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Chapter 166: Date with Chen Mengyan

Having heard what his mom said, a drop of cold sweat trickled down. Did I look that awful in my outfit? However, recalling how Sun Jie treated him like a little brother, Yang Ming felt that his fashion sense could really be outdated.

It was probably the reason why Guo Jianchao looked down on him. For a street gangster who looked like a student, no matter how much more effort he put in, there was a limit to how bada** he could be.

But why would my mother suddenly speak of Chen Mengyan? Yang Ming already had a date with Lan Ling tomorrow!

"Mom, tomorrow Chen Mengyan won't be free. Let's see if we can make it another day!" Yang Ming said perfunctorily.

"Free? Why wouldn't she be free? I have already gotten her agreement." Mother Yang said while laughing.

"Ah? Gotten her agreement? What does that mean?" Yang Ming was confused.

"Just now, Chen Mengyan called our home to look for you. Then I asked her if she would be free tomorrow. She said she was." Mother Yang said.

Oh my G.o.d! Yang Ming didn't know whether to laugh or cry. It seemed like mom surely wanted to ship me with Chen Mengyan! But I still have another thing to do tomorrow!

Yang Ming didn't know what to do, so he had to make another call to Chen Mengyan. It wasn't because of his unwillingness to go out with her. On the contrary, he was very happy with it. However, it would be challenging to handle his situation with Lan Ling.

However, life is like a dream [1]. A few months ago, he was still fantasizing about the campus belle, Chen Mengyan, from afar. However, now, he was swarmed by beauties left and right. He was having trouble sorting his relationships with pretty girls.

"Hey!" He heard Chen Mengyan's voice on the other end of the phone. At this moment, Chen Mengyan was watching television in her living room, and the phone was beside her. When she saw that the phone number displayed was Yang Ming's, she picked it up quickly.

"Mengyan, it's me, Yang Ming." Yang Ming said after collecting his thoughts.

"Yup, I know." Chen Mengyan, of course, would have known that it was Yang Ming, Or else she wouldn't have greeted him with a simple "Hey!" She was still a very polite girl. Every time she answered others' phone calls, she would have added a greeting.

"That... tomorrow..." Yang Ming really didn't know what kind of excuse he could use to reject Chen Mengyan.

"Hehe, I don't have any issues. Let's just meet at the school gate?" Chen Mengyan thought that Yang Ming was embarra.s.sed to ask her out on a date, so she said it first.

"Ah?" Yang Ming didn't think that his hesitation would have turned into such a situation. Nevermind. Tomorrow I would accompany Chen Mengyan in the morning and then go and meet up with Lan Ling at night! There was nothing else that I could do. "Alright, tomorrow 8 a.m., let's meet at the Song Jiang No. 4 High School entrance!"

Since they had already decided, Yang Ming wanted it to be as early as possible so that he could visit Lan Ling earlier too.

"Ok, be there or be square." Chen Mengyan hung up the phone in a sweet mood, feeling excited about her date tomorrow.

After he hung up the phone, Yang Ming went back to his room. He first copied the video recording of Guo Jianchao onto his computer. Next, he applied the similar compression and file splitting before he stored it into multiple email addresses.

Yang Ming felt a bit amused looking at his email. In just over a month, he had already secured the shortcomings of three people! After everything, Yang Ming kept the letter of guarantee at the bottom of his drawer. The chances of using this item would be slim since there was little chance for Guo Jianchao to go against him.

After he settled everything, he sent an SMS to Lan Ling, telling her that he could only visit her a little bit later tomorrow.

After a while, Lan Ling replied to the SMS. She told Yang Ming that if he had anything to do then to go and settle those things first. She was not in a hurry anyway. This made Yang Ming feel very guilty. He was going on a date with Chen Mengyan behind Lan Ling's back.

He didn't want to lie to Lan Ling, but he couldn't imagine what kind of bad things would happen after she found out about this. He didn't want to hurt Lan Ling. his girl was truly pitiful. In this world, he would be her only support! Yang Ming didn't want her to feel any more depressed!

After he played Landlords for a while with Wild Female Teacher, Zhang Bing sent a message over telling him that he had already gotten his driver's license and asked Yang Ming to get it tomorrow. Yang Ming felt a headache coming. How did everything fall into tomorrow? He was glad he could find a replacement to pick it up for him. After finding out that Yang Ming was going on a date with Chen Mengyan tomorrow, Zhang Bing volunteered himself to take up this responsibility.

There's no True Love in this World: Let's stop here today. I still have other things to do tomorrow, I will play with you again some other time.

Wild Female Teacher: Isn't tomorrow the weekend? What are you doing?

There's no True Love in this World: Can't I do something on the weekend? Walk the street, accompany my relatives or even date a girlfriend [3]. Why not?

Wild Female Teacher: Sure! But definitely not to date a girlfriend.

There's no True Love in this World: Why not?

Wild Female Teacher: You are named "There's no True Love in this World," which means you don't believe in love.

There's no True Love in this World: Sweat. That was just a nickname. So you are saying you are truly a wild female teacher? Let's stop bullsh*ting. I'm going offline!

Wild Female Teacher: 8888 [4]….

The next morning, Yang Ming was on time at the entrance of Song Jiang No. 4 High School. Chen Mengyan wasn't there yet. After about three minutes, Chen Mengyan jumped out of a taxi and walked quickly to Yang Ming. She said, feeling slightly embarra.s.sed, "I have been sleeping a bit late these past few days. I almost didn't wake up." As she said this, she stuck out her tongue adorably.

"Hehe, it's fine. I have just arrived here. It's quite nice. There were still a few more minutes until 8 a.m. We have both come early." Yang Ming smiled.

"You really know what to say!" Chen Mengyan happily held onto Yang Ming's elbow. Even though the two of them were in front of the school entrance, they didn't need to be cautious about anything now since they had already reached the "legal" age to be in a relationship.

It was like this in China. Between high school and university was a big borderline. If you were to be in a relationship in high school, you would be criticized as being irresponsible and having an early relationship. Even if you were already in your 12th grade and was already 18 years old, you were not exempt. However, the moment you enter into university, even if you were just a prospective student, if you were to go into a relationship right now, it would be reasonable in the eyes of the parents and teachers.

This is the present situation with education and relationships. Even though a lot of people know that it was unreasonable, no one dared to stand up to criticize this logic!

It was also because of this reason, that before the short relationship that Yang Ming and Su Ya even blossomed, they were shunned by their teachers and parents. When the people from that age looked back at it, they would realize that even if it was an early relationship in junior high school, as long as they had a certain restraint, then it wouldn't have affected their studies much. Of course, this restraint meant a psychological restraint, not restraint in their relationship. The two of them could hug, cuddle or even do something that they liked to do. Those were not the main issues. The most important issue was whether the two of them had a goal that they worked toward together, and it was not just pure enjoyment and relaxation. Therefore, people should encourage positive early relationships and only discourage those negative early relationships instead.

Yang Ming and Su Ya obviously belonged to a positive relationship, because the two of them mostly discussed topics in their studies. Some of the more open-minded teachers would have opened one eye and shut the other [5]. However, there would be people like Wu Chiren, who would dig to the root.

However, the relationship between Chen Mengyan and Yang Ming was also a borderline early relationship. Cla.s.s teacher Li wasn't an idiot either. She would be able to notice a few cues from it. However, because Yang Ming's exam result had improved significantly and quickly, Teacher Li didn't bother with all of these extra things. Teacher Li belonged to the teachers who were much more open-minded.

Up to this point, Yang Ming was only grateful to two teachers. The first was Teacher Li. The scene where she was in the headmaster's office arguing with discipline teacher Jin for his case was still very much in his memories. Yang Ming was someone who never forgot a generous act. He decided that he would visit Teacher Li every year. The other one would be Zhao Ying who was like his teacher or a friend. Yang Ming was not only grateful to her, but there was also a complicated relationship with her.

Even Yang Ming himself wasn't clear about his overall feeling toward Zhao Ying. However, if an objective question was in front of him, such as: If Zhao Ying and Chen Mengyan both fell into the water together, who would he rescue first? Yang Ming found it very difficult to answer. He didn't know! If he needed to give an answer, he would rescue the closest one.

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