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At that instant, Lu Xiaoyu's fury was triggered upon the sight of Lu Shu's agony. Anthony was almost exploding with energy and Johnson was combat-ready anytime.

But their opponent seemed uninterested in prolonged engagement. After squeezing out a few English syllables from its teeth, "Don't interfere", it hastened towards the blood pool.

Its voice was emotionless, as if its act earlier was as easy as a lift of a finger.

When Lu Xiaoyu was about to attack, Lu Shu stopped her. "Don't. It's a Cla.s.s A!"

He had sensed ocean-like waves of energy from the individual, like what he had felt only in Chen Baili, Li Xianyi and Nie Ting!

However, strangely, neither did it intend to kill nor handicap them. It seemed that it only wanted Lu Shu and Lu Xiaoyu to stay put.

Besides, who was this Cla.s.s A?!

There were only three publicly acknowledged Cla.s.s A's in the world. But now, the fourth had emerged!

"Bring me up," Lu Shu said, his voice feeble. He could sense the departure of the Cla.s.s A.

Lu Xiaoyu's eyes were teeming with worry and anger. But she was well aware of Lu Shu's reasons for disallowing her attack. In this aspect, she respected Lu Shu's decisions fully.

After they returned to the surface, Lu Shu blurted, disregarding his internal injuries, "He is certainly going for the blood pool. So far, we can't determine whether he is friend or foe, but the old man will be in great danger if the two Cla.s.s A's joined fires! We have to hurry!"

Yet, Lu Xiaoyu was more cool-headed than Lu Shu at the moment. "We may not be of any useful help to him. But you… I won't allow anything to happen to you…"

Lu Shu pondered for two seconds and smiled. "Even if that's the case, we can't abuse his kindness. The ultimate aim of our practices… Isn't it to do what we want? In this world, not many people are genuinely nice to us. So, we can't lose that old man."

Be it an excuse or the true reason, it did not matter after all. Even if they could not win, Lu Shu would not leave the old man alone in such a perilous predicament.

Maybe… it was just for the bowl of tomato noodles with eggs when they were home.

Lu Xiaoyu smiled too. "I am following you wherever you go."

Lu Shu spat out the blood in his mouth. Then, expressionless, he dashed towards the blood pool with Lu Xiaoyu by his side.

Suddenly, the deafening sound of an explosion was heard from the pool. Lu Shu sensed the rise of a mushroom cloud of mana. "The fight has begun!"

They heard the blood spirit roaring in fury, "Puppet Master, how can you be still alive! And why did you join the humans?!"

A cold voice replied, "Even you can linger on with your last breath here, so why can't I be alive? Now, hurry up and come with me!"

Li Xianyi, the blood spirit and the Cla.s.s A stranger formed a triangle in the air. No one was willing to come too close to another. Frowning, Li Xianyi studied the newcomer, who was shrouded in a gold-lined cloak. Eerily, there was another person standing in silence right beside this man, clad in iron armor with a frightening air!

Coupled with the fact that the person was addressed as the Puppet Master, Li Xianyi had the reason to believe that the armored man was a puppet, whose abilities could never be underestimated. Just now a mere punch thrown out by the puppet had almost severed the blood spirit's supply of mana. It would have been paralyzed if it had not been fast enough.

Unwilling to get involved in the unknown situation, Li Xianyi suddenly ceased all his action. Despite the fact that the blood spirit was his enemy, an enemy's enemy still might not be his friend!

Furthermore, according to the blood spirit, the Puppet Master was not a human either!

Earlier, Li Xianyi had already found the mysterious symbols in the remains familiar when he slaughtered the inferno blood devil on the surface. Now, the appearance of the blood spirit and Puppet Master had somehow affirmed his belief, though more pieces were needed to complete the puzzle.

The t.i.tle of Puppet Master did not sound familiar, probably because they had been silenced for too long.

Which meant Li Xianyi had also waited for too long! For ages, the Golden Foundation had been a loyal follower of their ancestors' last wishes of guarding the world. Yet, even Li Xianyi's team could not be sure whether those strange encounters before the regeneration of Spirit Qi was truly a.s.sociated with their forefathers' last words.

Over the course of time, there had been ongoing disputes within the Golden Foundation. Did the belief they insisted on really exist?

However, only after Li Xianyi witnessed the blood-red patterns, the altar, the Puppet Master and was made known of its non-human ident.i.ty, did he finally realize that the Golden Foundation and so many of its members, did not wait for nothing!

Furthermore, as the descendant of the Hall of Swords, it would be too lonely if his enemy did not show up eventually.

In the meantime, the blood spirit was in a hurry to replenish its power by sucking mana from the blood pool. "I am as equally powerful as you now. So why do you think I must go out with you?! I can do it on my own too!"

But the Puppet Master replied scornfully, "I'm afraid you do not remember the glory of our Lord. At the end of the day, the inferior remain inferior. From the day I was awoken, I have to remind you that some things are never meant to be forgotten."

As it spoke, energy erupted from within. It was actually attacking the blood spirit and Li Xianyi simultaneously by itself!

In an instant, the black cloak and the iron-clad puppet flew towards the blood spirit and Li Xianyi respectively at the same time. It was a wildly ambitious move, or rather, could it be the Puppet Master's strength?

But Li Xianyi suddenly burst into laughter. "I am surprised how I have been trifled with! Stay, both of you! Let me show you how one man can hold back all his enemy forces! Rise, my lofty Hall of Swords!"

In an instant, Li Xianyi's hair and beard fluttered. As the edge of his sleeves flapped in the air, his sea of chi and snow mountain were suddenly unlocked. Following an avalanche on the mountain, every single grain of dust over the blood pool immediately transformed into a sword by his will.

A violent storm swept through the cavern. Instantly millions of fine and close scratches appeared on the stone walls around the pool, each as deep as ten centimeters!

As invisible sword energy raged over the pool, the Puppet Master's brows knitted together. "The Hall of Swords has yet to die out from this world!"

The swords of will were innumerable, sweeping towards the blood spirit and the Puppet Master under Li Xianyi's control. Severely injured, the blood spirit was no match for Li Xianyi now. Only then did it finally realize that Li Xianyi had not even given it all he had earlier!

Instantly numerous swords punctured its body. Yet, for unknown reasons, it was not yet slain. Gasping its last breath, the blood spirit pleaded, "Save me! I can give you my blood soul and follow you for eternity!"

After that, a drop of blood was detached from between its brows and flew towards the Puppet Master. However, at this very moment, a golden glow suddenly sprang up and the blood droplet was swallowed by a golden snake!

Too caught up in the battle, none of the three Cla.s.s A's had attention to spare. Who would expect they would be taken advantage of by someone else?! It seemed that this golden snake had been hiding in the blood pool for a long while!

The blood soul was the source of life for blood devils. Whoever was in possession of the soul would be ent.i.tled total control over the spirit forever. Nonetheless, never had the Puppet Master expected that this soul would be digested by a golden snake right before its face!

The blood spirit wilted at once!

"From blood spirit's distress, +999!"

"From Tiger Zhi's distress, +999!"


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