Aaa, I don’t understand how I can think about this at all! An Sueun is from influential family! How some deadbeat dared think so!”

Looked at surprised E Xinghe, An Sueun embarra.s.sed: “I will go out, when there is n.o.body and I can go away unnoticed!” – finished speaking An Sueun blushed, what to do with this disgrace.

“Mmm”, - E Xinghe nodded his head, and her cheeks more turned red, why she looked very charming.

“Then I will cultivate here with you!”, -said this, An Sueun felt that E Xinghe didn’t understand anything at all, she went to the yard, found a stone, sat on it down and began to cultivate.

Flaming energy was spreading around her, she practices the martial technique and she is already on the forth level, she has an amazing force.

For this reason E Xinghe could to play by her. At first he underestimate his enemy, secondly, she tested him and didn’t show her murderous power fully.

An Sueun looked a little frightening. Today she cultivates a lot more in comparison with the last times, also the energy , which is situated bellow the belly b.u.t.ton is much stronger , than usually.

Cultivating moved twice and three times!

An Sueun thought a hundred times but can’t understand anything all the same, is it really because of the energy, which penetrated into her during the treatment of E Xinghe?

She is fully confused, but, so far as her cultivating is progressing so fast, she can’t stop and go away.

Seeing from a far beautiful silhouette E Xinghe became more resolute, he wants to cultivate hardly for that n.o.body looked at him haughtily!

In spite of influential clan, which lock in cages, he will necessarily destroy this cage.

E Xinghe also began to cultivate and slowly to go into his impa.s.sive condition.

Dark night he is like inexhaustible, around him boundless emptiness and a lot of heavenly bodies. He is advised to meld with this ocean of the stars.

Concealing a lot of heavenly bodies in this, which written on the ancient rock scripture, pour in his head from differ sides.

These sounds continuously attack his blood vessels.

E Xinghe realizing everything, continuously cultivated. He didn’t know how long he was cultivating, but when he came to himself , there is not An Sueun yet.

Kept silent for a long time, he closed his eyes again and continued to cultivate. He didn’t know at all, that could have already reached, it is may be the third stage. Although in the fighting with practicing Fiery and Dragon martial technique of the third level, he is not up to.

Finally the third level practicing Starlight martial technique is very weak position.

In spite of nothing, E Xinghe wants to change, to become stronger!




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