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Looking at Zheng Shaopeng's reaction, Yang Ming was astounded. This guy doesn't know me? How is it possible? How could Zheng Shaopeng not see me when I made a move outside?

In fact, Zheng Shaopeng did use binoculars in the villa to watch every move outside the villa. After Yang Ming appeared and killed the two experts sent by the boss, he fled.

However, Yang Ming's appearance at this moment was too ordinary. Once he mixed into the crowd, he might not be recognized in a blink of an eye. With such a common face, Zheng Shaopeng really did not have any impression.

"Are you so forgetful?" Yang Ming frowned. "Last night, we should have met, right? It was right outside the door of your villa. I even dealt with two thieves for you."

"Ah!" Zheng Shaopeng listened to Yang Ming's words, and he was suddenly shocked. He dropped his jaws widely and incredulously glared at Yang Ming. "You… you are the one with w.a.n.g Xiaoyan..."

Although Yang Ming's face was very common, after Yang Ming reminded him, Zheng Shaopeng remembered the scene from last night. The two experts didn't even make a move under Yang Ming's moves. What a frightening scene was that?!

It was also because of Yang Ming's appearance that Zheng Shaopeng quickly fled the villa to avoid being caught in the incident.

"You remembered?" Yang Ming snorted and said, "It seems that your memory is not so bad!"

"You... what are you going to do?" Zheng Shaopeng was shocked. He did not expect Yang Ming to find him in the casino.

"What am I going to do?" Yang Ming smiled faintly. "That depends on your level of cooperation!"

"I... how do I cooperate?" Zheng Shaopeng said in a panic.

"It is very simple. You answer what I ask, otherwise… hehe..." As Yang Ming spoke to this point, he paused for a while. "You have a bounty on you. I can kill you now... ..."

When Zheng Shaopeng listened to Yang Ming, he was shocked! Based on Yang Ming's skill, wasn't killing him a piece of cake? He said stutteringly, "Now... I'm afraid you won't get a bounty even if you kill me..."

"If I'm displeased with you, then I kill you. Can't I? Can't I not want the reward?" Yang Ming threatened with a stare.

Zheng Shaopeng temper was gone at once. Yeah, did Yang Ming need a reason to kill him? Whether there was a reward or not, killing him was a piece of cake.

"You… what do you want to know..." Zheng Shaopeng asked carefully.

"Just answer my question." Yang Ming glared at him and said, "What is your name?"

"Zheng Shaopeng..." Zheng Shaopeng replied honestly.

"Is this your real name?" Yang Ming squinted at Zheng Shaopeng.

"Zheng… Zheng Laizi..." Zheng Shaopeng was scared and said anxiously, "My previous name was Zheng Laizi..."

"When was it used?" Yang Ming continued to ask. Zheng Laizi? I didn't expect this guy to have such a funny name.

"Before coming to the casino to work..." Zheng Shaopeng's fear of Yang Ming was deeply rooted. He was afraid that Yang Ming would kill him if he were not happy. Therefore, he was telling the truth about these insignificant problems.

"What did you do before coming to the casino?" Yang Ming continued.

"I... I was a gambler..." Zheng Shaopeng did not have his dignified manner in the casino at the moment. He bowed his head and did not dare to look at Yang Ming. Zheng Shaopeng didn't have any thoughts of running away and resisting, because Yang Ming's skill was too strong. Zheng was afraid that if he made any moves, he would be dead like the two experts.

Yang Ming frowned. Gambler? I don't think Zheng Shaopeng has any special experience. From a gambler to a dealer, then became the foreman and so on... everything seems to work so well.

Wait... no! Yang Ming suddenly thought of a key point. Since Zheng Shaopeng can become a casino consultant, his gambling skills must be very high. Such a person, if he was a gambler before, he must be very powerful! How can he not be famous before entering the casino?

Yang Ming remembered Zhang Guozong's words. Before Zheng Shaopeng entered the casino, he had no fame, so he started from the lowest level of the dealer. Well, if Zheng Shaopeng did not engage in gambling-related matters before, it was reasonable not to have heard of him. However, Zheng Shaopeng was a gambler, then it was somewhat strange to not hear of his fame once.

"Where did you learn your gambling skills?" Yang Ming thought of the key to the matter and immediately asked.

"What... what gambling skill..." Zheng Shaopeng was shocked. He didn't expect Yang Ming to ask this key point at once. He could not even speak properly.

"You are saying what gambling skill? You are the consultant director of the casino. You should have gambling skills on you, right? Who did you learn it from?" Yang Ming waved his hand and prevented Zheng Shaopeng from going on, but Yang Ming interrupted his words angrily.

"I used to be a gambler, so I know more about gambling..." Zheng Shaopeng wanted to hide it.

"Don't tell me that those useless things. I hate people who pretend to be a fool the most." Yang Ming sneered, "Don't force me. My temper is not good. It is you who will suffer at that time!"

"I... I really didn't lie to you..." Although Zheng Shaopeng was very afraid of Yang Ming, he couldn't say anything about the boss. He didn't want to sell out his boss over a matter of his life and death.

"Are you sure that what you said is true?" Yang Ming asked forcibly again.

"I... I am telling the truth. How can I lie to you..." said Zheng Shaopeng, determined.

"Really?" Yang Ming's face suddenly turned sullen and said, "Well, if you don't say it, I will say it for you. Your gambling skill was taught by someone with ulterior motives. Then you are in the casino. Is it because you have a plot against this casino?"

"No... it really isn't like this..." This time Yang Ming really was wrong about Zheng Shaopeng. Zheng Shaopeng did not have any plots against the casino. He just considered the casino as a career and a place to settle down.

"Hmph!" Yang Ming was a little impatient. Since this guy was insensible, then Yang Ming did not have to be polite with him anymore. He suddenly reached out and pointed to Zheng Shaopeng's body.

This was Yang Ming's acupoint that had never failed - the unique skill taught only by the King of a.s.sa.s.sins.

"Then you enjoy this for a while. Tell me again when you have thought it through properly." As Yang Ming said this, he did not care about Zheng Shaopeng. He just sat on the chair beside Zheng Shaopeng.

Zheng Shaopeng had already thought of being dead. Anyway, he couldn't speak of the boss' thing. The boss had saved him once, and his life in these years was equal to have been given by the boss himself.

In the past eight years, in his days at the casino, his life was nourishing. The happiness that he felt was more than half of his previous life! Therefore, he was satisfied.

When Yang Ming said these words, Zheng Shaopeng closed his eyes. He began to wait for Yang Ming to torture him. Zheng Shaopeng's past experiences of being caught cheating in gambling were still vivid in his mind. He was also tortured until he was half-dead. He could take it as well. Therefore, Zheng Shaopeng felt that if he clenched his teeth, everything would pa.s.s. At the very least, it was just death.

However, Zheng Shaopeng waited for Yang Ming to act on him, but he only felt that Yang Ming touched him gently on his body. It is nothing special, right?

However, what happened next was different! Zheng Shaopeng suddenly felt that his body seemed to be bitten by countless gra.s.shoppers. There was an indescribable feeling. Was it itchy? Was it pain? In short, this feeling made Zheng Shaopeng suddenly mad. It was like a living h.e.l.l for him!

Zheng Shaopeng scratched his body all over and gasped, but it didn't have the slightest effect. The feelings were still very strong, which made him feel miserably painful.

"Ah--" Zheng Shaopeng really couldn't stand it. He screamed and began to roll on the ground.

"You… What did you do to me?" Zheng Shaopeng's voice changed its tone because the pain in his body made him unable to speak normally.

Yang Ming just sneered, but he did not answer. He did not even look at Zheng Shaopeng.

Zheng Shaopeng was still screaming at the beginning. Later, even his strength of screaming was gone. He just kept rolling on the ground, and his face was full of sweat.

When Yang Ming thought it was about time, only then did he stand up and kick on Zheng Shaopeng to relieve the acupoint. "Do you want to talk now?"

"I… I..." Zheng Shaopeng felt that his whole person seemed to die once. It was even more painful than death! It was his first time seeing this way of tormenting people, and his fear of Yang Ming became even worse.

"You still don't want to talk? Maybe I should let you enjoy it a little longer?" Yang Ming said with some impatience.

"No... no..." Zheng Shaopeng was so scared that he almost fainted. "I... I will talk..."

In the face of morality and suffering, Zheng Shaopeng chose to be judged morally and to reduce his suffering because he really didn't want to experience the feeling just now. It wasn't what a human could withstand at all. He didn't want to experience it again in his life. Even when he thought of that feeling, he had a lingering fear.

"Say it." Yang Ming sat back in the chair and said with some regrets, "I wanted to make you feel better. It seems that it is not necessary for the time being. But it doesn't matter. If you aren't honest, you can continue enjoying it."

Feel better? Zheng Shaopeng almost p.i.s.sed in his pants. Just now was not good enough? It is even better? I'm dying already, then what is the feeling of feeling better? Zheng Shaopeng couldn't imagine it. He was afraid Yang Ming would change his mind and give him a better feeling, so he quickly said, "I will say it. My gambling skill was taught by an expert..."

"What expert? Who is it? What is his name?" Yang Ming thought, As expected, someone taught him his gambling skill.

"Who the expert is and what his name is, he did not tell me. He just asked me to call him boss..." Zheng Shaopeng said, "He did not tell me other things..."

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