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The sun had set and the daylight was finally engulfed in darkness. Lu Xiaoyu looked as if she received the most satisfactory answer, swinging her legs at the edge of the roof.

It was a long time since the two of them last had a serious conversation and once it started, it was unstoppable.

"Jiang Shuyi told me that the heavenly network is building military schools. At that time, all the daoyuan students would be admitted there and I reckon that the management would be very strict. I might even have to stay in school and who knows when I can come home." Lu Shu said.

Lu Xiaoyu was stunned, "Everyone has to go? What about university?"

"There would be examinations for the military schools too. And a job will be provided with the reward of an officer rank. All Cla.s.s E pract.i.tioner would be second lieutenants and will be paid. Since we're taking their money, we'd have to work for them and it might be dangerous," Lu Shu nodded, "But no matter the risks, we have to do something for them after taking their money and resources. After all, our house was bought using their magical stones."

"After that?" Lu Xiaoyu was curious. Her impression of Lu Shu was someone who wouldn't be willingly controlled by others and listen to orders.

"We will talk about that next time," Lu Shu watched as a myriad of lights slowly came on, thinking that there shouldn't be that much evil in this peaceful world. He thought and said, "If I'm going to be busy all the time, I might not have much time to bring you out to play. But the world is so beautiful and there are still so many places we haven't been to. "

Lu Xiaoyu acknowledged and didn't say anything else. She had always wanted to travel and thought that now that they had money, they could actually travel during the summer break.

But in the end, Lu Shu had to pay such a large sum of money causing Lu Xiaoyu to feel guilty. No more fried tomato eggs to save money… And she couldn't blame Lu Shu for paying that much money since the trouble was caused by her.

Lu Shu suddenly said, "Let's not go out on the May Day holiday. I saw on the news that there would be many people everywhere during the golden tourism week. With crowds of people around, going out wouldn't be fun…"

Lu Xiaoyu once again acknowledged and didn't say anything else.

"Let's wait until summer break to travel since our money is enough. Where do you want to go?" Lu Shu asked.

At this moment, Lu Xiaoyu's eyes lit up. She originally thought that they would not be traveling this year, "Are you bringing me out during the summer break? You're not mad at me anymore?"

Seeing Lu Xiaoyu's excited expression, Lu Shu smiled, "How can I be angry until the summer break. Where do you want to go? And let's plan our trip strategy, such as what transport to take, where to stay, what to eat and all that. Traveling would be quite expensive so we should plan carefully!"

Lu Xiaoyu winked, "Let me think about it first. And for the strategy, you can leave it to me. I'll show you once it's done!"

Thinking that they could go out together to play, maybe go to some attractions, buy some delicious food and take a lot of photos together, Lu Xiaoyu was rather excited.

"Oh!" Lu Xiaoyu suddenly exclaimed.

Lu Shu was surprised, "What happened?"

"The TV series had started!" Lu Xiaoyu hopped down.

Lu Shu, "???"

He went back in with a long face and sat on the sofa, watching Lu Xiaoyu looking around for something, "What are you looking for?"

Lu Xiaoyu walked over, "Did you sit on the remote control?"

Lu Shu took a deep breath, "Firstly, my answer to this question is based on our mutual trust…"

"What do you mean?" Lu Xiaoyu was stunned. What did asking about the remote control had to do with trust, "So are you sitting on the remote control?"


"Get up."

The trust was broken…

Lu Shu was displeased, "Once I'm in military school you can watch all the TV series you want!"

Lu Xiaoyu suddenly felt something not right. After Lu Shu entered military school, wouldn't they only be able to meet once in awhile? That's not good!

"I'll go study!" Lu Xiaoyu left Lu Shu alone and went back into her room.

Lu Shu, "???" Can your mood swing not be so drastic?

He looked into her room and Lu Xiaoyu had indeed taken out her textbook and started studying...

Lu Shu took a deep breath, what can she be up too… This is too unusual!

"Why are you suddenly so hardworking? Oh right, there's something else. Let's let the old man continue teaching you at night?" Lu Shu asked. The old man didn't seem too happy in the morning after painstakingly studying middle school math and in the end, Lu Xiaoyu was going to school. It was normal for him to be angry and so Lu Shu wanted to make it up. After all, the old man was quite nice to them.

"Sure," Lu Xiaoyu agreed spontaneously.

This caused Lu Shu distress, Lu Xiaoyu was being too weird!

Speaking of which, he wanted to ask about the j.a.panese name. When Lu Xiaoyu got little fury to beat up others, distress points weren't only generated from the victims. The whole cla.s.s and even the teachers contributed distress points too. This name revealing system was such a trouble when it came to many people, being unable to identify the target group.

So he wanted to find out who this j.a.panese person was but after half a day of thinking, he still had no idea how to bring it up. Even Lu Xiaoyu didn't know about his distress points…

Suddenly, Lu Shu's eyes lit up. He took out his phone to find the contact number of Lu Xiaoyu's form teacher Zhang Haitao. Using the communication software to search for personal information, there it was! One look and that must be the form teacher's number.

"Old billows, male, 41 years old."

What a typical and old-fashioned nickname. At least my nickname is more unique. He sent a friend invite to Zhang Haitao.

On the other hand, Zhang Haitao had just finished dinner and was watching television on the sofa with his wife when he suddenly received a friend invite 'Can't believe an expert has requested to add you as a friend."

Zhang Haitao was surprised. Since when did the chat software change become so expressive?

He clicked on it and after looking carefully, he realized that the other party's nickname was 'Can't believe an expert!" Crazy!

Can't believe an expert, "Haha, Hi Mr. Zhang, I'm Lu Xiaoyu's guardian Lu Shu!"

"From Zhang Haitao's distress, +388…"

Lu Shu's nickname was only changed after entering the daoyuan cla.s.s but he had already added all his cla.s.smates and never got the chance to display his trick. But now with a new friend, he finally got the chance…

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