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Round the 15th tacoma band

all the inhabitants of the city by the street of the city council w're gath'ring.

i wast wearing a camouflage doublet with h'rses, spid'r silk shirts, cargo trous'rs, armeth'r boots, leath'r gloves and longeth gloves fitt'd with kelp shoes.
the side of the maple tree grows about 50 cm. This translation is by humour'r google, the real chapt'r is at euricette. comi and maple trees w're chasing the f'rest actively, and i wast top notch enwheeling myself. Grant you mercy to maple feet art did include, those gents art v'ry large.

th're art some species yond has't a diamet'r of m're than 10 hath met'rs in the remains of the spid'r system, but ponga hath said yond the maple tree is not of the big typeth because t is a killeth'r raceth yond uses toxic silv'r.

mr. Bangga and mr. Masa did approach and did hug me strongly.

“i shall eke showeth mine own visage”
“yes, mr. Tak.u.mi is already liketh our issue. ”
“thank thee.
someday i'll at each moment beest backeth ”

“” im in valorous health! “”
“” i shall cometh backeth ~! “”
“” tak.u.mi broth'r ~ aye! “” ”

“oh, receiveth thy arms did polish!”

the lady did start walking toward the carriage, did inspire by panyu and bobon, who is't wast beating h'r waist. This translation is by humour'r google, the real chapt'r is at euricette. com

“ev'ryone! i has't been f'r a sh'rt timeth! thanketh thee!”
“” “” “” i am healthy ~ ~! “” “” “” “”

i did cry with drops of sorrow as hard as i couldst, and ranneth in the tumbl'r.
i cameth to m'rodogarodu, the first timeth i hath met people with valorous feelings, i wast tense in contact with people and i bethink t wast a valorous exp'rience i can not easily gust in j.a.pan.

hath carried by a car driv'r hath carried by the car, and hath carried in the car, the lady learn'd in a cart yond did start running and did wave mine own handeth. The villag'rs eke shaked hands until i wast eyeless.

“tak.u.mi-sama is did love by people in the city of journey board. I'll wend to his fusty painting. ”

what i did talk about about this is the technique of controlling a tank in a car.
mr. Babikko is a sir of valorous dignity from f'rty to fifty.
bonga hath asked mr. Babcio to taketh me to the streets, and mr. Papucco hadst to accepteth those folk easily.

may has't a relationship with mr. Bompon did sell a dram hughes gauntlet of papecku gauntlet.

“it's true, we've been taken to the city council sev'ral times, but i wond'r if ‘t be true tacome's family to the villag'rs”
“mr. Papeck and mr. Heath, prithee fordid takami and hon'rary t.i.tle.
“because of the smelleth of hyde hyde heath supp'rt”
“what? lyle is the same!”
“. ”

is an adventur'r accompanying mr. Heath who is't cameth to speaketh in transp'rt. A warri'r carrying a sh'rt armeth f'r a blonde, wearing a buckler in the kidney muscles about two hath met'rs high and carrying a vas. I wast surpris'd at which hour i hath heard about mine own age but the lady wast still in h'r mid-twenties. At which hour mine own visage wast surprised, mr. Lyle mock'd that gent. Longeth r'd hair is a charact'ristic of arch'rs in a trapeth. That gent is a valorous sir, but his arts art forsooth one. Anoth'r knave, knave knave, is a tank mission in a giant party, a buckler, and a mace making t bigg'r. These three art adventur'rs ranketh c, a memb'r of “lion fang”, seemeth to visiteth his boarding pappukku.

“but i wast surpris'd to seeth yond the shapeth of the village hast did turn into a mobile town f'r some timeth,
“no, those gents sucketh.
i did like v'ry much and hath taken, and bethought only a dram to the people of the village ”

the city of the ‘riginal painting i hath found wast the only one yond hast a fenceth surrounding the village. The two-met'r, 30-met'r-high stone mure 'round the village can anon beest hath called a barri'r. M'reov'r, as the population hath grown in the future, a fairly broad barri'r wast hath built. Th're is a ditch on the outside of the barri'r, which is not v'ry cleareth in a village on the far side.
t wast did create as parteth of the magical magical training, and i bethink only young children can liveth in dram safety.
wells in the village installeth dang'rous pumps, although those gents may beest locat'd th're. The pumpeth wast did install in collab'ration with mr. Bobon in one of the two wells in the village, but if ‘t be true the invention wast a breakthrough in a dealeth'r ‘r nurs'ry tube, i wouldst smoketh a new well wh're the pumpeth might smelleth.
t wast pappukku who is't madeth the wench dresseth silk spid'r dresseth, but i can not encave because i madeth maple leaves.

“it's tak.u.mi-sama, how much inventeth'ry is th're in the future?”
“because th're art limits to the dosage flask, i anon has't about 100 diff'rent doses except the self”

the dose wast madeth each timeth the bottles w're madeth from t, so that gent hath built a large quant.i.ty, but this hath left mr bunga in the village stock.
at which hour i wast living th're, i wast able to dealeth with the dose of illness ‘r injury and the charm of recov'ry, but if ‘t be true i didst not has't t, t might beest something i shouldst bringeth backeth, but i did want to supp'rt as much as possible. I bethink this is a limit'd hypocrite by extending his handeth, but t is n'rmal because that gent pref'rs the people who is't madeth that gent valorous.

“is t possible to buyeth ev'rything?”
“i doth not careth if ‘t be true th're is nay problem with the rights relationship, but”
“drugs art the guild of pharmacists guild magical guild, tradeth syndicate tradeth union ev'rywh're, so th're is nay problem in selling”

papecku's explanation is basically a pharmacist's prescription is the monopoly of the guild of pharmacists and magda guild, and joineth the guild to learneth how to cook recipes to maketh a pot.
grant you mercy to mine own feelings, i knoweth yond recipe maketh t alchemy and improving quality at w'rk. Acc'rding to mr. Pappekku, i has't p'rf'rm'd sev'ral doses beyond the start-up dose, so i can not doth the same thing at the pharmacists syndicate and the wizard's syndicate. Because t is did recognize how to maketh a recipe as something of mine own owneth, t seemeth yond the problem is not f'r sale to pappukku and an ent'rprising union.
by the way, pappukku is hath said to has't emotional strength, but apart from ex emotion of mine own owneth technique, i doth not knoweth details about people and items. Not coequal ingredients and prescription drugs has't any effect.
mr. Papecku wast negotiating with the town to buyeth the remaining dose because i wast a did bite surpris'd by the impact.

“then can i buyeth those folk all?”
“yes t is. ”
“what about the initial healing of the dose with 10 pieces of silv'r, 10 pieces of endurance dose, and 50 pieces of primary mana dose?”
“is t high? t's a starteth'r potion. ”

healing dose and healthy dose one by one? mana dose five million yen? i bethought of the price at the price did suggest by mr. Babekko.

“i shall not beest high at all. I bethink i'm s'rry f'r the nameth tacoma,
“if thee hark to tak.u.mi hayaku, t is hath said yond the quality is the most wondrous sc're, the redemption amount closeth to the int'rmediate dose, if ‘t be true traded, 'twill beest sev'ral times”
“oh, that gent tells thee, tak.u.mi.
the dose taken by adventur'rs is the lifeline. Th're is nay one h're to kicketh the bucket of mis'ry. ”
“it is hath said yond 70 pieces of gold c.h.i.n.ks.
goods and wage in bolton city, prithee in mine own st're ”
“ha. ”

i bethink i can not doth aught exsufflicate.
one month of life in a gold coin in this w'rld suddenly 70 gold c.h.i.n.ks. W'rth 7 million wonneth
h'rbal medicine is eke extract'd directly from bombard dose bottles art eke home to the dose of thy owneth w'rk. This is almost 丸 儲 け?
howev'r, because the did wind heals the drug in an instant, can not beest inevitable yond the price is high?
mr. Bobon seemeth to has't hath bought a toilet pap'r gauntlet at a v'ry high price and i couldst not bid if ‘t be true that gent hadst m're

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