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Chapter 158: A Fantasy Target

Note: This chapter contains some descriptions of a s.e.xual activity.

This chapter also contains a reference to s.e.x without consent. This is considered rape which is a crime in most countries. Forcing a person to have s.e.x won't change his/her att.i.tude toward the rapist.  Please remember that this novel is FICTION.

"I'm sorry everyone. I went for a smoke." President Hua said with a smile, " Have all of you eaten already?"

"Yeah, the food is nice!" Vice President Liao smiled while nodding his head.

Yang Li and Sun Jie didn't say anything, but they nodded as well.

"Then let's stop right here. I booked a KTV room upstairs. We shall go singing and relax!" President Hua said.

Yang Ming shook his head while looking at Sun Jie's flushed face. The drug's effect had started. Now it was a matter of time for it to be fully in effect.

It wasn't Sun Jie's fault for being defenseless. Usually, the people who had dinner with her were of a high status. They were either government officers or CEOs. Who would do such a filthy act? Besides, she had such a powerful background. Whoever bullied her was courting death!

But someone truly wanted to taste death, and the person was Guo Jianchao. Guo Jianchao was still young and blundering. He was a Vice President by the age of 29, so he can't be blamed for his arrogance. Furthermore, President Hua had influenced him to use such a drug.

Maybe he a.s.sumed it to be easy. He thought that Sun Jie would listen to him as long as he screwed her until she moaned with a WaWa sound. Guo Jianchao was very confident in his s.e.xual skills. Since he matured at a young age, he was a regular customer at bath centers during high school. Therefore, he was good at having s.e.x.

When he studied at university, Guo Jianchao tricked his campus belle to go to a hotel and screwed her without consent. At first, the little woman was crying, but after he bonked her for three days, her att.i.tude had changed 180 degrees. [1]

So, Guo Jianchao was extremely confident. Indeed, it did work on some women, but not all. Guo Jianchao's a.s.sumption was lacking.

The Nightless Club's KTV had a gorgeous design. The sound system was imported from Korea, and the TV was a popular 52 inch HD LCD. President Hua booked a big room. There were two independent restrooms and bathrooms. So, anyone can rest anytime when they were tired of singing. The price, of course, wasn't cheap. It was nearly the price of a room at a five-star hotel.  

Yang Ming wasn't interested in popular songs. Instead, he loved the old cla.s.sic songs. Luo Tyu, Fei Xiang, and Zheng Zhihua were his favorites.[2]

Yang Ming felt like he was listening to noise when Guo Jianchao and the rest of them sang popular songs. `

He picked up a Zhongnanhai [3] and held it in his mouth.

"Get out and smoke. Do you want to smoke us to death?" Yang Li wasn't happy, "We're still singing. You're choking us!"

Yang Ming wanted to slap her. No one else is complaining besides you! Do you think I want to be here? The singing is worse than the sound of cats shrieking!

Yang Ming stood up and walked toward the door. He returned after walking halfway. There was a toilet inside. Why would he need to go out? Yang Ming didn't turn on the light and walked into the bathroom. He opened the bathroom's window and gazed outside.

At this time, lights brightened up the city. Yang Ming was feeling emotional as he looked at this Nightless City located to the north of Hong Kong. Even since I helped an old man, I got some extraordinary abilities! Then, I became like a male lead in those lewd novels. He had unlimited affairs but his chances to get into trouble increased too.

Is this what they mean when every encounter can change one's life? If one encounters a situation, then his life changes accordingly. If it was the previous Yang Ming who didn't have special abilities, Yang Ming wouldn't have chased after Chen Mengyan. He wasn't confident enough after all. If he didn't chase after Chen Mengyan, then he wouldn't be w.a.n.g Zhitao's enemy. Then he wouldn't have met Lin Zhiyun as well. Correspondingly, Yang Ming wouldn't have copied Zhang Bing's exam paper. Zhao Ying wouldn't ask him to go to her office either, and subsequently, he wouldn't have the s.e.xy tutoring sessions.

All of these were because of his unusual abilities. Including this time. If he didn't have these abilities, he wouldn't have registered in a university, and Yang Li wouldn't let him go to her house...

Yang Li was drunk after two songs. She closed her eyes and slept. Vice President Liao had to leave because something came up. Before he left, he apologized to Sun Jie and asked her to explain to Yang Ming because he wasn't there.

President Hua and Guo Jianchao despised Vice President Liao for this. Yang Ming was just a hooligan, why would you pay so much respect to him? When they saw Vice President Liao had left and Yang Li was sleeping, they were delighted. Yang Ming wasn't here as well. If Sun Jie's drug started to activate now, this would be a good opportunity for Guo Jianchao.

Sun Jie was feeling hotter and hotter. It was a strange feeling, but Sun Jie knew the feeling well. It was the craving for s.e.x! She wasn't a girl who practiced abstinence. Sometimes she would vent her "needs," but it was weird for her to have this feeling now.

Normally she wouldn't have such an urge in this type of situation. Sun Jie frowned and closed her legs tightly. She was diverting her attention away from that. But the more she wanted to distract herself, the more she wanted it. Sun Jie licked her dried lips. She couldn't stop herself but kept crossing her legs.

Guo Jianchao naturally noticed something was wrong with Sun Jie. They looked at each other and expressed a joyful look.

When Sun Jie was breathing rapidly, Guo Jianchao asked as the "good guy", "Sun Jie, are you okay?"

Sun Jie clenched her teeth and shook her head. She was putting in an effort to control herself, but it didn't work. In the past, Sun Jie could hold her l.u.s.t when she had the "need." But this time, she knew she had to have it, and the feeling just got stronger and stronger!

"There is a restroom here. Why don't you take a rest?" Guo Jianchao suggested as a  "good guy" again.

Sun Jie couldn't take it anymore. If she didn't deal with it now, she would die! Sun Jie looked at the restroom and hesitated. Then, she ran toward the bathroom. All in all, "doing" it in a bathroom was more convenient than a restroom. The body fluids wouldn't stain anywhere and be seen by others.

Sun Jie turned on the bathroom light. She went in and locked the door. Then she couldn't wait to open her dress and remove her underwear. She pulled her dress while her fingers quickly slide around the private area...

Yang Ming was terrified. Isn't Sun Jie being too fierce? She m.a.s.t.u.r.b.a.t.es in the bathroom of a KTV like no one else existed! Didn't she know that someone was beside her?

Sun Jie shouldn't be blamed for that because Yang Ming didn't turn on the bathroom light, and no one noticed him. Furthermore, Sun Jie had lost her mind. She just wanted to release her "needs", so her eyes were half closed. She never thought that someone would be there beside her.

"F*ck! She ran into the bathroom!" Guo Jianchao cursed, displeased. "Is she masturbating now? If this happens, then wouldn't our plan be wasted?"

"Hehe, Brother Guo, why are you worrying so much?" President Hua shook his head with confidence. "This drug won't let her relieve herself. The more she m.a.s.t.u.r.b.a.t.es, the stronger the desire. Maybe later, she would ask to have "fun" with you!"

"Really?" Guo Jianchao was delighted. "If that's the case, I'll be relieved."

"Of course, this American stuff is powerful!" President Hua nodded his head. He was right. Although the drug costs fifty yuan only, it was still a prohibited but potent aphrodisiac. It was called "Caryatid." When a woman consumed this drug, her mind was clear, but she could no longer control her body.

President Hua got this right. Sun Jie had this feeling right now. She felt like the fluid from her lower body part kept flowing out like water. No matter how she stroked it, she was still thirsty for it. Such feeling of wanting something but not getting it was making her suffer.

I truly wanted a guy to... a thought had crossed by Sun Jie's mind. She was surprised too! Although I usually have such "needs," I never want to do "this" with a guy... What's wrong with me today?

But such logical thought was preempted by the unlimited l.u.s.t. The images of men crossed through her mind. Sun Jie didn't have good feelings about men, especially people like Guo Jianchao. So these people just flashed through her mind without pausing. Yes, Sun Jie hated all other men except her family! These other men usually didn't have good intentions. All of them chased her because of her family background!

At last, Yang Ming's image crossed her mind. But Sun Jie was surprised that his image didn't disappear, instead, his image imprinted itself on her mind!

Chapter Notes:

[1] Translator personal's note: Please be incredibly mindful of the context of the fiction as s.e.x without consent is rape, which is a severe crime in most countries. Forcing a girl into s.e.x won't change her att.i.tude about the rapist.

[2] Lo Tayu - https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Lo_Tyu

Fei Xiang -  https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Fei_Xiang

Zheng Zhihua - https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Zheng_Zhihua

[3] It is a blended type of cigarettes that was first produced at Beijing Cigarette Factory.

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