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Chapter 107: Yang Ming Hit The Jackpot

If it was Zhang Bing, he probably would have run away already! In fact, Zhang Bing had finished his enjoyment. Since there was no news from Yang Ming, Zhang Bing went back to his room and asked a prost.i.tute for a ma.s.sage.

Yang Ming did feel conflicted. His subconsciousness told him, Run away quickly. You're dead if the lady wakes up. But another inner voice told him, She is already your woman. Are you willing to leave her here alone? You want to be superior, but you can't even protect your own woman! How else do you want to fight against w.a.n.g Zhitao?

Forget it. I'm not a native here. It's impossible to bring her back. I'll let her understand through reasoning and touch her with emotion so that she won't do such thing in the future. Don't I still have twenty thousand yuan? I'll give her ten thousand yuan. Yang Ming shook his head, fixed his shirt properly, and then he walked out of the room.

Zhang Bing just came out of the shower. When he saw Yang Ming, his face had a strange smile. "Yang Ming, how was it? Did you enjoy it?"

Yang Ming b.u.mped into Zhang Bing so suddenly, so he felt awkward. He could only nod his head with a hmph and a ha. "Oh yeah, if I leave with the person, would the lobby manager say something?"

"Nope, the normal prost.i.tute is a one-shot deal, the only difference was the price. So they aren't the fixed prost.i.tute. Even if it was a prost.i.tute, if she didn't want to work, no one could interfere with it!" Zhang Bing said, "Why, boss? Could it be that you are fond of her?"

"I'll talk to you later about this. Can you help me get an emergency morning-after pill from the lobby manager?" Yang Ming lowered his voice.

"Oh man, you're so cool. Did you e.j.a.c.u.l.a.t.e without a condom?" Zhang Bing gave him a thumbs up. "It's my first time seeing a 'client' like you buy a morning-after pill for a prost.i.tute after he's finished!"

"She isn't a prost.i.tute. You know it too. She was forced." Yang Ming shook his head.

"They sell it downstairs. I'll go with you." Zhang Bing said.

As expected, there was a counter at the side of the lobby downstairs. Condoms, emergency pills, and s.e.x toys were in stock. Yang Ming bought a box of Levonorgestrel pills. He felt embarra.s.sed at first, but when he saw a man buy an Automatic JB [1] and experiment with it with a girl, Yang Ming suddenly had no fear. "How do I use this drug?"

"Eat the first pill within seventy-two hours, then eat the second pill after twelve hours." The salesperson explained.

"Oh, okay." Yang Ming nodded his head.

Zhang Bing had already talked to the lobby manager by this time. Yang Ming was right. The girl had nothing to do with the bathing center. It was better for the customer to take her away so that the bathing center didn't have to deal with the aftermath.

Zhang Bing gave 3,500 yuan readily. 3,200 yuan was enough, but he gave an extra 300 yuan as a tip. Lobby manager was delighted. She praised Zhang Bing saying that he was such a cool guy. The lobby manager didn't lie. She took out 2,000 yuan and put it into an envelope, then told the woman cashier, "Later, you give it to the lady Lan."   

Yang Ming only found out now that the girl's surname was Lan.

He felt unnatural about the lobby manager's ambiguous look.


In the room, Lan Ling had already woken up. After Yang Ming went out, she opened her eyes and gazed steadily at the closed door. She said faintly, "Mom is right. All men are bad. It's you who ran away. You can't blame me."

When Lan Ling thought Yang Ming was a dead man, the door room opened "Ka." Lan Ling looked at the man who had devastated her come back.

It wasn't accurate to say devastated. Although Lan Ling was forced to take an aphrodisiac, she was still clearly conscious. It seemed like I'm the one who took the initiative? So Lan Ling decided. If the man treated her nicely, then she will tell him a secret. After all, he had the responsibility too. But if the man ran away, then leave him alone.

Lan Ling subconsciously covered herself with the blanket when she saw Yang Ming come in. The blanket did not cover her eyes. She looked at Yang Ming anxiously.

"Are you awake?" Yang Ming asked awkwardly.

"..." Lan Ling didn't say anything.

"I bought you this pill... You should take it..." Yang Ming put the birth-control pills on the bed. Then, he opened the mineral water in his hand. "You also don't want to get pregnant..."

Lan Ling looked at the contraceptive pills and then back at Yang Ming. "You came back to give me the pills?"

Yang Ming didn't know how to respond. He nodded his head.

Lan Ling frowned. "If it's like this, then you can leave now. I don't need the pills. I will handle this myself."

"Truthfully, I'm..." Yang Ming took a bite. d.a.m.n it. It's just about convincing others. "Can you stop doing such business going forward?"

"Then what should I do?" Lan Ling asked lightly, but she smirked. Girls usually cared about their first time very much, especially like Lan Ling who had received a traditional education. Therefore, she was fond of the Yang Ming that treated her well but not the one who left her.

Because Lan Ling's face was not visible, Yang Ming couldn't see her expression. He didn't know whether she was happy or angry. However, since Yang Ming had decided, he spoke self-consciously, "You should be still studying at your age. Although your father abandoned you, you can earn your own living. I have ten thousand yuan here. You can take it..." As he spoke, Yang Ming took out a stack of money and put it by the bedside. Luckily, there was an ATM downstairs. If not, he wouldn't know where to get money.   

"You don't want me?" Lan Ling frowned slightly. Is this man treating me nicely or not?

"I..." Yang Ming showed a face of helplessness. Of course, he wanted, but what should he do after that? Should I bring Lan Ling back to Song Jiang? Then, what about Chen Mengyan?

"I'm not local." Yang Ming explained.

"I can go with you." Lan Ling decided to give one last chance to this man. If he didn't appreciate it, then it was fine.

"..." Yang Ming hesitated. A girl is willing to let me bring her home. That was such an attractive temptation. However, first, I don't have any economic strength. Secondly, I don't have any social status. If I bring her back, first, I can't get it past my parents.  

"You don't have to say anymore..." Lan Ling shook her head. Looks like this man isn't willing to bring me back.

"I didn't mean that... Seriously, you can follow me... What I mean was my feeling to you is just physical. I don't know anything about you yet..." Yang Ming was anxious, so he spoke out his mind. But this was truly what he thought.

"He… That should be enough. You will fall in love with me slowly." Lan Ling smiled gently and her eyes turned into a crescent moon.

"Why would you do such a business? I heard that your father abandoned you?" Yang Ming sighed and sat on the bedside.

"Did you think I wanted to? I got drugged." Lan Ling pulled the blanket from her face and exposed her beautiful face with a little flirtatious beauty.

"Right, how old are you?" Yang Ming suddenly thought of an important question.

"Sixteen years old. I just reached maturity. Just relax, the police won't come and catch you." Lan Ling was complacent. So this guy isn't that honest either!

"Hehe... I didn't mean this..." Yang Ming was awkward about being exposed. "I mean a s.e.xual relationship between a young girl and adult isn't good for body development..."

Lan Ling didn't argue with him. "Then why were you pushing so hard? Weren't you afraid that I might die?"

"Uh… Wasn't it you who acted crazy? Yang Ming sneered.

"Do you still want it?" Lan Ling suddenly looked at Yang Ming charmingly. Such misty eyes directly ignited the l.u.s.t in Yang Ming again...

Without a word, both bodies connected once more. Without the effect of the aphrodisiac, Lan Ling was much crazier. Furthermore, this time her eyes had the charm that lured others to commit a crime.

"You were saying that you don't like me? Then what is this?" After the "storm", Lan Ling asked naughtily.

Yang Ming was speechless. If he still said that he didn't like her, then his action was the same as a hooligan's.

"Hehe, even if you don't say it, I can still feel what you wanted..." Lan Ling lay on Yang Ming as she listened to his heartbeat.

Yang Ming was tempted. Such a s.e.xy beast could make any normal man feel tempted. She was pure and beautiful like a fairy, but she was exceptionally wild in bed. The charm of innocence, this was one of the highest realms of a great woman.

"How do you know what I'm thinking?" What Yang Ming had on his mind was brought to light and he felt a little awkward.

"Because I have bewitched you with my voodoo." Lan Ling said leisurely, "I could feel your love for me..."

What the f***? Yang Ming suddenly jumped up from the bed. Did I hit the jackpot?

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