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Chapter 552: Lu Xiaoyu Convincing The Public

Translator: Atlas Studios Editor: Atlas Studios

“Watch out for Li Yixiao’s movements. He can sell his magical stones but not the black market. It is located too close to the seven Cultivation Colleges,” Nie Ting instructed calmly, “It is a matter of principle.”

Shi Xuejin was slightly distressed. Why did Li Yixiao and Lu Shu purposely choose to cause trouble at this time, when Nie Ting was going to be away from the Capital? However, he had certain confidence in adhering to Nie Ting’s “principle”.

For some reason, Shi Xuejin was not very concerned. He believed that the two fellows were aware of the bottom lines.

Just when the big families were rushing to Luo City and Nie Ting was about to leave for the Changbai Mountains, Lu Shu and Li Yixiao were busy discussing how to inconvenience others… No, they were discussing how to make money.

As for Lu Xiaoyu, she had reached the camp at the peripheral region of Yuzhou.

This time, there were more than ten thousand Daoyuan Cla.s.s students from the three provinces. It was not a big number, but they could form a sea of people when all of them gathered together.

The entire military camp seemed to have been constructed specially for new recruits from Daoyuan Cla.s.s every year. The officers were dressed in official training uniforms and girls and boys were strictly separated into two regions. Now, it was obvious that there were slightly fewer girls than boys.

It was not because girls had weaker apt.i.tude. Actually, it had long since been verified that the number of potential female Pract.i.tioners were about 10% more than that of males for some reason. But it was a different situation here, because the students were allowed to quit before the camp, and more girls chose to do so.

Gender equality remained a hotly disputed topic. In fact, however, even females themselves sometimes considered themselves as physically weaker than their male counterparts, though it may not be true in reality. Yet, historical stereotypical views ingrained in people’s minds had to take the blame.

Lu Xiaoyu was an exception. She had a reasonably good height, because p.u.b.erty happened to coincide with her cultivation training.

Many people had noticed an improvement in their appearance following their training, including better skin texture and height. Some students even soared to 178cm from 170cm within merely one year. This was because cultivation could help to remove impurities from their bodies, which served to compensate for their inborn physical defects. Hence, they tended to be more physically flawless than common teenagers.

However, instead of covering for her defects, Xiaoyu was gifted with the skills of animal whispering since youth. She was almost a perfect being. Consequently, she was also stronger than her peers when it was time to grow.

It might also explain her naturally beautiful appearance. Yet, the truth was uncertain because she still did not know anything back then.

The students collected their uniforms and were allocated to various rooms. Lu Xiaoyu made her bed quietly. There were 20 people and 10 bunk beds per room. She chose the bottom bed for easier accessibility.

The room was packed with people. When Lu Xiaoyu was still making her bed, someone suddenly threw her blanket and pillow onto Lu Xiaoyu’s bed. “Go and sleep on the upper bed, little bean sprout.”

Lu Xiaoyu raised her head to see a tall girl with a finely developed figure. She had an arrogant air, and there were five girls standing beside her giggling at Lu Xiaoyu.

Little bean sprout? Lu Xiaoyu raised her eyebrows and looked at her own chest…

Under Lu Shu’s protection, Lu Xiaoyu had never been bullied by other students. She did not know that sometimes her attractive appearance could become the target of other girls’ jealousy.

But bullying among school girls was simply too commonplace.

Usually, being surrounded by so many people, the victim would naturally feel scared. But they had really picked the wrong person…

Lu Xiaoyu fixed the girl a calm stare. She should probably have said something such as “Excuse me?” “What for?” “Who the h.e.l.l are you?”

But Lu Xiaoyu was not like anybody else…

Before the girl could react, she had been kicked into the wall with a bang.

Since all of them were Pract.i.tioners, Lu Xiaoyu thought it would be fine so long as nothing serious happened. She could pepper the room with her deep sea white sand bullets if she felt like killing and no one could stop her…

The girls’ followers were dumbfounded. They were freaking waiting for Lu Xiaoyu to say something!

But she was too straightforward! She did not act as expected!

“Officer! Officer!” A girl immediately dashed out of the room. “Doctor! Doctor! One girl has fainted!”

Lu Xiaoyu asked the other girls with a sneer, “I reckon you were quite happy a minute ago?”

All of a sudden, the entire room devolved into chaos.

She was not a fan of courtesy, but more of a mocker after beating others up. After all, she had to be decisive to be a future Heavenly King!

Lu Shu’s words were engraved in Lu Xiaoyu’s head. She had to be strong and able to convince the public in order to be qualified as a Heavenly King!

So how about this? At the moment, her action could show her power and make people succ.u.mb to her at the same time. Perfect!

Two female officers entered the room and asked the girls, “What happened?”

Lu Xiaoyu replied calmly, “They wanted to bully me. So I beat them up.”

At first, the girls had expected some punishment for Lu Xiaoyu, but the officers only carried the injured girl out without a word.

“Officer, don’t you think you should do something about her?” a girl demanded.

One of the officers turned and looked into her eyes. “She alone can take down so many of you. So why did you offend her? First lesson of the cultivation world, no one should judge a book by its cover. One’s power is not determined by his or her look nor the number of followers, but the amount of effort he or she puts in.”

Lu Xiaoyu thought to herself that actually she had not put in much effort, but she chose to remain silent…

After this incident, Lu Xiaoyu could be certain that the public would now listen to her. As expected, everything was under her control.

For cases of school violence, it was usually a bunch of girls bullying one girl. But Lu Xiaoyu was better. She could bully a bunch on her own…

At this moment, Lu Xiaoyu noticed a rapid increase in her celestial strength. Apparently Lu Shu was eating abyss fruits.

However, she was somewhat confused. Was there some sort of connection between abyss fruits and her bullying others?! She must figure out what Lu Shu had been hiding from her after she went home this time!

All of Luo City Daoyuan Cla.s.s students knew Lu Xiaoyu. But this time there were many from other cities too. Many Luo City Daoyuan Cla.s.s students were secretly worried when they heard about the noise in Lu Xiaoyu’s room, because they knew how destructive she was!

A group of girls spectated along the corridors and waited… As expected, before long, a casualty was carried out of the room…

Carefully they took a look inside the room, only to see Lu Xiaoyu standing proudly in the center of the room like the Monkey King who had just wreaked havoc in the Heavenly Palace, while the rest were obediently lying down like quails…

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