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Chapter 1018: Nie Ting, the Master of a.s.sa.s.sination

Translator: Atlas Studios Editor: Atlas Studios

In fact, when Chen Zuan heard Zhong Yutang say that he had already informed Heavenly King Nie, he felt that something was amiss. To Nie Ting, the Capital was only a stone throw’s away. Although it was an exaggeration, it should take him less than an hour to rush over.

Therefore, by right, Nie Ting should arrive earlier than Chen Zuan and the rest. However, n.o.body saw Nie Ting.

Chen Zuan kept quiet. Nie Ting’s patience was too terrifying. He felt that Nie Ting was already present when Chen Baili was injured. Nevertheless, Nie Ting and Zhong Yutang were very aware of the powers of their opponents. They remained hidden as they knew that one of their opponents was of the Shen Cang Jing rank.

Before Chen Zuan saw Nie Ting, he was unafraid at all because he knew that Nie Ting would definitely be present!

When the master called Chen Yuxuan arrived on Earth and wanted to use his magical equipment to control s.p.a.ce, Chen Zuan was definitely unafraid and, in fact, wanted to laugh.

‘The expert you wanted to see has already arrived, however, he has the gift of an a.s.sa.s.sin, are you afraid…’

However, Chen Zuan initially thought that Nie Ting would attack when his opponent was getting carried away by his pride. However, Nie Ting did not do that.

Nie Ting remained calm. He would never underestimate his opponent’s skills or intelligence. The arrogance that the other party portrayed was just a surface act. He had remained hidden in order to see how Chen Yuxuan had been carefully looking around. He would not get carried away by his pride. Duanmu Huangqi sent over the general whom he viewed as the most important!

Therefore, Nie Ting was laughing coldly and silently. Meanwhile, he attacked during his opponent’s peak moment. He severed all his opponent’s sword radiance!

The aura of Chen Yuxuan was like a hot air balloon which continuously expanded. However, when he reached Nie Ting, the balloon was broken by Nie Ting’s saber!

The aura was the most important during an exchange between powerful individuals. The two parties were fighting for the correct moment, their powers and their mental strength!

Initially, Nie Ting was training himself on the Tiger’s Back. When he attacked, he immediately attacked with a Cla.s.s A strike, how terrifying was that!

Chen Yuxuan fell rapidly. The master was not as weak as the Bishop who needed to cheat to rise in power.

In fact, every single master in this world had an extraordinary mind and wisdom. Therefore, he had already sensed a terrifying imminent danger at that moment. The strangeness in the black saber seemed to surpa.s.s his imagination. It was so strange as Chen Yuxuan did not dare to block the attack!

Chen Yuxuan was retreating but Nie Ting continued to strike as though Chen Yuxuan could not dodge the saber. It was the first time he had ever seen such a powerful radiance in his life. To be honest, when Duanmu Huangqi told him that there were experts in the “land of forefathers”, Duanmu Huangqi said that they were not very powerful as incidents had happened in this place in the past.

Chen Yuxuan did not know where Duanmu Huangqi obtained the information from. However, now that he recalled Duanmu Huangqi’s tone, he felt speechless!

So this was the so-called “not very powerful?” Duanmu Huangqi, shouldn’t you come over and try if you can kill the opponent?!

To Chen Yuxuan, Duanmu Huangqi was at a higher position than the young people in front of him. However, Chen Yuxuan did not know how many years Duanmu Huangqi and Nie Ting had trained for.

To be accurate, it was less than a year since Nie Ting reached the Master realm.

There was only one Nie Ting amongst the six billion people on Earth.

If Duanmu Huangqi was present, he would probably realize that Nie Ting was able to surpa.s.s the Master Realm if he was given enough time, and may end up as the fourth person to do that.

Although it was just a possibility, it was sufficient to make one look up to him.

When Chen Yuxuan was half a meter away from the ground, he suddenly changed his direction of falling and flew towards the South. However, if he only did that, he would still get stabbed by the saber. Just at that moment, Chen Yuxuan’s black robe suddenly flew in the air and left his body as it flew straight towards the saber.

The black robe expanded in the air, as though it was about to wrap around Nie Ting.

However, Nie Ting’s saber was too sharp. Instantly, the saber landed behind Chen Yuxuan and made a huge crack on the ground. The black robe was sliced in half like a torn cloth and gradually fell to the ground.

The black robe managed to help Chen Yuxuan buy some time and Nie Ting managed to destroy Chen Yuxuan’s two weapons within two strikes!

The fight between two masters was no longer as straightforward as that in the past. Chen Yuxuan had followed Duanmu Huangqi for countless years and fought against countless people. He was definitely powerful as he managed to survive until now.

Moreover, Chen Yuxuan followed the Lord of Heaven for many years in the Luniverse. Duanmu Huangqi would give them good weapons whenever possible. Or else, why would the followers follow Duanmu Huangqi?

However, at this moment, Chen Yuxuan suddenly felt that the young person in front of him was more powerful than Duanmu Huangqi! He… still had potential!

He did not know that Nie Ting was able to destroy the world when he attacked. Although the World Tree had been replanted on Earth, Nie Ting was still rather worried that the world’s foundation would shake when the rest attacked.

Therefore, because of his worry, he did not go full out!

At this moment, Chen Zuan and Cheng Qiuqiao were shocked. Two people flew out from the s.p.a.ce pathway. Chen Zuan was stunned. “Don’t tell me this guy is of the same standard as Princ.i.p.al Nie? If that’s the case, we don’t need to fight any further!”

However, the teammate who was able to predict one’s status said, “Two Cla.s.s As. They are not as terrifying as you imagined.”

Hearing that, Chen Zuan heaved a sigh of relief. Two Cla.s.s As…. Hold on, even if they are only Cla.s.s As, they were powerful enough.

At the next moment, Chen Zuan suddenly roared, “Formation!”

Then the soldiers dressed in black armor swarmed from the s.p.a.ce pathway like locusts. The black wave of soldiers was like the tides that swallowed the entire sky.

There were a few times more soldiers in the Black Feather Army than that of the Flood of Bronze. Meanwhile, the advantage of the Flood of Bronze was their armor and determination!

“There’s no way back.” Chen Zuan turned and looked at the Flood of Bronze who were in formation. They were in a strategically indefensible location. The residents of Luo City were behind them.

Zhao Yongchen suddenly laughed. “I once asked someone two questions in a stormy night. Back then, he was only an ordinary teenager. Now, he has become the Ninth Heavenly King.”

Chen Zuan’s eyes lit up. Everyone knew who Zhao Yongchen was referring to!

Cheng Qiuqiao looked at the approaching wave of soldiers and asked curiously, “What are you asking?”

“I am asking him, why did the Great Lord go?” Zhao Yongchen smiled.

“What did he say?”

“He said he wanted to destroy the Heavenly Palace!”

“What else did you ask?”

“I asked him, what if he never comes back?”

“What did he say?”

“Then so be it.”

Chen Zuan turned around and the wave of soldiers was almost before them. “I am going to live to wait for his return.”

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