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The Heavenly Weapon Essence was unstoppable.

Even the laws of an Enlightened Being were being broken through. A direct contact would annihilate the flesh and bones into tiny specks.

“Is he really wounded?” Donglai was a bit nervous and became skeptical.

Feiyun was mighty with that essence exuding a ma.s.sive aura.

“Grand Kasaya.” A golden glow wrapped around him. It was a red kasaya with golden st.i.tching.

“Zzz.” The Buddhist hymn came about, a.s.saulting the mind of the spectators.

Three thousand Buddhas flew out of the kasaya and meditated around Donglai with all kind of different poses. Their chants weakened the weapon essence.

Feiyun’s battle intent lessened while the souls of the essence were being suppressed.

“d.a.m.n! The Grand Kasaya!” 

“The outfit of Senior Fo Canzi! He could actually put it on!”

“That’s definitely comparable to a Dominating Armament!”

The older cultivators were shocked to see the kasaya. More than ten Giants stood up with greed surfacing in their eyes.

A Dominating Armament was enough to support a great clan or an ancient sect.

The four current great clans all had one; hence their long-running domination.

However, this junior also had one of this level. The boy was simply too lucky.

The kasaya exuded a powerful Buddhist light. It turned into golden silks floating around him. This thing also had the aura of a true master left on it since it belonged to Fo Canzi!

He was one of the strongest cultivators in this region, a character of the legends from 30,000 years ago before the founding of Jin.

Back then, the Buddhist dao was flourishing and he was still one of the strongest, their pillar.

Only a few were comparable to him, such as the first Jin Emperor or the creator of Wanxiang PaG.o.da. That was the golden era of Buddhism. Wise monks came out one after another. Even the geniuses from the clans wanted to join this doctrine.

Unfortunately, declination started after his disappearance; tribulations became quite common. Temples, shrines, places of worship all fell into disarray - the end of Buddhist cultivation.

Only the Beastmaster Camp was left of the sacred grounds - a power much older than the four clans. The majority of Buddhist scriptures was stored at this location.

Jin was finally founded six thousand years ago and united this area. The members of the Beastmaster Camp rarely came out from then on and remained mysterious. Only certain female geniuses from there would travel around, representing the sect.

With the robe on, Donglai had a Buddhist glow. A holy power began to a.s.sault the mind. Just the little aura left over from Fo Canzi was enough to stop the weapon essence.

“That’s the most excellent geniuses of this generation; they look like they can become Enlightened Beings in the future. Just grabbing one of them, one hundred years later, the clan will have an Enlightened Being.” A supreme elder from Yin Gou reminded the clan master to pick one of these two as the future groom.

Feiyun was betrothed to Princess Yue so Donglai was the best candidate.

If they could marry Dongfang Jingyue to Ling Donglai, it would be all positive and no negative for the clan.

The clan master nodded, seemingly contemplating.

The young males and females in the garden were shocked as they tried to keep up with the fight. Both Donglai and Feiyun were strong enough to take on members of the upper list. The ones there were much older than them, having cultivated for twenty to thirty years.

Both Heavenly Weapon Essence and Grand Kasaya were coveted by the spectating Giants.

Alas, Feiyun had the Feng Clan and the royal clan as his backing. Meanwhile, Donglai had the Furious Marquis and the Beiming Clan for his. No one dared to do anything against them.

“Praise be Tathagata!” Donglai formed a Buddhist seal. His robe flew up and shot out boundless light straight at Feiyun.

Alarmed Feiyun was, not wanting to fight this head on so he intensified his speed with Samsara Steps. He became as fast as the wind and appeared above the dragon lake, standing on the surface.

‘This guy is too lucky; the three mantras of the daoists on top of this powerful kasaya from the Buddhists. He probably got other ace cards still? If I don’t cut off his providence, there’s no chance of winning.’ Feiyun had more than ten ideas at once running through his head.

‘Providence!’ He thought about his Ascension Platform, or what others referred to as the sacred monument.

‘Obtaining the fortune and blessing of the tablet would make one the strongest of the generation.’ This was a legend pa.s.sed down in this region - the reason why so many prodigies left their names there.

The Buddhist Sage - Fo Canzi.

Wanxiang PaG.o.da - Zi Wu.

Empress - Long Jiangling.

Nalan Clan’s first master - Nalan Hongtao.

These were famous names on the tablet who eventually went on to become the strongest of their generation.

Could Donglai’s luck and fate actually compare to the tablet?

‘If I can use the platform’s providence to suppress his, maybe I’ll be able to defeat him.’ The platform had been refined into his soulbound artifact and was floating inside his central palace. His divine intents controlled it and it emitted a black glow - eighteen figures came out.

One of these figures was Princess Luofu. After it appeared, the real princess in the garden also felt it; her soul seemingly wanting to leave the body.

She temporarily lost control with her face turning gray. In this split second, she felt as if she was someone else’s slave and would need to follow all orders. If they wanted her to lay down, she couldn’t stand; if they wanted her to die; she couldn’t live.

Even if they wanted her to take off her clothes and drop all pride and n.o.bility like a s.l.u.t, she would also obey. The soul no longer belonged to her.

This was naturally a terrible feeling for someone this ambitious. Sweat beads started dripping down her forehead.

‘Where is this coming from?! I must cut this off or something bad will happen in the future.’ She was sitting in her chair with pretty palace maids behind her. Her imperious eyes gazed around in order to find and crush this threat as soon as possible.

‘This platform, the altar, and the grave back at Grand Southern are all connected. How do I activate this fate power inside?’ He contemplated for a bit before shooting out more than ten strands of violet energy.

They surrounded the platform and made it fly above Donglai’s head.

“Feiyun, you think your soulbound artifact can take me on?!” Donglai placed his palms together and all the three thousand Buddhas were protecting him. He turned into a golden coc.o.o.n.

“I am unbeatable!” Donglai had never lost before so he had absolute confidence in his fortune.

“I specialize in beating unbeatable people.” Feiyun took out the weapon essence and condensed it into a white sky piercer. 

Sharp energy oozed out of the sky piercer and left behind deep marks on the ground.

A young king wanted to see how sharp this essence was and threw a sword at the pseudo spirit treasure level over. 

Just the remnant energy from the essence immediately severed the sword in half. It fell into the ground and became useless.

All the other prodigies backed off after seeing this, not wanting to be touched by the energy shockwaves. Their innate defensive energy was not enough to stop this sharpness.

“Feiyun’s weapon can threaten a half-step Giant now.” Dongfang Jingshui could feel the pressure. Feiyun was improving too quickly. Five years ago, he was a nameless brat. Now, the guy had caught up to him.

“If he can’t break Donglai’s luck, he can’t beat the guy.” Dongfang Jingyue shared the same sentiment. The guy had grown in just five years and successfully caught up to the top prodigies.

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