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Chapter 300: I Like You

w.a.n.g Xue's plan was to let Zhou Jiajia find an excuse to pretend to be close with Yang Ming at the end of the publicity. That way they would have the opportunity to communicate if the two people went home together.

Zhou Jiajia had a good understanding of Yang Ming before. She knew that Yang Ming lived in the Song Jiang Bus Factory Employee Family Compound, so she found a reason to go to the Red Flag High School.

Coincidentally, during the promotion, the only two girls in their group, she and Song Yu, were chatting. Song Yu asked her where she was going after the promotion ended. Zhou Jiajia didn't think much and said that she was heading toward Red Flag High School. But she didn't expect that Song Yu's home was actually near Red Flag High School, so Song Yu asked to go home with Zhou Jiajia.

This time Zhou Jiajia was completely helpless. Could it be so coincidental? Even G.o.d didn't want to help her? Zhou Jiajia wanted to refuse, but there was no proper reason. She didn't want to make the relationship between her cla.s.smates awkward, so she had no choice but to agree.

Later, due to the fact that Song Yu was present, Zhou Jiajia didn't have the courage to say anything to Yang Ming. But then she felt that even if she was alone with Yang Ming, the results might have been the same.

Zhou Jiajia felt that she was really a noob in her relationship. I don't really know what to say even if I'm with Yang Ming.

w.a.n.g Xue was angry and hateful at this moment. Zhou Jiajia, ya, Zhou Jiajia, you look so smart but why are you so stupid? However, even if she scolded the girl, Zhou Jiajia was still her best friend. She couldn't leave her friend alone. She might need to look for another way.

It was an easy task to find Yang Ming's cell phone number. w.a.n.g Xue casually asked a friend from cla.s.s 02 for the cla.s.smate's contact record and then she wrote down Yang Ming's cell phone number.

Therefore, w.a.n.g Xue introduced the plan for sending text messages. Under w.a.n.g Xue's instigation, Zhou Jiajia sent a text message to Yang Ming.

They didn't expect that Yang Ming would really reply to her after a while. Zhou Jiajia was shocked and happy, but she didn't know how to answer it. Yang Ming asked who she was! If Zhou Jiajia told the truth, she was afraid that Yang Ming would ignore her. So, she was hesitating. But after seeing this situation, w.a.n.g Xue directly grabbed Zhou Jiajia's cell phone and sent "Zhou Jiajia" over swiftly.

"Why did you tell him who I was?" Zhou Jiajia wanted to stop her but it was too late. w.a.n.g Xue had pressed the send b.u.t.ton.

"If I didn't tell him who you were, did you think he would still return the text message?" w.a.n.g Xue said, "Moreover if he doesn't know who you are, no matter how many text messages you send, you can't change the current situation."

Therefore, every time Yang Ming sent a message, Zhou Jiajia and w.a.n.g Xue had to discuss for a long time. w.a.n.g Xue became a love guidance consultant. Until the last message was sent, Zhou Jiajia wondered, "How should I answer this question?"

"Isn't this easy? This is a good opportunity!" w.a.n.g Xue looked at the text message on the phone and laughed.

"Good opportunity? What do you mean?" Zhou Jiajia didn't understand.

"Hehe, come. I will handle it for you." w.a.n.g Xue took Zhou Jiajia's cell phone and then wrote a text message, "I can't forget about you because I like you."

After writing, w.a.n.g Xue sent it out directly. But Zhou Jiajia was dumbfounded. She was staring at w.a.n.g Xue and didn't know how to respond anymore. "w.a.n.g Xue... Why did you send this... How could you tell Yang Ming?"

"Stupid girl, if you didn't tell him, he would never know that you liked him all his life!" w.a.n.g Xue said indifferently.

"But... Ai, it's over. This is all over. What if he refuses me?" Zhou Jiajia was anxious. "Do I not have any chances at all?"

"Then you have a chance now?" w.a.n.g Xue asked.

"But... there is at least hope now..." Zhou Jiajia thought that if Yang Ming didn't know, then she still had hope. Once Yang Ming completely rejected her, wouldn't she have no hope at all?

"I don't see any difference." w.a.n.g Xue shook her head. "Even if he refused you, you have tried hard. At least, if he refused you, would you stop pursuing him?"

"..." Zhou Jiajia thought, It was sent anyway. There is no room for regret. Therefore, Zhou Jiajia was like a prisoner sitting in court waiting for the sentence. She was nervous as she stared at her cell phone screen. She didn't know what Yang Ming would tell her. She was afraid that Yang Ming would reject her, but she also knew that there was zero possibility that Yang Ming would accept her.

Yang Ming looked at the text message on the phone and frowned. What is this? Spoof? Yang Ming was found it somewhat inexplicable. Zhou Jiajia liked me? Why didn't I notice it?

Yang Ming looked at Zhou Jiajia in front of him and found out that she was lying on the table. Yang Ming didn't know Zhou Jiajia's thoughts. He thought that this little girl was trying to make fun of him.

d.a.m.n, did you think everyone liked you because you were beautiful? Yang Ming thought carefully about the past. He and Zhou Jiajia were complete enemies! I asked someone to beat her up, so Zhou Jiajia should hate me! So, Yang Ming thought that this text message was definitely a trap!

Apparently, as he thought about it, Yang Ming unfurled his brow. d.a.m.n it, I'm really smart! This is definitely the case. Zhou Jiajia wants to retaliate against me. Yang Ming had seen the way girls retaliated against boys on the Internet. The most common thing was to let the boy fall in love with the girl, and then the girl ruthlessly ditched the boy to achieve a sense of retaliation.

After thinking about Zhou Jiajia's thoughts, Yang Ming didn't have time to chat with her. He directly sent "You're crazy!"

Zhou Jiajia looked forward to the reply. She tensely waited for Yang Ming's reply, however, when she received it, the text message made her dumbfounded.

Crazy? This meant that Yang Ming didn't believe what she said in the text message! However, this also meant that Yang Ming didn't fundamentally reject her and she still had a chance.

So, this result was already the best! While Zhou Jiajia gave a sigh of relief, her heart dwelled in melancholy. When will miracles happen between Yang Ming and me?

Seeing Yang Ming's text message, Zhou Jiajia knew that she shouldn't continue to disturb Yang Ming today. She already knew his cell phone number anyway. Therefore, she's wasn't in a rush. If I keep sending messages once in a while, maybe I can ease the relationship between us?

Yang Ming didn't bother anymore since he noticed that Zhou Jiajia didn't send another text message. Did you want to play with my feelings?? You are still a noob! However, you still have self-awareness. You didn't continue to cheat me once I realize that it was a trap. Otherwise, I will go with your plot and f*ck you first. Let's see who would suffer a loss!

The s.e.x with Xiao Qing at noon deeply intoxicated Yang Ming. Therefore, Yang Ming planned to sneak into Xiao Qing's house after the lecture ended.

So Yang Ming took out his cell phone and sent a message to Xiao Qing.

"Sister Xiao Qing, where do you want to eat tonight?"

Xiao Qing was troubled by w.a.n.g Xuefan's business. When she saw Yang Ming's text message, she hesitated for a while. She was afraid that things would drag Yang Ming into it, so she refused him. "I'm a little tired. What about two days later?"

Xiao Qing believed that Yang Ming would be able to understand the meaning of this.

Sure enough, Yang Ming was depressed after receiving the message. But he thought of the wild experience between them. It was common for Xiao Qing to feel tired.

"I was just asking to eat together, not eating you..." Yang Ming sent an unwilling message.

"Okay, don't be childish. What about tomorrow?" Xiao Qing replied.

Since she said so, Yang Ming had no choice. He couldn't really force her.

After the second lecture in the afternoon, Yang Ming walked out of the lecture room quickly. Since he had no appointments, Yang Ming headed back to the dormitory to review the information he got from Fang Tian!

As he just walked out of the cla.s.sroom, he saw w.a.n.g Zhitao standing outside.

"Yang Ming!" w.a.n.g Zhitao saw Yang Ming and immediately greeted him.

"Oh? w.a.n.g Zhitao, how come you came to our cla.s.s?" Yang Ming found it strange. It seemed that w.a.n.g Zhitao didn't come to look for him.

"Hehe, I'm looking for someone. Right, Yang Ming, can you help me call Zhou Jiajia?" w.a.n.g Zhitao asked.

"Zhou Jiajia?" Yang Ming was stunned and rolled his eyes. Could it be? How did w.a.n.g Zhitao get to know Zhou Jiajia?

"Yeah, hehe, Yang Ming, don't worry, I don't have that intention for Chen Mengyan now. I decided to pursue Zhou Jiajia!" w.a.n.g Zhitao said with a smile, "I just came here to invite her to dinner!"

"This..." To be honest, w.a.n.g Zhitao had no relationship with Yang Ming, as long as he no longer hara.s.sed Chen Mengyan! But now, w.a.n.g Zhitao actually asked me to call Zhou Jiajia for him?

"Help me, please! I only know you in this cla.s.s. Please! I'll be waiting for you at the stairs!" w.a.n.g Zhitao said, "This Sun Zhiwei in your cla.s.s is really annoying. He immediately chased me away."

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