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Chapter 164: The Conspiracy Had Begun

Note: This chapter contains some detailed descriptions of a s.e.xual activity. If you do not want to read it or are under 15 years of age, skip the section between the double lines.

This chapter contains a reference to s.e.x without consent. This is considered rape which is a crime in most countries. Forcing a person to have s.e.x won't change his/her att.i.tude toward the rapist.  Please remember that this novel is FICTION.

=========================== BEGINNING ================================

"Look for a woman? A man raped my woman. Of course, I need to find a man to rape him in return! You're a vice president. Why is your logic so weak?" scolded Bao Sanli.

"Ah?" Guo Jianchao was stunned. Brother Bao means to let another guy rape me?

"Hehe." Bao Sanli laughed evilly, "Ah Shui, ask Du Long to come in!"

Ah Shui received the order and rushed out. After a while, a s.h.e.m.a.l.e-looking man walked in, "Ya, Brother Bao, were you looking for me!?"

"F*ck off!" Bao Sanli waved his hand and dodged Du Long's hand that was about to fall on his shoulder. Then Bao Sanli pointed at Guo Jianchao, "He is yours. Serve him with pleasure!"

"Ya, this toyboy is very handsome!" Du Long looked at his prey with excitement. Then he touched Guo Jianchao's face and said, "Come on. Let Brother Du Long serve you!"

"Who… who are you? Stay away from me… Don't touch me!" Guo Jianchao felt a cold chill go down his spine. He wasn't gay and didn't have any unusual hobbies.

"Aiya, don't be shy. Brother Bao, he is not obedient. What should we do?" Du Long asked.

"Pour the drug into his mouth!" Bao Sanli waved his hand then a man came with a cup. The man pinched Guo Jianchao's nose and forced his mouth open. Then the man poured the liquid down Guo Jianchao's throat.

After the man poured the liquid, he moved Guo Jianchao to the rest room in the security room. There was a bed here for the security guards to rest. It became Du Long's temporary workplace.

============================== END ===================================

"Have you turned on the CCTV?" Bao Sanli asked with concern.

"Brother Bao, don't worry. The cameras of all four corners are on. All angles are clear!" said a man who operated the CCTV.

"Ok, use the highest quality compression format and record it later!" Bao Sanli commanded.

"No problem!" The man nodded his head.

After all these, Qi Ruiwen asked with a doubt, "Brother Bao, why are you doing this? What had this guy done?"

"He? Hehe, he is our brother's enemy!" Bao Sanli laughed.

"Brother? Which one?" Qi Wenrui was puzzled.

"Here he comes!" Bao Sanli pointed at the entrance. Yang Ming pushed the security room's door open and walked in.

"Brother Yang!" Qi Wenrui was stunned, then he welcomed Yang Ming with excitement.

"Qi Wenrui, you're doing quite well lately!" Yang Ming laughed.

"Brother Yang, you're making fun of me. I'm just messing around. Haha." Qi Wenrui laughed while tapping on Yang Ming's shoulder. "Brother Yang, what's going on?"

"Do you know how I got into the detention center?" asked Yang Ming.

"Isn't it because of a kid called w.a.n.g Zhitao?" Qi Wenrui asked, "Isn't his dad the CEO of Xiongfeng Group?"

"Ah, I got it. Isn't that man the vice president of Xiongfeng Group? That's why!" Bao Sanli nodded his head and understood it.

At this moment, a painful scream, "Ah ah... ah ah..." spread out from the rest room. Yang Ming frowned. "Didn't you drug him?"

"I think it's a normal physiological reaction?" Bao Sanli wasn't an expert in this either. Du Long had given him the drug. But Du Long wouldn't have the guts to cheat Bao Sanli, so he said, "Don't worry Brother Yang. It should be fine!"

Yang Ming nodded his head. Then he talked about the encounter with Yu Xiangde. Bao Sanli clenched his teeth and said, "This b*st*rd. I'll cripple him one day!

"What's wrong?" Yang Ming asked curiously.

"He hit me with a brick from the back. My brain was nearly cracked open!" Bao Sanli scolded, "This b*st*rd is too cunning!"

"Ah?" Yang Ming was shocked. "Are there are still people who play dirty tricks in the underworld?"

"Brother Yang, you don't understand Yu Xiangde. Others would usually bring a real weapon like a knife to fight for revenge, but this guy liked to sneak up from behind!" Qi Wenrui cursed, "This son of a b*tch is especially spoiled!"

Yang Ming shook his head. No wonder Yu Xiangde didn't fight with him last time. Yang Ming felt puzzled. No matter how good he was, he couldn't fight against many people. Yang Ming couldn't figure out why Yu Xiangde was still so afraid of him. He was most likely thinking of stabbing Yang Ming in the back!

After half an hour, Du Long walked out. "Ha, this felt so good. This guy is just a fledgling!"

Bao Sanli rolled his eyes. "Who is not a fledgling to you? Tell me the important things. How was it?"

"Heh, after the drug took effect, this guy was so pa.s.sionate!" Du Long said, "It was so good I could die!"

"Alright, you don't have to describe the whole process!" Yang Ming felt disgusted.

"Yue, who is this little brother? He looks remarkably strong!" As Du Long said this, he reached out to touch Yang Ming's pectoral muscle.

"F*ck you!" Yang Ming was frightened and leaped three meters away. "Stay away from me!"

"Du Long, if you're looking for death then go ahead." Bao Sanli laughed. "This guy could punch you into a meat pie with one punch."

"I'm just kidding... Hehe..." Du Long also noticed Yang Ming's importance, so he didn't dare to joke anymore.

"Alright. Did he look like he was being forced during filming?"

"Don't worry, Brother Yang. No one will notice. He was fairly proactive too! He was l.u.s.tful when the drug's effect started to kick in!" Du Long said.

"Alright, thanks." Yang Ming nodded his head to him.

"Brother Yang, you're welcome. I'm the one who is feeling great!" Du Long laughed.

Bao Sanli waved his hand and asked Du Long to go out. Then he walked into the rest room pompously. He kicked Guo Jianchao who looked like a dog lying on the ground. "How was it? Did you enjoy it?"

"Uh oh!!! No..." Guo Jianchao felt so painful that he immediately stopped after a few words. He was afraid of being kicked again because he knew that he was fragile right now. "Good, I'm feeling very good..."

"Did it feel good? One more time then?" Bao Sanli stared and asked.

"No, no, no more..." Guo Jianchao rejected immediately.

"That's right. Do as you would be done by. Try to imagine it. If you raped my woman, how uncomfortable would she feel?" Bao Sanli sneered.

"Yes, yes, I know. I won't do it again!" Guo Jianchao nodded his head hurriedly. But he was thinking, How is it the same for a man and a woman? But he didn't say it out loud.

"Alright, since you're feeling good. Let's talk about real business now. How would you pay for the incident about my girlfriend?" Bao Sanli asked.

"Ah? Again? Isn't it solved already..." Guo Jianchao was terrified. So it hasn't ended yet!

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