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Chapter 303: A Fraud

Yang Ming casually found a public telephone on the street and called the front desk of w.a.n.g's Century Xiongfeng Group.

"h.e.l.lo, w.a.n.g's Century Xiongfeng." There was a sweet female voice on the phone.

"h.e.l.lo, I want to find Huang Youcai, a.s.sistant Huang." Yang Ming made his voice sound hoa.r.s.e.

"Oh? a.s.sistant Huang, he has already gotten off work. Why are you looking for him?" The front desk lady asked.

"So here's the case. I'm a client of President w.a.n.g. He asked me to look for a.s.sistant Huang." Yang Ming fabricated a story.

"Ah, wait a moment. I will find you a.s.sistant Huang's mobile phone number. You can contact him through his mobile phone!" When the front desk lady heard that he was a customer of the president, she immediately opened up the phone book.

"Okay." Yang Ming's mouth smiled slightly, and his objective was achieved.

"a.s.sistant Huang's phone number is 133x.x.xxx789." The front desk lady informed him.

"Thank you. I got it." Yang Ming hung up the phone. Huang Youcai's phone number is exactly the same as his car number plate. He is really rich!

Yang Ming changed to another public phone and dialed the phone number provided by the front desk lady.

"h.e.l.lo? Who is this?" A man's voice came from the other side of the phone. There was some noise next to it, which seemed to be in a place like a bar.

"h.e.l.lo, is this Brother Huang?" Yang Ming made his voice as flattering as possible.

"I am. Who are you?" asked Huang Youcai.

"Brother Huang, I am Xiaowu, Ma Xiaowu!" Yang Ming simply created a common name.

"Ma Xiaowu?" Huang Youcai was stunned. "Who are you? From where?"

"Hehe, Brother Huang, a n.o.ble person like you really liked to forget things. Have you forgotten the day when we were still drinking together in the food stalls? Brother Qing was there as well!" Yang Ming began to say whatever came into his head.

"Which Brother Qing? When was this?" Huang Youcai had many connections. How did he know which Brother Qing?

"It was the year before last year, we were in the food stalls of the commercial street..." Yang Ming said flatteringly.

"The year before last year?" F*ck! How can I remember what happened two years ago? Huang Youcai cursed him in his mind, "What do you want from me?"

"It is like this, Brother Huang, I... I heard that Brother Huang has now prospered, and became a powerful person. So here I am b.u.t.t licking you to plead you for something." Yang Ming said.

"Oh? What's the matter?" Huang Youcai's voice immediately became arrogant. Heh, you want something from me and yet you talk so much nonsense!

"This is the case, Brother Huang. I heard that you are now in the senior management of the w.a.n.g's Century Xiongfeng Company?" Yang Ming deliberately used "senior management" vocabulary. A punk like Huang Youcai was afraid that others would look down on him. This word “senior management” all of a sudden highlighted the ident.i.ty of Huang Youcai!

"Oh, hehehe. You know it too? It's just the appreciation from my boss..." Huang Youcai laughed. Such flattery is so nice to hear. Heh, senior management, this is much better than any a.s.sistant!

"Brother Huang, this is the case. I have nothing to do now. Brother Huang, since you are so resourceful, can you help me find a job?" Yang Ming pretended to be begging hard.

"Oh, this isn't an easy case." Huang Youcai hesitated. Although the flattering from the other end felt good, he couldn't simply intervene with the company's internal affairs. He had to go through the human resource department so it was troublesome. Besides, he didn't have to put so much effort on a person who wasn't close to him!

"Brother Huang, you see, I just need a job as a security guard!" Yang Ming said, "How about this? Brother, where are you now? I can come over and treat you to a drink!"

"Security guard?" Huang Youcai breathed a sigh of relief. It was just a security guard. Isn't that an easy task for me? Recruiting security guards didn't need to go through the human resource department. As long as he tells it to the security department, it will be fine. Besides, Huang Youcai was the person in charge of the security department! So, it was not a problem at all to hire a security guard. Never mind one, even ten were possible! This guy seems to know what to do. He knew he would have to treat me for asking something from me. So Huang Youcai agreed immediately, "Well, I'm at the Bomb Bar on Qinghuo Road. Look for me there!"

"Okay, Brother Huang, I'm going there now!" Yang Ming hung up the phone and sneered.

Yang Ming didn't drive Zhang Bing's car because he was going out for business! Although Yang Ming didn't think that it will expose anything, it wasn't bad to be careful.

Yang Ming first found a hardware store near the university and went inside.

"Young man, what do you want to buy?" Many hardware stores were open day and night. When Yang Ming entered, the automatic bell on the door rang. An uncle opened his eyes drowsily.

“Is there a wrench and a screwdriver?” Yang Ming asked.

"Yes, what size do you want? The wrench has several sizes. What kind of screwdriver do you need? Do you need a crosshead or flathead? There are still special kinds like t6, t8, triangle, etc." Uncle asked.

Screwdrivers have different names according to the place. In the northeast, if you went to the hardware store and said “screwdriver” [1]. Most people have never heard of it. Maybe they will give you a sharp awl.

"This is the case, my friend's car is broken. What's the size of the wrench to fix a car?" Yang Ming asked.

"Repair a car, then you might as well buy a set of car repair tools. I'm selling a complete set. It has all the tools you need. It saves you from buying the tools piece by piece which is troublesome. Besides, the price for one set is cheaper than if you bought them separately!” said the uncle.

"Is that so? It's ready-made?" Yang Ming was stunned. "Okay, then I will buy this set. How much is it?"

"One hundred and eighty. The quality of my items is the best!" The uncle boasted.

Although Yang Ming had money, he didn't want to spend it blindly so he said, "Can it be cheaper? I'm buying it for someone. If it was too expensive, my friend will scold me."

"Hehe, if that's the case, I'll give you the cheapest price! One hundred and sixty!" The uncle said.

"One hundred and fifty?" Yang Ming asked.

"Little brother, I'm telling you the truth. The cost of this is one hundred and forty. If I sell it for one hundred and fifty, I don't have much profit..." Uncle said with a bitter face.

"Okay, then one hundred and sixty!" Yang Ming was just simply speaking, he still had some important affair to do. Yang Ming felt that this person was honest. Therefore, he didn't continue to insist on it and handed two hundred yuan to the uncle.

When the uncle took the money, he turned and looked for small change in the money box behind. Yang Ming was wondering, When people received a banknote of one hundred yuan, they would inspect it first. Why didn't he inspect it and instead, looked for small change in a rush?

Because of the strangeness, Yang Ming paid more attention to this uncle. He used the x-ray vision subconsciously. He didn't expect to see a filthy scene!

He saw that the uncle quickly put one of the two one hundred yuan banknotes that Yang Ming gave him in the compartment under the cash box. Then, he took out one hundred yuan originally in the cash box and turned around. He said to Yang Ming, "Little brother, your one hundred yuan is a fake, please change to a new one!"

"Fake?" Yang Ming sneered, "Why didn't you say it when I gave it to you? You turned around for a long time and then you say it was a fake? How would I know if you changed it?"

"By c.o.c.k and pie!" Uncle didn't expect Yang Ming to speak plausibly. People usually will take back the money with doubt! "When did I change your money? You don't believe me? Look at it, I have a total of two one hundred banknotes that you gave me in this money box!" Then he handed over the money box.

Indeed, there were only a few ten yuan banknotes and some small change in the money box. The total wasn't even a hundred yuan. If it was someone else, they may believe the uncle's lies, but Yang Ming had seen it clearly, so he wasn't fooled. "Is it? Alright, I will buy this money box with one hundred yuan together with the small change inside. Do you want to sell it?"

"Huh?" Uncle was astounded. "You want to buy a money box? Why do you want to buy a money box? There isn't one hundred yuan in total. How much can this broken money box sell for? Why do you want to buy it? Stop fooling around!"

"I just want to buy it." Yang Ming grabbed the paper box and didn't let go.

"Little brother, don't make fun of me. How is this box good enough for you to buy? Well, change the money quickly. You know what? I will take the loss and sell it to you for one hundred and fifty!" Uncle was a little anxious. He didn't understand why Yang Ming wanted this money box.

"Who is making fun of you?" Yang Ming suddenly said with a strict face, "I have changed my mind. I don't want the tools. I want to buy this money box now! Didn't I give you two hundred? Well, since you said one of them is fake, then I don't want it. I will give it all to you. I will take this box!"

Chapter Notes:

[1] In China, different places have different names for screwdrivers.

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