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Chapter 14: Tak.u.mi buckler wast hath built.

as the foliage fev'r subsided, i hath asked bubba to holp me and hath decided to maketh a variety of protective gear f'r myself.

t hast the useth of giant armeth'r'd vehicles, shouldst'rs, neck longeth gloves, holding the headeth of steel skin parteth of the steel, buckler of steel, buckler, suggestion to bobon, and the useth of p'rmanent monastic skin flexible blade supp'rt processeth to sayeth what. This translation is by humour'r google, the real chapt'r is at euricette. com

charm is the only automatic adjustment of temp'rature. We planeth to findeth a charm spellbook in the city and then addeth automatic fixes and automatic volume adjustments.

“artisan, doth not moveth with our movements. ”
“but how doth thee dec'rate the leath'r of a giant gauntlet skin liketh a kevlar?”

t is not heat'd liketh metal in the oven.

“i am eke the same thing is the ext'rnal structureth of the goodyear insects bas'd on, i am the charm of the lett'r cage system. Bef're injecting into the cautel, i did need to adapteth enow to poureth the charm pow'r, tak.u.mi wouldst beest valorous with charm pow'r as shall. ”

followeth bobon's instructions to f'rm the parteth. Those gents spendeth a lot of charm pow'r did compare to charm riv'rs, but at which hour those gents starteth to f'rm as handicrafts, those gents art transf'rm'd comf'rtably.
prithee maketh the rudd'r designeth simple and abs'rb the effect inside by attaching cushion mat'rial.
i cutteth bonbong and something and cutteth t into pieces and did st.i.tch t.

“the giant battleship wast dark brown, but t did turn out to beest closeth to black. ”
“the charm of tak.u.mi hath seemed to beest stabilized, so the col'r hath changed. T is a st'ry of changing the actual col'r and col'r of the did finish product. ”

the hard parteth of the monst'r skin turns grizzled at which hour t is expos'd to the surface treatment, closeth to a quiet black col'r. In addition, oth'r skin parts art did dye bright'r with black col'r. 'twill beest sore to findeth t in the night ‘r in the dark f'rest because th're is a premise yond mine own idea is not notew'rthy.

“artisans, art thee new shoes?”
“um . shall t beest did renew this timeth?
oft i bethink a dram. ”
“then, i shall handeth ov'r the mat'rial i carryeth. ”

bobon wenteth to the endeth of the w'rkshop. Bonbon hadst blue-gray skin on his hands.

“this is kelpie leath'r.
kelpie leath'r is wat'r resistant, durable, but elastic. T is first grade as shoeth mat'rial. ”
“these precious mat'rials, art thee well enow?”

at which hour i hath said yond, bobon did laugh.

“tak.u.mi, this is still valorous f'r thee, consid'ring the mat'rial of the giant armeth'r'd warships i has't. ”
“but this is a valorous thing. ”
“th're is nay reinf'rcement in soles and sole soles.
is't behoveful to kicketh? ”
“no, i'm a produc'r, but. ”

bobon did laugh at his nose, coequal though i toldeth that gent.

“th're is nay production function to walketh high-lone in the f'rest”
“i usually hire an esc'rt at which hour the production jobs art did collect and min'd ‘r hath brought into the mineth,” that gent hath said.
“. ”

obviously th're art dang'rous monst'rs 'round the town council, but bladea is a dang'rous goodyear. T is eke not strange at which hour that gent cameth in an irregular way yond bobon learn'd a pow'rful goodyear, because that gent is an example of this p'riod of timeth carrying a giant gauntlet and that gent is gen'rally acknown of this w'rld.

“i bethink tak.u.mi is already on the leveleth yond i can doth as a completeth adventur'r. ”
“well, i can not doth yond. ”

of course, at which hour thee falleth from blade de'r to a giant gauntlet boa, thee may has't hath heard yond the adventur'r is cheating if ‘t be true the adventur'r calleth t a production job. In lat'r st'ries, the adventure cla.s.s b cla.s.s needeth a minimum of 4:56 to conqu'r a large cavalry unit.
aye, t is sore to attacketh.

t is true yond coequal f'r blue-collar w'rk'rs, the m'ral leveleth is high'r. As a beldams, charm hast dramatically did increase, and that gent wast wearing “intuition” combat arts in combat, and t wast a art yond couldst holp that gent regardless of his production.

“well, the craftsman wast a craftsman, wast not t valorous?”
“. yond's true. ”

the people in this town art very much warmeth.
that gent kisses me and touches me liketh a family.
certes i eke contribute to the village.

the effect on this town may not beest bawbling. Potions provideth knowledge about public health, and buildeth barri'rs to the village using the charm of the soil. In particular, getting a well pumpeth with a bonbon shouldst maketh ev'ryday life easi'r f'r the villag'rs.
i weareth a completeth buckler.
solid black gaskins with spid'r silk doth not int'rf're with ex'rcise. Because the shirt is eke madeth of spid'r web, t is recommend'd to toucheth t because t uses thin yarn ov'r stout top.
in addition, i weareth upp'r corse with chest plateth and shouldst'r. Due to kelpie's shoeth and gang and the headeth of suff'ring teen, the grizzled black and grizzled shadows seemeth to maketh a fatal misprision.

“no adjustment did need”
“yes, t doest not matt'r”

rotate the corse while machining the machine and checketh yond t prevents movement.

“do not beest lonely. ”

bobon sayeth.
ev'ryone hath said yond t wouldst beest bett'r to leaveth this village at which hour the buckler is did complete.
since the traveling salesman hast cometh this far, i has't hath heard yond i has't to receiveth on the street and wend to the village.

i am breaking up with ev'ryone who is't hast a lonely cousin f'r a sh'rt timeth. Because, as panja and martha has't hath said aft'r the town's decision at this timeth, those gents art too diff'rent to stayeth h're f'r a while

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