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Chapter 190: What Kind of Person is Fang Tian?

Under the pale moonlight, a dagger cut into the back of the black shirt man's neck. A small part of the dagger was still visible, flashing out a deep white glare under the moonlight.

Yang Ming looked at the black shirt man before him in shock. It was obvious that this person wouldn't survive. But who helped him at this crucial moment?

After having the experience of killing Ji Shuisheng, Yang Ming wasn't as afraid of dead bodies as with the first encounter. In a situation where he didn't know whether he was facing a friend or an enemy, he raised his head calmly. He looked behind where the black shirt man stood in the direction where the flying dagger came from.

A crooked old man's figure stood there quietly.

This man was Fang Tian.

This really shook Yang Ming's world. Fang Tian did this?

Yang Ming pointed at the body of the black shirt man and stared at Fang Tian in astonishment. "He's…"

"Dead." Fang Tian said plainly, "Killed by me."

"Ah?" Even though Yang Ming had already guessed that it was him, he couldn't help but drop his jaw and become speechless the moment he heard Fang Tian's words.

"This is not a good place for a conversation. Drag him into my home." Fang Tian said calmly. There was not a trace of him feeling any remorse over killing a person.

Yang Ming responded as if he just recovered from the shock. He grabbed the body of the black shirt man and hastened his footsteps toward Fang Tian. Even though there were numerous questions in his heart, Yang Ming couldn't ask them right now.

Fang Tian, in Yang Ming's impression, was a poor, cowardly and mentally ill old man. But today, he performed a clean kill on a skilled a.s.sa.s.sin. How could Yang Ming not be in a shock?!

Yang Ming even doubted as to whether the person in front of him was the same old man that he saved from the few punks in the detention hall!

After they went inside Fang Tian's home, the radiance in Fang Tian's eye had disappeared, replaced by his apathetic expression. He was no different than any other lonely old man. However, he didn't forget the corpse that was in Yang Ming's hands. He pointed at the pile of firewood in the garden and said, "Leave him there first. I will settle it later."

Yang Ming obediently put the black shirt man's corpse on the ground. Then he walked back into Fang Tian's house in bewilderment. Fang Tian took out a metal box underneath his bed. If anyone had seen it, they would have recognized that it was the metal box that Dong Jun had handed to him the other day.

Fang Tian opened the metal box swiftly, then he took out a small medicine bottle. He looked at the medicine underneath the light, then he nodded his head as he closed the box. Since Yang Ming stood further away, Yang Ming didn't see the contents of the box clearly. However, he could vaguely see that there were a lot of bottles inside the box. [1]

Fang Tian walked out from the room straight to the black shirt man's corpse. Yang Ming trailed from afar as he didn't know what Fang Tian wanted to do with it.

All he saw was Fang Tian use his hand to pull out the dagger, then he searched the body of the black shirt man. From his pocket, he was able to find a printed photo and some trivial accessories with a dagger. None of these items could be used to identify the person's ident.i.ty.

After taking out these items, Fang Tian carefully opened the small bottle's cap. Then, one of his hands held the small bottle; the other held the cap. He lightly poured out some powder from the bottle onto the exposed skin of the black shirt man.

In that split moment, the back shirt man's skin began to emit yellow bubbles. With a sisi sound, the body of black shirt man started to erode and gradually disappear. After a brief moment, the whole body had disappeared, turning into a puddle of yellow-black liquid.

A body dissolution powder! A scary term flashed up in Yang Ming's mind! He thought that this was a novel's creation and did not exist in real life. But right now, Yang Ming had seen a body disappear in front of his eyes in a short amount of time!

Fang Tian took out a shovel from the shed by the side. He shoveled some furnace ash to cover the yellow-black liquid. Fang Tian eliminated every trace thoroughly.

Yang Ming stared in amazement at everything happening in front of him. Is this Fang Tian? Isn't this a highly clear-headed criminal?

After everything was done, Fang Tian put the small bottle back into the box. Then, he rubbed his hands together and sat in a chair. He raised his head, looked at Yang Ming and said, "Ask me anything."

"You…" Yang Ming had thousands of questions to ask Fang Tian at this moment, yet he didn't know what to say! He didn't know where to begin!

"I? What? Yang Ming, buddy, did you forget me, Fang Tian, this old man? We had just finished our meal together!" Fang Tian said as he smiled.

"You just made that person…" Yang Ming was still in shock, even when he spoke he didn't know how to form his sentences properly. Indeed, Fang Tian had given him a really big shock!

"Either that person wanted to kill you, or disable you." Fang Tian said plainly, "So I killed him." That tone of voice was as if Fang Tian had just killed a chicken, a complete norm for him!

"But you…" Yang Ming really can't imagine, Fang Tian this skinny and frail-looking old man could injure someone. Moreover, it was a one-hit kill.

"What about me?" Fang Tian raised his head, and he looked at the Lunar New Year art hanging on the wall not far ahead from him. That was a picture of South China Tiger. Fang Tian pointed at the South China Tiger's eyes. "You look at its left eye."

As he finished his sentence, Fang Tian threw out the dagger in his hand. "Dang lang" and the dagger penetrated onto the Lunar New Year art, right on the South China Tiger's left eye!

Yang Ming was thrilled, he quickly walked to the front of the Lunar New Year art! The dagger landed precisely onto the center of South China Tiger's left eye! There was not a single mishap in the distance!"

"How did you do that?" Yang Ming looked at Fang Tian in shock! What's this technique? Little Fang Flying Dagger?

Yang Ming was already really shocked at that moment. However, the next sentence that Fang Tian said shocked him the most!

"What's this? It's just a piece of cake." Fang Tian shook his head as if it was nothing.

"What? You call this a piece of cake?" Yang Ming was surprised. "If this was a piece of cake, then what is an actual technique? Old man? You should have a limit to how humble you are!"

"You thought that this was already great?" Fang Tian said plainly, "True, you thought that your kung fu is already pretty good, right? Hehe."

"Old man! What do you mean?" Yang Ming's face flushed as he heard Fang Tian's words. "Is there anyone as humiliating as you?"

"It's alright. Let's first think about who wanted to attack you." Fang Tian pa.s.sed the printed photo that he got from searching the black shirt man's body to Yang Ming.

Yang Ming took up the photo and frowned! What's this? That was a photo that he used to apply for his university during his National Higher Education Entrance Examination. After that, once he had entered the university he used it to process his student ID and library member ID.

So, as long as someone paid a little bit of attention, they would be able to get this picture from any department. Yang Ming couldn't even determine where this picture came from!

Moreover, this photo didn't really look like Yang Ming himself. If a person didn't pay attention when he looked at it, he wouldn't a.s.sociate the two of them together. A lot of people who had gotten themselves a pa.s.sport photo would be clear that this type of photo would be very different from the actual person.

Therefore, it was obvious that the black shirt man didn't b.u.mp into Yang Ming here. He definitely trailed Yang Ming to this location before he decided to take action. Regarding when he started following Yang Ming, that was not possible to find out.

As Yang Ming thought about this, he frowned. Indeed, he did offend a lot of people lately. But even with all the hatred from these people, none of them were at the point where they would hire a killer.

Regarding the hostility with w.a.n.g Zhitao, at most, the both of them would want to frame one another. It hadn't gotten to a point where they wanted to kill one another. In terms of Zhang Yuliang, Liu Zhaojun and today's driver, Liu Xiaosheng, all of these were mostly minor conflicts. Yang Ming couldn't quite fathom who would want to kill him!

If this picture wasn't in the black shirt man's pocket, Yang Ming could surmise that he could have found the wrong person or he wanted to rob him at the last minute. But with the picture, it was undeniable that this person came for him with a purpose, and the target was Yang Ming himself.

"Scary, isn't it?" Fang Tian said with an ambiguous smile. "The enemy in the dark is the scariest. Of course, that was only for you!"

"What do you mean?" Yang Ming was enraged by his eccentric words. "What do you mean by only for me?"

"Nothing much. It's another way of saying if it had been me, I wouldn't be scared." Fang Tian shook his head as if it was nothing.

"You?" Yang Ming squinted his eyes as he a.s.sessed Fang Tian. "Ok. Since you are so good at it, then why would you be framed by others and be sent to jail?"

"Because the jail was the safest place for me." Fang Tian said unbelievably.

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