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All the parents were enraged upon hearing Lu Shu's words, "What is this child saying?! Just because there's no one to teach you at home doesn't mean you can be so insolent!"

Lu Shu shook his head, "To me, the ones without good upbringing are you guys… Although Lu Xiaoyu made a mistake, she definitely shouldn't be expelled. And a hundred apologies would be too demeaning so I wouldn't let her do that. The main priority now should be to sending the children to the hospital instead of getting delayed here."

"To be honest, if not for my house squirrel's magical abilities, the subsequent events would be a group of girls grabbing him around," Lu Shu said calmly, "That's the situation I'd imagine."

Little fury was happy hearing Lu Shu said that it's magical, but Lu Shu shot a glance at little fury and it immediately yielded...

And Lu Xiaoyu's eyes were lit after hearing Lu Shu. Having someone to protect you felt… very good...

The parents snapped and turned to the student affairs director, "Look, what kind of student is this? I heard from Mr. Zhang that he's also a student in the school? What kind of students does your school produce? I suggest the two of them be expelled!"

Lu Shu shook his head, "We will take our leave first. Whatever the school decides, we will accept it. But my guess is that the ending should be… we wouldn't be expelled. Try it if you don't believe."

Frankly speaking, he wasn't worried that he and Lu Xiaoyu would be expelled. It wasn't because Li Yixiao was the princ.i.p.al but the ident.i.ty as a daoyuan student was a form of protection.

At that time, when Li Qi hit the teacher, he was only suspended temporarily and Lu Xiaoyu merely hit a few students.

The parents looked at one another, confused as to where his confidence came from. The student affairs director sighed, "Lu Xiaoyu was admitted by the school princ.i.p.al personally and her brother is a daoyuan student… And I heard that he performed exceptionally in the recent incident in the remains."

After the admission incident in the afternoon, the director had researched to find out more about Lu Shu. And the rumors about this student were… really strange...

Everyone understood the standing of the daoyuan cla.s.s. In the past, everyone would probably use their connections to pressure the princ.i.p.al but now that the Luo Cheng international's princ.i.p.al was one of the few heavenly kings, pressuring wouldn't even affect him!

The parents suddenly felt helpless, could this be it? Were our children beaten up for nothing?

Wait no, he didn't ask for the money back!

When everyone truly knew the significance of the other party's ident.i.ty, they thought about the compensation and felt comforted.

In reality, humans tend to bully the weak and fear the strong.

On the way home, Lu Shu walked silently in front and Lu Xiaoyu followed behind quietly, carrying her little school bag.

The atmosphere between the two of them and the squirrel was extremely tense.

Lu Shu would rarely get mad at Lu Xiaoyu, very very rarely. So rare that even in Lu Xiaoyi's impression of Lu Shu, he was always cheerful and good-tempered.

During their time together, Lu Shu would fulfill most of Lu Xiaoyu's wishes and even when they quarreled, Lu Xiaoyu always had the upper hand.

But Lu Xiaoyu knew that was because Lu Shu let her.

She also knew that Lu Shu wasn't good tempered unconditionally. He was never a nice a guy or using others' words, Lu Shu's personality was slightly dark, loner, tough, and sometimes, selfish.

Lu Xiaoyu would usually act recklessly but when Lu Shu was really angry, she knew that she was really wrong.

This feeling came naturally as Lu Xiaoyu felt that Lu Shu was always right. If Lu Shu was angry, she must have done something wrong.

Lu Xiaoyu wanted to hold Lu Shu's hand but before she could extend her hand, Lu Shu had already kept his inside his pocket.

To Lu Shu, protecting Lu Xiaoyu from outsiders was his responsibility. Even if Lu Xiaoyu was in the wrong, he had to protect her. This was Lu Shu's unchangeable principle.

It may be unreasonable and being biased may be wrong, but Lu Shu was willing to be wrong forever.

He was willing to apologize in her stead, and he wouldn't hesitate to use up half of his savings. But that didn't matter since the amount saved up was more than enough.

From Lu Shu's point of view, an apology was necessary and lecturing Lu Xiaoyu was too, but he couldn't let Lu Xiaoyu suffer.

But this didn't mean that Lu Xiaoyu wasn't wrong.

She should understand what her mistake was and change for the better, not to keep committing the same mistake. That kind of life just wasn't right.

Lu Xiaoyu saw that Lu Shu kept his hand and tears suddenly flowed down her little cheeks. Being surrounded by so many people and being lectured didn't affect her, but Lu Shu was different.

The whole world could ignore her but Lu Shu couldn't… Because she only had Lu Shu.

Lu Shu didn't soften his heart and didn't wipe her tears. He continued walking and Lu Xiaoyu followed behind silently.

The city district's west courtyard had very old walls. In the era of high-rise buildings, the short houses and bungalows in the west courtyard had a sense of contemporaneity.

Lu Shu walked through the red-bricked alley and pa.s.sed by Li Xianyi's yard to see him practicing his swordplay silently. He saw the little lady crying but didn't say anything as he understood that this sibling had their own living principles and that their worldviews weren't the same as his.

When the two of them stood in front of the door, Lu Xiaoyu couldn't tolerate it anymore, "Lu Shu, are you going to send me back to the orphanage? Please don't send me away, I know I'm wrong…"

Lu Shu sighed. He brought the ladder in the front yard over and leaned it against the roof, "Come on up."

Once Lu Xiaoyu had climbed up, Lu Shu was already sitting on the edge of the roof, both his legs hanging in mid-air, and staring at the distant sunset.

The sunrays shone gently through the clouds as Lu Xiaoyu stood behind Lu Shu not knowing what to do. Lu Shu tapped the spot next to him, "Sit down first."

"Okay," Lu Xiaoyu sat beside Lu Shu obediently and little fury sneakily hid inside Lu Xiaoyu's school bag, only leaving its head poking out.

Lu Shu helped Lu Xiaoyu take her bag off and placed it at the side, talking slowly, "In this era, our power would definitely surpa.s.s that of normal people, and there might even come a day when not even all the normal people in this world could match us. But this doesn't mean that we can abuse our power to bully them. Being strong doesn't give you authority. If we cannot retain our foundation, we would only swing towards the dark side… Do you understand?"

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