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"Right, the Purple Jade Condor's Halo!" Zhang Che's eyes lit up as he suddenly remembered that there seemed to be a poison resistance Halo in the beast's attributes.

Could it be the effects of the Halo?!

Zhang Che's excited heart was thumping heavily. In order to confirm if his guess was on the mark, he immediately ordered the Purple Jade Condor to get away from where he and the Gluttony Monkey were.

The subdued beast beat its wings violently and took off the ground, soaring up to a hundred meters in the sky.

Right at this moment, the Gluttony Monkey, who was feeling fine up until now, suddenly shrieked and fell to the ground, grabbing its feet.

-I knew it!- Zhang Che's eyes immediately lit up. He didn't expect the dark gold-quality beast's Halo attribute to have such an effect. It could even affect their allies!

Not only that, the poison resistance Halo was shockingly effective!.

The Rotten Ent Prowler, appearance unknown, was a three-star silver-quality beast. It went without saying that the poison contained within the barbs in its tentacles were unusually toxic; he could tell from the continuous screams of the frisky monkey.

-Right, the frisky monkey is still suffering. I'd better get the Purple Jade Condor to come down quickly.-

Zhang Che issued the command to the Purple Jade Condor as he looked down at where the Gluttony Monkey was, rolling on the ground. His soles were swollen to more than twice their normal size, a purplish black wisp of fog quickly spreading upwards to his calves.

Zhang Che jumped up in fright; the poison was actually that potent!

The poison in the frisky monkey's soles were nearly purged completely under the Purple Jade Condor's poison resistance Halo's effects earlier. He didn't expect the tiny bit of poison left in his body would still cause this much harm in just this short amount of time.

If they didn't take care of the poison quickly, this glutton would probably succ.u.mb to the poison in a few minutes!

A strong gale swept over. The Purple Jade Condor flew back down, and the Gluttony Monkey immediately stopped crying in pain. After that, he stood up as if nothing had happened, the swollen area quickly recovering at a speed visible to the naked eye. Faint purplish blood started dripping out of the tiny, concentrated holes in his soles again.

The Gluttony Monkey stood there silently, looking at his owner resentfully, as if he was a little miss who had been mistreated, leaving Zhang Che smiling uncontrollably.

The latter was really happy. With the Purple Jade Condor, it meant that he and his babies would never have to fear any poisonous exotic beasts in the future. Mostly, it was the fact that he was in a much safer position. After all, as long as his subdued beasts and pets didn't die from any poison they were afflicted with, they could just return to his spiritual sea to recover. On the other hand, if Zhang Che himself was poisoned, the consequences would be dire.

This was simply a huge piece of great news!

Naturally, if the level and quality of the poisonous exotic beast exceeded that of the Purple Jade Condor's, the Halo's effect would probably be much less effective, or even ineffective.

However, those kinds of terrifying poisonous monsters were still rare; they wouldn't be that easy to run into.

After a few minutes, the blood flowing out of the Gluttony Monkey's soles was finally completely red in color. This meant that the poison in his soles was thoroughly purged under the Purple Jade Condor's Halo.

This also made Zhang Che realize how powerful this newly acquired whip-type weapon beast card of his was.

Leaving aside its characteristic of being able to extend and retract at will, which Zhang Che still didn't have a good idea on how to utilize, just the deadly poison on its barbs was a great killing tool.

This thing could extend to a few dozen meters long; if he lashed out the whip suddenly during a confrontation with an enemy and caught them by surprise, it would surely leave them wishing they were dead!

With a whip in one hand and a sword in the other, who could ever hope to stop him?

"Let's set off!" Zhang Che waved his hand in high spirits, continuing his ascent along the valley.

Initially, Zhang Che was most worried about encountering the various kinds of poisonous insects in this mountain range. He was afraid that he'd get caught with his guard down. The consequences would have been unthinkable.

Now, with the Purple Jade Condor's poison resistance Halo, what did he have to fear?

With the lesson learned from the Gluttony Monkey's prior experience, Zhang Che didn't let the Purple Jade Condor fly too high this time. He got it to hover in the sky about a hundred meters up. He had tested it out with the frisky monkey's reaction earlier; the Purple Jade Condor's Halo had an effective range of around a hundred meters.

As things would have it, Zhang Che's caution was very effective.

Perhaps it was due to the high humidity in this valley, but on their way up, Zhang Che actually ran into a few poison-type exotic beasts, one after another. Although they weren't sneaky like the Rotten Ent Prowler, these poisonous insects of various shapes and sizes came crawling out from bushes out of nowhere, more than enough to surprise them.

Humans had a natural fear of poisonous insects, no matter how strong they were.

Thus, Zhang Che definitely wouldn't take action up close and personally. Instead, he relied on the long whip in his hand to lash at these frightening, disgusting insects from a distance.

Even so, Zhang Che obviously wasn't blessed with the attributes of a queen (TL: i.e., a dominatrix) and did not have absolute control of the long whip. He only managed to hurt the flora in the area, not landing a single hit on the poisonous insects. He could only sigh helplessly, and let his subdued beasts do the job.

Although all of the poisonous insects were killed off by his ruthless subdued beasts, Zhang Che didn't obtain a single beast card from them, leaving him feeling disappointed.

These types of poisonous beast cards were priced much higher than ordinary beast cards. If he could acquire more of them, how much money could he earn!?

Harboring the resentment of failing to earn any money, Zhang Che continued ascending along a path filled with twists and turns. When he turned another corner, he couldn't help but be stunned.

The area ahead was actually a straight cliff about hundred meters high; there was no way up!

-What should I do? Do I have to ride my way up on the Purple Jade Condor?-

Zhang Che couldn't resist looking at the Purple Jade Condor up in the sky. That fellow's wingspan was over ten meters wide. It should be more than enough to carry one person, right?

However, Zhang Che was feeling hesitant. This fellow flew too fast. What if his hand slipped and he plummeted down?

"Zhizhi!" the Gluttony Monkey by the side cried out excitedly.

Zhang Che looked over, and it turned out that there were a few small trees intertwined with each other growing out of the cliff. Light yellow dots could be seen between the leaves and branches. It went without saying that these must be fruit trees.

"Go, pick a few and bring them back," Zhang Che waved his hand at the frisky monkey, "Its all rocks up there, there can't be any poisonous insects hiding. Don't worry and go."

However, the Gluttony Monkey rolled his eyes instead, indicating that the cliff was too steep; he had no way of climbing it.

After that, the glutton actually pointed at the long whip in Zhang Che's hand, making a few sounds and pointing at the fruit tree on the cliff. He actually wanted Zhang Che to climb up and pick the fruits!

"Do I freaking owe you or something!?"

How frustrated must Zhang Che be? This glutton actually tried to order his master around!

However, he could give it a try. The whip could extend a few dozen meters long. It was enough to latch onto the fruit tree on the cliff.

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