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Chapter 011    An Xueyun


Vice president Xu felt that between his eyebrows was palpitating. His eyes swapped across the distant wooden pile. With his eyesight, he could clearly see how powerful the fist from Ye Xinghe was just now.


Such strength, he was afraid this was no longer a mere 2nd layer of the heavenly realm.


Sure enough, this was afterall the one who could activate six red crystals; possessing a greater talent than the others.


Seeing the expression of Ye Xinghe, who was scared due to his action of destroying the wooden pile, vice president Xu couldn’t help but smile. Compared to discovering a genius, what could this broken pile of wood mean?


However, vice president Xu still maintained his poker face and didn’t praise Ye Xinghe. Ye Xinghe was already late for the very first day. What vice president Xu was worried about is that if he praised Ye Xinghe, this would make him satisfied with himself and give less effort in cultivation!


“If this wooden pile is already broken, then forget about it! Continue practising!” Vice president Xu waved his hand while he said so.


“Yes!” Ye Xinghe replied with his head down. Next time, he mustn’t be that impulsive to give his punch. What if he broke another wooden pile again?


An Xueyun was practising at the side when she saw Ye Xinghe with his single punch that destroyed the wooden pile. She was extremely shocked by the scene in front of her. Such devastating power from Ye Xinghe, she was afraid that he was now above her and Liang Yu. How did Ye Xinghe cultivate these days? He was even able to reach such a degree in a short period of time.


Since young, people had always consider An Xueyun to be one of the best talents in the younger generation. However, compared to Ye Xinghe, she was way too inferior.


She had a very strong curiosity in Ye Xinghe. It had been a very long time since someone was able to attract her attention.


In fact, even vice president Xu was very curious too. How did this brat, Ye Xinghe, cultivate recently? He could only believe in the reason that a genius’s logic wasn’t the same as an ordinary man.


“An Xueyun, Liang Yu, both of you continue practising. Try to bring out the greatest strength that you can!” Vice president Xu coughed for a moment and looked at Ye Xinghe who was beside him. “Xinghe, from now on, I will teach you how to control your own power!”


Hearing such words from vice president Xu, Liang Yu’s mind was seething in anger. Why was he still practising strength but that Ye Xinghe, he had begun practising how to control his strength!


An Xueyun and Liang Yu had both reached the 3rd layer of the heaven realm. Liang Yu was at the middle tier of 3rd layer and An Xueyun had already reached the peak of 3rd layer. Ye Xinghe, at most he would only be at the pitiable 1st layer of the heavenly realm. The heart of Liang Yu was br.i.m.m.i.n.g in flames; he was afterall, the heir of the majestic An Yue family. How could he not be comparable to a mere familial servant?


Although he was unwilling, Liang Yu could only keep practising in anger.


Under the guidance of vice president Xu, Ye Xinghe began to gradually familiarize himself with his own body’s power.


“Teacher, I have one matter which I don’t understand!” While practising with vice president Xu alone, Ye Xinghe finally couldn’t resist any longer and spoke.


“What matter?” Vice president Xu looked at Ye Xinghe, asking him.


“The qi that come out from within the dantian, must it be as big as a needle? Why does the qi which I revolve out, come out thick and solid like the size of a thumb?” Ye Xinghe asked with a weak and soft tone.


“Thumb…...thick and solid?” Vice president Xu was blankly staring, forcibly swallowing a mouthful of saliva and breathed in a heavy manner.


Generally, anyone who recently entered the heavenly realm of star martial could only sense qi in the size of a needle. That was already sufficient enough. Yet this Ye Xinghe had actually sensed qi as thick as a thumb!


‘My G.o.d, what is actually happening here?’


Watching vice president Xu who didn’t gave his reply after a long period of time, Ye Xinghe scratched his head.

‘Don’t tell me that even vice president Xu didn’t know what is happening too?’


“Alright alright, in regards to the qi which you could sense from your dantian, the more the better! You should now be at least at the peak of 1st layer of the heavenly realm. If you keep cultivating, within your dantian, it will reach the light point and acc.u.mulate the fused star core of the heavenly realm. By then, you will be able to successfully enter the 2nd layer of the heavenly realm!” Vice president Xu answered. He had already been completely shocked by Ye Xinghe yet he stubbornly hid his astonishment.


Never had he thought that he would be accepting such a monstrous disciple!


‘So the denser the qi felt in the dantian, the better it is. Then, it should be alright then.’ Ye Xinghe was secretly relieved. As long as his body was fine, it should be alright. When he heard the later half of vice president Xu’s words, he wanted to voice out that he had acc.u.mulated the fused star core. However, after pondering for awhile, he decided to not say it out aloud.


In such a short time in reaching the first layer of the heavenly realm, that was already a very shocking event. If he said that he had already acc.u.mulated the fused star core right now, he dared not imagine the reaction of vice president Xu.


Ye Xinghe silently kept this at the bottom of his heart. However, with just the second layer of the heavenly realm, that was far from enough. He needed to keep cultivating and become even more formidable! Liang Yu and An Xueyun had both reached the third layer of the heavenly realm; he must not be left behind!


After a period of one month, Ye Xinghe together with An Xueyun and Liang Yu kept practising non-stop with vice president Xu.


Everyday besides cultivating, he would keep reading books. Ye Xinghe felt that his own ability had increased at a rapid rate.


He felt that he had reached a barrier which separated the two different layers of the heavenly realm. He kept cultivating for another two days and was soon close to breaking the barrier.


Ye Xinghe could feel the dantian within his body, a second light point appeared. Two stars intersected together; according to the description of star martial G.o.d technique, it should most likely have reached the 3rd layer of the heavenly realm!


The cultivation to reach the 3rd layer of the heavenly realm, it was simply beyond the imagination in his heart! He couldn’t help but feel some fear lingering within his heart, this cultivation speed was indeed too fast and abnormal!


Ordinary people would require at least a year or two to reach the 3rd layer of the heavenly realm. As for him, in just the short period of one month, he had reached the 3rd layer of the heavenly realm.


Ye Xinghe was almost certain that his cultivation speed definitely had some relation with the old monument within his sea of consciousness! He wondered what this old monument was and why would it appear within his mind.


Ye Xinghe was practising alone right now. Dong dong dong. The door at the courtyard was suddenly being knocked on. He immediately stood up and walked there to open the door.


An Xueyun was wearing tight martial arts clothes which emphasized the outline of her great and delicate body. Her head was partly covered by her long silky hair which carried an aura of beauty which surprisingly didn’t belong to a young girl. He couldn’t help but admit that An Xueyun was indeed a beautiful grown up woman.


“Miss An! Why did you come here?” Ye Xinghe said with a cramped expression. Standing in front of An Xueyun, he couldn’t help but feel inferior to her.


An Xueyun’s eyes slightly squinted. With a charming smile she replied, “I came here to ask for your help in martial arts. You still call me Miss An? You should have called me Senior Sister An, right?”


“Senior Sister An!” Ye Xinghe called; a slight blush could be seen in his cheeks.


“You’re just going to let me stand here then?” An Xueyun blinked her eyes and ask with a smile.


“Senior Sister An, please enter!” Ye Xinghe quickly stepped aside for her to enter.


An Xueyun came inside and looked around the courtyard of Ye Xinghe’s residence. Since he stayed here, there wasn’t any changes in the courtyard. At most, there were only several sets of clothes being dried there.


“May I know why did Senior Sister An find me?” When they reached the courtyard, Ye Xinghe couldn’t help but ask. He was still guessing the meaning behind the words of An Xueyun just now.


An Xueyun was the heiress of the Tian Heng family; of great status and ident.i.ty. The difference in the gap between Ye Xinghe and her was too huge. He always thought that An Xueyun would never put this unknown brat in her eyes. Thus, he was unsure why she would find him out of nowhere.


An Xueyun was very attractive yet didn’t have the arrogance of other family’s daughters. Ye Xinghe could be said to have a thread of love towards her but that was all it was. Ye Xinghe’s heart dared not have any hope of her. After all, the status gap between them was too great!


Just at the moment when Ye Xinghe was daydreaming, An Xueyun suddenly jumped to the sky and raised her kick to direct it downwards towards the head of Ye Xinghe.



Feeling the breeze of the leg strength, Ye Xinghe’s heart was alarmed. He instantly reacted by crossing his arms to block the kick.


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