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Chapter 857: Zhang Bing’s Murder Case

Translator: Exodus Tales Editor: Exodus Tales

“This… how did this person die?” Zhang Bing dropped his jaws widely, pointed at the rude man on the ground, wordless.

“Catch him. He is a murderer!” yelled the girlfriend of the rude man, pointing at Zhang Bing.

“Me? Murderer?” Zhang Bing was stunned and looked at the little girl who was yelling in front. “Have you made a mistake? Why would I need to kill him?”

“If it isn’t you that killed him, is there anyone else?” The chick grabbed Zhang Bing’s clothes and said, “You said it just now that you wanted to kill my boyfriend, and then you killed him!”

“What I killed? If I said it, then is it me who killed him?” Zhang Bing also realized that the matter was serious. After all, this wasn’t something that would be over with a few words from him. In fact, he laid on the rude man before the rude man died! Even it had nothing to do with Zhang Bing, it seemed to be a little related in the eyes of the others.

“You pushed my boyfriend down. When you got up, there was a knife in him. You dared to say that it wasn’t you who killed him?” The girlfriend of the rude man said in a crying tone, “Everyone saw it, right? Whether you had killed him or not, what you said is useless! Everyone agrees, right?”

Although the people present hated the face of the rude man, now it involved a human life. No one dared to talk about it. If it were another matter, such as owing a man to be beaten by Zhang Bing, as long as the man wasn’t dead, then probably no one would say that Zhang Bing did it.

But now it was different. A human life was at stake. There were legal consequences for talking indiscriminately. Most of the people present were displeased with the rude man, so although Zhang Bing was not defended at this time, no one had spoken up to prove anything.

If one was to say that Zhang Bing killed someone out of impulse, Yang Ming might believe it. However, if one were to say that Zhang Bing killed this rude man, Yang Ming would not believe it. Firstly, Zhang Bing had no deep hatred with this rude man. They were far from reaching the point of using the knife. Even though w.a.n.g Zhitao had harmed him, Zhang Bing hated w.a.n.g Zhitao, but he was also very sensible and did not make any fuss. What’s more, it was just a few arguments.

Secondly, Zhang Bing had no knife with him at all! He and Yang Ming came out from w.a.n.g Mei’s room. Could Yang Ming not see what he took? What’s more, would Zhang Bing hold a knife wandering around the hotel for nothing? It was nonsense.

Moreover, the crucial point was that Yang Ming felt the att.i.tude of this rude man’s girlfriend was a bit too normal! Logically, when her boyfriend was killed, it was reasonable to catch the murder suspect. However, since it was too normal, Yang Ming was suspicious of it.

Could a woman with her boyfriend killed in front of her eyes even stay calm and a.n.a.lyze reasonably that Zhang Bing is the murderer? It seems a bit wrong, right?

Yang Ming believed that if the person killed was himself, and Chen Mengyan was next to him, Chen Mengyan would definitely be sad. She would either hug Yang Ming and cry or fight relentlessly with the murderer. How could she be so sensible?

What the h.e.l.l is going on here? Is it framing after the murder or is it an accident?Yang Ming couldn’t figure out who would do this. Zhang Bing should have no enemies in Macau. The only one that counted as an enemy was Liu Jihao. However, Liu Jihao had already died falling down a few hours ago. How could he plan to frame any more?

The only reasonable situation was that someone had a grudge with this man. Zhang Bing just happened to have a squabble with the rude man. The man used this opportunity to skillfully kill the rude man and frame it on Zhang Bing!

Of course, all of this was Yang Ming’s guess. Other things could only be a.n.a.lyzed as the situation developed.

“How did you fall on this guy?” Yang Ming asked Zhang Bing calmly.

“It is not me who fell on this guy. It is because someone pushed me from behind, and only then did I lay on top of him.” Zhang Bing said helplessly, “Otherwise, I was about to go. How could I lay on top of him?”

Yang Ming nodded after hearing Zhang Bing’s words. He just saw a man pa.s.sing by here, as if he had pushed Zhang Bing, but Yang Ming didn’t pay much attention to it at the time. He didn’t see it clearly. Now, in retrospect, it seemed that it was indeed the case.

As for whether the knife was stabbed by the man, it was hard to say. Yang Ming regretted not paying attention here, but what was the use of regret? Now the matter had already come to this point.

No one knew who reported to the police, but it didn’t take long for the police to rush to the scene, take pictures of the body, and arrest the suspect, Zhang Bing.

According to the testimony of the majority of people on the scene, Zhang Bing did have a squabble with the rude man and then fell on him. The knife was stabbed on the man at that moment.

Although Zhang Bing denied that he killed the person, the situation and testimonies on the scene were extremely damaging for Zhang Bing. Zhang Bing was invited to the local police station in the name of “a.s.sisting the investigation.”

Yang Ming was great at killing people, but he was completely a layman on investigation and reasoning. This kind of similar scene could only be seen in the cartoon called Detective Conan, but now it actually happened in front of Yang Ming. Yang Ming felt that his thinking capacity wasn’t enough. After all, solving a case wasn’t his strength.

Although Yang Ming was powerful and killing a few people wasn’t a problem, he had no idea how to get Zhang Bing out of the police station.

“Are you a friend of Zhang Bing?” After Zhang Bing and the body was taken away, the remaining police officers were doing routine investigations. When they learned that Yang Ming and Zhang Bing were together, they began to ask Yang Ming.

En , I am a friend of Zhang Bing.” Yang Ming nodded to show cooperation. Yang Ming knew that if he did not cooperate, he would be suspected by the police. Now the evidence was against Zhang Bing, but it hadn’t reached the final stage. Yang Ming believed that if he explained it properly, there should be no problem.

“Your profession? Your accent doesn’t sound like a local? What are you doing here?” The policeman also asked casually. It was not like a standard interrogation, so it was more casual.

“We are all Mainland university students. We are here to watch Shu Ya’s concert.” Yang Ming said, “We aren’t locals. We’re from Song Jiang.”

Oh , I see.” The policeman believed Yang Ming’s words because the accuracy of information could be known once investigated. It didn’t make sense for Yang Ming to lie to him. “Does Zhang Bing and the victim, Nakino Masato, know each other before?”

What? Nakino Masato? This guy has quite an unusual name. This name is too creative.

“Of course, we don’t know him. We met him in the restaurant in the morning, what naked… man [1].” Yang Ming told what happened in the morning to the police officer.

The police officer nodded. Now it seemed that the two should have nothing to do with it. If it was determined that Zhang Bing was the murderer, then it should be temporary.

“Police officer, my friend can’t be a murderer…” Although Yang Ming knew that his explanation could not affect the police, he couldn’t help but say it.

“We will investigate it carefully.” The policeman said.

After the police left, Yang Ming still had some feelings of being unable to do anything. He couldn’t just go to the police station to s.n.a.t.c.h someone out, right? Never mind whether it was possible or not. He and Zhang Bing would become wanted criminals in the future. At least, they wouldn’t get to stay in the country. This wasn’t the result that Yang Ming wanted to see.

Yang Ming did not immediately tell w.a.n.g Mei about Zhang Bing. Instead, when w.a.n.g Mei came to the upstairs room to find them after the police left, Yang Ming told w.a.n.g Mei the truth.

Ah !” w.a.n.g Mei was suddenly shocked after hearing it. “Zhang Bing couldn’t have killed anyone!”

“I think so, too. But the police doesn’t trust us but the evidence…” Yang Ming said with some helplessness, “But, I guess it should be alright. There is no need to panic. Let us wait for the results of the investigation.”

w.a.n.g Mei had no idea. At this moment, she would listen to what Yang Ming said.

Yang Ming suspected the guy who pushed Zhang Bing from behind. His suspicion was the biggest. At that time, Yang Ming did not pay attention. The murderer was likely to be that person!

Yang Ming patted his head with some anger. He had no impression of the person’s appearance. Even if he wanted to investigate, he could not start.

“Right!” Yang Ming was suddenly stunned and stood up. In the corridor of the hotel, there was a surveillance camera across a certain distance. As long as he got the surveillance video, he could figure out the person’s appearance, right? It was even possible to see the process of his murder.

Thinking of this, Yang Ming immediately got excited. He instructed w.a.n.g Mei to wait with calm and hurriedly ran out of the room. Yang Ming found a waiter and asked about the location of the monitoring room, then he ran over.

The monitoring room belonged to a department of the hotel security department. Yang Ming first came to the security room on the edge of the monitoring room and knocked on the door. A voice said, “Please enter.”

Yang Ming pushed the door open and entered the security room. There were three people in it. One of them was directing something through a walkie-talkie. The other two were sitting in their own positions, reading newspapers, or watching the news with a computer.

“h.e.l.lo, I am a guest in the hotel…” Yang Ming just said half of his sentence, and a security guard recognized him.

“I know you. I have seen you before. You are a friend of Zhang Bing, right?” The security guards rushed to the scene as well, but there were too many people, so Yang Ming did not notice them. However, Yang Ming, who was with Zhang Bing, was recognized at once.

“Yes, since you know, then I will get straight to the point…” Yang Ming nodded and said, “I want to check the surveillance video in the hotel at the location of the incident…”

“Video… We can’t help it. The video was taken away by the police just now…” The security guard shrugged and said, “We can’t do anything.”

With an ” Ah ,” Yang Ming slammed his thigh. Yes, indeed, if I can think of it, the police can naturally think of it. If the video is really as I thought, it is the person who pushed Zhang Bing that did it. The police will definitely prove Zhang Bing’s innocence.

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