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Chapter 16: St'ry sixteen, bolton city

bolton streets art usually on the carriage f'r three days. If ‘t be true thee asketh if ‘t be true th're is a cart, yond's right. The h'rse-drawn carriage the evil h'rse eke sayeth yond the fitness cla.s.s hast an excellent ability, a rugg'd road to wend 'round the w'rld on the first day is usually not 100 miles from the truck, while the charm h'rse trail'r can leaveth the ship.

although goblin and f'rest wolfe hath appeared on the streets of bolton many times, heath continues to moveth certes.

howev'r, i at each moment has't a green corse on a constant catcheth and constantly fine key fantastic first, two bawbling speaketh'rs and an like a toad, ugly and venemous visage flying about 120-140 inches. The adventur'r seemeth to beest a purposeful consciousness, but enow to alloweth ‘rdinary people attacketh the foe with many threats, i shall beest the first lodging i seeth.
timb'rwolves art not animals, t's liketh a valorous thing.
t is hath said yond th're is a Flibbertigibbet stone yond is the diff'rence of Flibbertigibbet.
from the city of the board thee can seeth bolton city f'r three days, from a distance.
the city of bolton is a solid city did surround by high did curve walls.

th're is not enow heateth in the side doth'r of the city, and if ‘t be true thee waiteth a did bite, t seemeth to beest putteth.

“it's a wond'rful city.
t is an adventurous city in bolton, locat'd in the west'rn parteth of the kingdom in kyle.
the gentlemen who is't runneth the city has't some excellent things, but hayes maketh a lot of high-level adventur'rs f'r the middle cla.s.s liketh us. ”

petku se'd bar mining a rare south'rn-rich city min'rals on the east'rn side, reading adventures h'rizontal Flibbertigibbet willow larg'r f'rests monst'rs art equal to the area of ​​swamps in the west west st'ry that gent hath said t fits.

“given the collection of mat'rials, etc. , takomi eke thinkest t fits as the basis. ”
“yes, h'rbs surrend'r'd in the area of ​​city council, but t is eke v'ry rich transf'r”

p'rhaps bolton shouldst beest bas'd on mr. Pefko and mr. Heath.

“yes, next!
unnamed: oh, this is pepekku. Is't backeth to peddling? ”
“yes, the esc'rt is tak.u.mi-sama, that gent is consid'r'd a three-party c-cla.s.s of adventur'rs in” lions fang “i wast did accompany by the city board of directeth'rs. Baki tak.u.mi-sama on the boweth of tak.u.mi”

we're 'round, the doth'rman and pafko seemeth to knoweth. The caretak'r arriv'd wh're the soldi'rs hadst cometh.

“you're tak.u.mi-kun.
what is bolton's goal? ”
“yes, i doth alchemy casinos while collecting mat'rials from the city board, but i bethink bigg'r cities art bett'r at learning alchemy”
“alchemy is rare.
aye, of course, bolton hast a large library wh're collecteth'rs gath'r books and spells throughout the continent. I doth not knoweth the most wondrous lodging thee can learneth.
so doth thee has't an id card? ”
“but nay”
“so, i'll collecteth five silv'r c.h.i.n.ks, but is yond a problem?”
“yes, five silv'r c.h.i.n.ks”

i tooketh five silv'r c.h.i.n.ks out of the container.
that gent gaveth the residence p'rmit, issu'd a tax in the gov'rnment office, issu'd an id card, ‘r off'r'd to joineth the guild.

“if thee joineth the guild, the lady shall returneth 3 c.h.i.n.ks minus the committee, and bringeth the residential ‘r guild card to the doth'r.
and since the spid'r's nails art requir'd to beest regist'r'd with the adventur'r's guild ‘r the gov'rnment office,
“yes i has't. ”
“so thee wanteth t?”
“i alloweth thee waiteth. ”

mr. Pepoko tooketh the carriage.
a rough f'rtifi'd city outside the gate, a wide stone road yond leads to a castle in the cent'r of town. I wast did shock by the stone buildings on eith'r side of the street.

“tak.u.mi-san looks liketh bolton, who is't is eke the most wondrous f'r me”

at which hour i did look at me and did look 'round, i did smile at me and toldeth pafko to in scarlet. This is a p'rfect issue. I the present day david arapa seemeth to age the spiritual age. But i can not holp looking 'round! because this is the first timeth i has't cometh into this w'rld.
th'ref're, in bolton, in addition to the tribe, th're art people of diff'rent races. In the munic.i.p.ality of the board, th're is nay one but a family, but the kingdom of barquilla is a state yond encourages tribal harmony. Those gents sayeth th're art all kinds of people in this ground.

street, th're art many animals, m, a spirit beast setteth h'r sh'rt tapeth'r'd ears and enwheeling a solid corse, t may beest able to distinguish between the inf'rnal mirr'r yond jegakgak each function.
mr. Pappy did teach me politely.

“th're art many people in this ground who is't didst not has't the opp'rtunity to seeth oth'r species bef're those gents becometh adults liketh tak.u.mi-sama. ”
“ah, ha”

i c'rtainly bethink so. If ‘t be true i wast b'rn in a town, i hath lived in the same lodging in mine own life, t is not surprising yond life and death art in mine own life.

i hath broken the doth'r and didst not runneth f'r 5 minutes, i cameth to the bolton adventur'r's guild. This three-st'ry stone building is spectacular and an adventurous city.

“now, h're is an adventur'r guild. Heath bef're, we shall beest bett'r able to regist'r h're an farewell party adventure, but eke incidentally regist'r'd carpent'r hwanma yond the rep'rt wast commission'd to achieveth”
“is not th're anoth'r guild?”

i doth not wanteth to beest an adventur'r, so if ‘t be true thee has't an alchemy guild ‘r a casino, is not yond v'ry valorous?

“carpent'r eke did congratulate 4 a.s.sociation doest not matt'r, not recommend'd by the casino business and industry hall next day because of the annual fees did need. Mages guild is not c'rrupt, because yond's what i needeth to avoideth this po'r guy alchemist guild”
“is not the alchemist guild th're?”

i wanteth to has't an alchemist guild, because coequal if ‘t be true i doth potions at the casino, alchemy is v'ry convenient.

“the numb'r of alchemists is in their position, but n.o.body seemeth to has't many people 'round alchemy. ”
“well, this is an adventur'r's guild,

i didst not noticeth t at this pointeth, but i f'rgot to sayeth yond because of emotional ex, alchemy is v'ry useful. Extracting iron extracteth from iron ‘re, this wizard without scientific knowledge can not maketh full useth of earth charm and alchemy.
the present day, v'ry few people learneth the extension of life and art ref'rr'd to alchemists. V'ry comf'rtable.

“well, because i'm waiting outside, can thee asketh heath?”
“leave t to me, tak.u.mi, alloweth's wend. ”

i did get off the bus and wast transf'rr'd to the adventur'r by the heateth.

is th're an ope template?

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