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Chapter 1  Three Great Martial Arts


A huge river could be found in wilder lands. The river is flowing forward chaotically, and at the banks of the river there is a continuous line of mountains. From these mountains one often hears the sound of roaring of demonic beasts. These sounds are like rolling thunder in general which continue to flow from one mountain to another.

In the middle of the river a vast plain could be found on which standing erect is a great magnificent city.

This city is located at the edge of Great Zou Empire’s Ji Province. It is called Heavenly Ancestor City. Due to it’s positioning in frontier there were successive years of chaos caused by war. These recent years after Great Zou Empire’s national prosperity and power has risen a great bit, this area was finally slightly calmer and steadier.

Inside Heavenly Ancestor City, Heavenly Star Academy.

In high noon when sun is shining sinisterly on faces of people, from Heavenly star academies central are a loud applause could be heard. One group of students are sitting in the ground and looking forward intently.

In front; a young male teacher is demonstrating martial arts technique. While demonstrating martial arts his whole body is like an ancient giant beast. Both his arms are very muscular and covered by a piece of black scale, which is shining with deep metallic l.u.s.ter under sunlight.

“Martial arts are very broad and profound, since ancient times after experiencing innumerable evolutions; finally we have three most powerful martial arts remaining. They are called Flame martial arts, Dragon martial art and star martial art.”

Young teacher was demonstrating martial skill, while introducing “I belong to Dragon martial arts user.”

“Dragon martial arts users have dragon blood inheritance within their body. A cultivator after stimulating his dragon blood can directly strengthen his mortal body, and can have formidable strength, like this” The young teacher clenches his right fist and throws a sudden punch at several hundred jin heavy giant stone in the side.

As soon as that fist was released one can hear a loud explosive sound of cluck-cluck-cluck.


The stone chips scatters.

On the stone a spiral the size of the fist was printed, which looked exactly like an iron drill in general.

It is hard to imagine what will be result if a person is punched with such an explosive fist.

All the students watching this were left to ponder how terrifying this strength was. The students who are practicing Dragon martial arts are choked with emotion, for a very long time their hearts couldn’t be calmed. So that’s the formidable strength of the Dragon martial arts.

Among the students, one teenager of probably fifteen years of age is staring seriously at the young teacher, his clothes are a little plain however due to the powerful sun rays his skin has become a little dark. His skin is covered with numerous beads of sweat, but his appearance seems very delicate.

He is called Ye Xinghe. He is from the Blue Carp town of the Heavenly Ancestor City. From the entire Blue Carp town he was the only one who was admitted in Heavenly Star Academy. He naturally cherished this great opportunity.

At this time, the young teacher continued “Dragon martial arts users are largest but not the strongest. The strongest martial arts users are Flame martial arts user, if a flame martial arts user is fighting hand to hand then he is not stronger than the same rank Dragon martial arts user. However their strength comes from the control of flame. A Flame arts user can display formidable flame seal arts and defeat several same rank Dragon arts users directly.”

“Then What about Star martial art users?” A young girl’s clear voice asked.

“What star martial arts user practice is the power of stars. Everyone has their unique cultivation way depending on the star, some star’s powers are unique due to which star arts users have some unique talents such as helping treat partners injury, various movement skills etc. In ancient time Star martial arts have produced many power houses, these people can even move to the stars and moons. A star arts user goes against the heavens will, but since the star arts users can’t inherit any technique there are very few cultivators nowadays who have reached 9th Heavenly Layer Realm.”

Ye Xinghe clenched both his fists slightly. During the admittance he with everyone had partic.i.p.ated in a test, which determined his physique to be Star martial arts user.

“Ha Ha, It means star martial arts users are only waste.” A youth smiles recklessly, he was determined as a Flame martial arts user and is quite proud at heart for it.

Ye Xinghe’s face is burning, in the cla.s.s of 30 individuals; there were six people who were identified as star martial arts user. Out of this six, five are female and only Ye Xinghe is a male, which has made him lose face in front of everyone.

“You cannot say that, since the evolution of three Great Martial Arts inheritance any cultivator who has practiced till the high-level boundary can erupt with an extremely formidable strength.” The young teachers face is extremely earnest and with a sinking sound he said “You ridiculing star martial arts user is equal as ridiculing star martial arts inheritance.”

The youth who ridiculed Star martial arts user immediately shut up. He lowered his head and did not dare to speak. Although in his heart he thinks otherwise, but he understands the meaning of teacher, these words can’t be spoken irresponsibly.

The young teacher continues saying “Once a formidable Star martial artist user reversed the stars, borrowed the power of stars to set up six exceedingly high Star Pillar and he once destroyed a empire with a palm. Star martial arts are in decline not because its inheritance isn’t strong, but it does not have any strong successors”

A Palm destroys an empire.

Heavens, to do this, how terrifying strength did that cultivator had. All students look with Panic-Stricken eyes.

Ye xinghe also could not help but reveal a fascinating look. So a peak star martial user was this outstanding existence.

“You have already carried the physique test during your admittance; hence now take two hours to prepare yourself for your talent test. You guys prepare, I will go and make arrangement for the test.” The young teacher told the students to sit there and prepare, then he turned around to walk toward a distant place.

The students sitting there slightly relaxed and in there sitting position.

They started observing each other, as they are now fellow cla.s.smates from now on.

A boy wearing long white gown swept all the sitting students with a cold look and said fiercely “Today is the first day for us in this Heavenly Star Academy, later we will be cla.s.smates. Many of you have come from n.o.ble family’s and some from the subordinate provinces, however no matter where you come from, you have to understand that from today onwards I am the boss of this cla.s.s and every matter of this cla.s.s will be decided by me.”

After hearing this youth’s word, all the students started whispering between each other.

“Who is this extremely arrogant person?” A boy asked in low voice.

“Don’t you know him, He is called Liang Yu, and he is the Heavenly Ancestor City’s, Dark Moon Family’s young master. Dark Moon Family was the super aristocratic family after City lord Mansion. Heavenly Ancestor City has six towns under its boundary, and all six of them are under his family. Several students who are sitting around him are all the sons of Dark Moon Family.” Another student said in a low voice.

Hearing these students low voice discussions, in Ye Xinghes eyes flashes an angry flame. So that boy sitting in front is a Dark Moon Family person.

Although in his heart he is full of hatred towards that person, but he silently lowers his head and did not speak.

Blue carp town comes under Dark moon family’s influence, and the Azure feather clan from which he belongs is an attached family under Dark Moon Family. In these towns Dark Moon Family has power beyond anyone’s comparison.

Ye Xinghe remembers a time when he was very small that is only six years old, his aunt was the most beautiful woman of the Blue Carp Town, she was very good to him, however she was kidnapped by the Dark Moon Family for half a month. Afterward when she came back, his aunt hung herself from the house beam.

Ye Xinghe also remembers that Azure Feather Family must pay an annual tribute to Dark Moon Family, and when one year the harvest was not good, after paying their tribute, Azure feather family’s grain was insufficient for their clansmen. More than 20 old people died by starving themselves, so that the remaining clansmen can have enough grain.

There are many more debts which feel like a carving blade running in his heart. He is unable to forget any of them.

From very small Ye Xinghe had decided that he will change his clan’s destiny. Therefore he keeps practicing diligently, also in addition since his talent is good, the entire Azure Feather Family have given their utmost to train him. He finally had the opportunity to enter the Heavenly Star Academy.

His arrival in Heavenly Star academy is not only for his dreams, but also for his whole clan’s dreams.

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