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The staircase was as dark as the abyss. As Li Xianyi descended, he flipped his hand to produce a … torchlight…

Lu Shu was stunned for a long while. "Are you so down to earth, grandpa? Don't you have any advanced lighting devices?"

By right, the standard of one's possessions should be aligned to his status and ident.i.ty. Lu Shu had expected the same for Li Xianyi.

However, this Cla.s.s A pro apparently did not share the same view as Lu Shu.

Li Xianyi glanced at him. "Keep it simple, understood? We don't need to pay so much attention to insignificant details on the journey of cultivation."

"From Li Xianyi's distress, +199!"

Lu Shu almost laughed out loud. Please, your distress points had already given you away. Just admit that you do not have any lighting tools!

Then, he took out a mirror from his pocket. The item had almost been forgotten in his Seal of Lands, as its only functions were lighting and blinding other people's eyes.

Li Xianyi was confused. But in the next second, he almost thought he had seen the Sun…

Luckily, Lu Shu had not pointed the mirror directly at the old man. A ray of golden light shot out from the mirror, immediately illuminating the entire underground s.p.a.ce!

Silent, Li Xianyi packed up his torchlight…

"From Li Xianyi's distress, +199!"

Why does this kid have so many odd objects?!

It was extremely s.p.a.cious, quiet and as magnificent as an underworld palace. Downstairs, there was erected an enormous altar, which was shrouded in an air of ancient mystery. There were peculiar symbols and lines covering as large as a hundred meters square on the altar, the sight of which could make anyone's flesh creep!

Upon closer examination, the base of the altar was actually built by human skulls. Could it be the b.l.o.o.d.y symbols were painted with human blood as well?!

Li Xianyi's white jade flying dagger was already in the air, ready to attack anytime.

In the center of the altar stood a scarlet gargoyle, whose wings were joined together, shielding its face and body. Whether it was dead or in a heavy slumber, it was hard to tell.

Around the altar situated twelve black gargoyles, upright in the same pose guarding the scarlet one in the center. In the proximity of each ordinary gargoyle there was a trident erected from the floor.

At this moment, Lu Shu noticed incessant transmission of Spirit Qi to the scarlet gargoyle from the symbols around.

Shocked and confused, Lu Shu wondered why the altar, built on human blood and skulls, served to nurture the monster in the center via Spirit Qi.

However, Lu Shu was unable to detect the gargoyle's energy waves at present. Same as all the other gargoyles, they were tantamount to the dead before they were awakened.

Normally, people would have to calculate their chances of survival in this instance. Unlike them, Lu Shu subconsciously shifted his focus to the gargoyles and their tridents.

The tridents must be magical weapons! Moreover, the scarlet gargoyle could probably provide a great deal of energy to the divine water…

All of a sudden, the central gargoyle started moving. It reared its sinister head and faced Lu Shu and Li Xianyi, while its body remained unmoved. Even so, it was frightening enough.

The scarlet gargoyle raised its head slowly, its eyes cold as ice. Then, the little Sun in Lu Shu's hands shone into its eyes…

Unexpectedly, it was temporarily blinded by the strong light. With Lu Shu as witness, it quickly shielded its eyes with its wings…

"From Inferno Blood Devil's distress, +399!"

Lu Shu was pleased at once. Ha, it was an intelligent being! Not only so, it should be of rather high level. Back then, Little Fury had taken a number of refresher fruits before it could generate distress points of more than one.

He was genuinely not afraid. Now he could sense, after its awakening, the Devil's mana was as boundless as the sea. A true Cla.s.s B.

In the past, Lu Shu would run away without hesitation. But this time, he did not, as he had backing.

Unlike Li Yixiao's backing who would even beat himself, in Li Xianyi's presence, even Inferno Blood Devil would not dare to cause any trouble…

Inferno Blood Devil took a long while to regain its vision. Then, it was drawn to Lu Shu again, its features savage. Humans were its food!

Yet, at this very instant, a giant pool of divine water flowed down along the staircase, capturing a black gargoyle before the face of Inferno Blood Devil, together with its trident.

The gargoyle inside immediately woke up in shock, and started struggling violently in the golden glow. But the divine water was inescapable no matter how hard it tried.

Inferno Blood Devil took two seconds to understand that this human had apprehended its minion, completely ignoring its presence…

Bellowing, the devil soared into the sky with a slight flap of its wings. Strength was swelling up its body as it itched to skin that human alive!

The remaining eleven gargoyles suddenly came to life all at once, their brawny claws were already gripping onto their tridents!

Yet, in the next instant, Inferno Blood Devil swerved back to the altar, obediently sat still as it watched the old man leap down with his white jade flying dagger.

It was afraid…

But other gargoyles were not that smart. They hurled themselves towards Li Xianyi one after the other, while Lu Shu was excited at his opportunity of observing Cla.s.s A's combat up close!

With a sharp noise, the white jade dagger twitched and vanished. Then, a transparent circle rippled outwards from the original position of the dagger. It was a sign of breaking through the sound barrier!

Before Lu Shu could see the dagger, all the ordinary gargoyles suddenly started falling apart. Lu Shu was dumbfounded, was that the true strength of a Cla.s.s A expert?

Then, he immediately felt sorry for the loss of eleven gargoyles.

Luckily, though, the eleven tridents were still there…

Lu Shu leaped off the stairs. He was able to withstand the impact of jumping down from hundreds of meters and remained unharmed.

Meanwhile, Inferno Blood Devil was being a good being and stood still on the altar, at a loss at what to do…

With intelligence, it had immediately caught the smell of a Cla.s.s A beside the human that had taken captive of its minion…

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