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Chapter 1228: Father and Son Confrontation

Translator: Exodus Tales Editor: Exodus Tales

“Man, where are you? Why haven’t I seen you for a long time?” Tian Donghua went out of the cla.s.sroom, and his voice grew louder.

“I went out on business a few days ago.” Yang Ming did not say anything about going abroad. After all, these things were relatively secretive; Yang Ming would not easily tell others about it. “During this time, nothing happened in cla.s.s, right?”

“No. But Counselor Xie Yongqiang asked once where you went. We said we didn’t know, and he didn’t ask again.” Tian Donghua thought about it and replied.

En , I know. Probably he might have asked my G.o.dsister, Xiao Qing. She might have helped me to cover up.” Yang Ming smiled and said. Xiao Qing knew that he had to leave to do things, and probably made up a story for him at Xie Yongqiang’s side.

“It’s so good that you have such a G.o.dsister. You can skip cla.s.ses at any time. There is a kid who doesn’t attend cla.s.ses. He was notified and lectured after not attending cla.s.s for only two weeks!” Tian Donghua smiled admiringly as he said.

“You don’t even need a G.o.dsister. You probably haven’t even been to your cla.s.ses before, right?” Yang Ming mocked.

Hah , yeah… but I am paying for it, unlike you all. The school doesn’t care about me.” Tian Donghua said and laughed as if it were nothing.

“Are you going to keep muddling on like this?” Yang Ming sighed. No wonder Tian Long was worried about him. Until now, Tian Donghua seemed to have no plan or purpose in life.

“I’ll muddle on first.” Tian Donghua did not understand Yang Ming’s meaning and still spoke in a joking way.

“You don’t want to take over your father’s family business in the future?” asked Yang Ming.

“I… those… let’s talk about it next time.” Tian Donghua was upset when he thought about the things his father recently did. From the bottom of his heart, he did not agree with his father. The Tian Family relied on the Sun Family to make a foothold, but in turn, his father took action against the Sun Family. Morally, it couldn’t be justified. It was just that Tian Donghua and the Sun Family were not close, and his impression of Sun Zhiwei was even worse, so he did not interfere with his father’s behavior. In fact, he had no way to interfere.

His struggle was meaningless. Even if Tian Donghua wanted to have a fall out with Tian Long, Tian Long probably would not give up on going against Yang Ming.

Yang Ming didn’t know about Tian Donghua’s thoughts. He wanted to hand over the future businesses of Donghai to Tian Donghua, but now it seemed that Tian Donghua’s mind was not on this.

“Old Tian, ​​your father just called me.” Yang Ming thought about it and deemed it necessary to inform Tian Donghua first. “Your father wants to know about your situation at school from me, so he invited me to go to Donghai.”

Ah !” Tian Donghua heard Yang Ming’s words and immediately exclaimed; even his voice changed.”Yang Ming, my dad is looking for you? When was this?”

“What’s wrong? It was just now?!” Yang Ming was a bit puzzled why Tian Donghua’s reaction was so big. “Old Tian, ​​you didn’t really do anything, right? You’re so scared.”

“No, Yang Ming! You tell me first. When did my dad look for you?” Tian Donghua interrupted Yang Ming and asked in a panic.

“Just now. Just before I called you.” Yang Ming noticed that Tian Donghua’s att.i.tude was getting stranger. “Old Tian, ​I immediately called you to match the statements, lest I get you in trouble when I say too much.”

“Fortunately, you called me!” Tian Donghua breathed a sigh of relief, but his heart was also struggling! Tian Donghua knew very well why his father called Yang Ming and what his father wanted to do.

At this moment, he must make a choice, either tell Yang Ming about his father’s conspiracy or hide it from Yang Ming. However, he couldn’t betray his friend! w.a.n.g Xue had already let Yang Ming down once and betrayed him. At that time, Tian Donghua even almost had a fall out with w.a.n.g Xue and broke up with her. If Yang Ming did not ask for a favor on behalf of w.a.n.g Xue, Tian Donghua would have dumped w.a.n.g Xue long ago.

Although he also liked w.a.n.g Xue, he would choose his friends if he had to choose between w.a.n.g Xue and his friends. It could be said that Tian Donghua was a very loyal person.

But now, he was faced with the choice between family and friendship! Tian Donghua really didn’t want to betray his father, but his father lied to him! His father already promised not to take action on Yang Ming. As a result, how many days was it? His father made up such a reason to trick Yang Ming to Donghai!

If his father no longer took action against Yang Ming, Tian Donghua would act as if nothing happened; he wouldn’t say anything to Yang Ming. But now, his father violated his own promise, which was unacceptable and intolerable to Tian Donghua!

Thinking of this, Tian Donghua had already made a decision – one of the most important decisions in his life. His current decision was what saved his father at the last moment from death.

“What fortunately I called you?” Yang Ming frowned slightly. Facing Tian Donghua, who had no sense in his words, Yang Ming was a bit puzzled. “Old Tian, ​​what are you talking about?”

“Yang Ming, where are you? You wait for me. I am looking for you now!” Tian Donghua said in a hurry.

“I am… En , I am on my way to school…” said Yang Ming. Yang Ming was preparing to go to school just before receiving a call from Tian Long. Just because of the call from Tian Long, Yang Ming changed his itinerary at the last moment.

“Then, I will wait for you at the entrance to the school!” Tian Donghua hung up the phone after he finished talking.

Yang Ming didn’t know the purpose of Tian Donghua’s mysteriousness, but he drove toward the school.

After Tian Donghua hung up Yang Ming’s call, he hurried back to the cla.s.sroom and said to w.a.n.g Xue, “Xue Er, I have something important to do. I have to go out now.”

Ah , now?” w.a.n.g Xue was not an unreasonable person. When she saw Tian Donghua’s anxious look, she nodded. “Will you come back for lunch at noon?”

“I don’t know; maybe I won’t eat. You can eat by yourself. We’ll contact each other then,” said Tian Donghua.

“Okay, then we’ll keep in touch on the phone. You should be careful.” w.a.n.g Xue realized that Tian Donghua had something to do, but Tian Donghua did not elaborate, so she did not ask.

“It’s nothing dangerous; it’ll be fine.” Tian Donghua smiled bitterly. His father would not do anything bad to him, no matter what. He was not in any danger. “We already let Yang Ming down once. We can’t let him down a second time.”

Ah ?” w.a.n.g Xue listened to Tian Donghua’s words and was immediately shocked. “Yang Ming?”

“It’s nothing. You concentrate on listening to the lecture. I will talk to you later.” Tian Donghua waved his hand as he walked out of the cla.s.sroom.

Looking at Tian Donghua, who entered and exited the cla.s.sroom like he was walking through the city gate, the teacher could only smile helplessly. The university was like this; if you don’t study, the teacher would not care about you.

Occasionally, the counselor might take attendance. In other cases, it was basically laissez-faire. The first semester of freshman year was slightly better. After that, no one would care about it.

Especially for students like Tian Donghua who spent money to be here, the teachers knew what was going on, so they were negligent in caring about them.

Tian Donghua quickly ran out of the teaching building and ran towards the school gate. Tian Donghua felt angrier and angrier. His father had already promised him not to take action against Yang Ming. But as a result, he called Yang Ming behind his back and wanted to trick Yang Ming to go to Donghai. This made Tian Donghua extremely angry.

After hesitating, Tian Donghua picked up the phone and dialed his father’s phone number.

“h.e.l.lo? Donghua?” Tian Long saw his son’s phone call and was shocked. Logically, Tian Donghua rarely called him to contact him.

“Dad, where are you?” Tian Donghua asked faintly.

“I am at the company. What’s wrong? Is there anything the matter?” Tian Long became more and more puzzled. Why did his son call him?

“Dad, I heard that you had invited Yang Ming to Donghai to find out how I am doing at school. Is this really true?” Tian Donghua wanted to expose his father’s plot in person, but the other party was still his father, so Tian Donghua could only make insinuations.

Ah !” Tian Long’s face suddenly changed. “Yang Ming told you?”

“Yeah, Yang Ming will naturally tell me!” Tian Donghua said coldly, “Yang Ming is my buddy. If you want to understand my situation, he will definitely match statements with me first.”

“So it’s like this… Haha , I just wanted to find Yang Ming and ask about your situation at school…” Tian Long’s tone became a bit unnatural, and having his son catch him red-handed made him very upset.

“Is that really the case?” Tian Donghua snorted. “Do you think I will believe it?”

“Of course, it is true.” Tian Long knew that his plan to catch Yang Ming was gone. He calculated countless times, yet he didn’t antic.i.p.ate that Yang Ming would inform Tian Donghua after receiving his call!

He was standing from a father’s point of view as he told his son’s good friend, Yang Ming, these words. He hoped that Yang Ming could hide it from Tian Donghua and tell him what Tian Donghua had done. In his opinion, this was for Tian Donghua’s sake. Yang Ming should be able to understand that.

However, he overlooked a point, the brotherhood between Yang Ming and Tian Donghua. Regardless if Tian Donghua was good or not, Yang Ming was not likely to directly betray Tian Donghua. He would definitely discuss it with Tian Donghua first.

As a result, Tian Long’s plan failed. When he thought of it now, he was a bit too shortsighted. When he learned that Bao Sanli and Hou Zhenhan had exposed Qu Daming and Liu Chan’s plot, he became a little anxious.

This was because he had to give some explanation to the behind-the-scenes boss. Before he instigated a rebellion in Donghai when Tian Long bribed a lot of people, the mysterious behind-the-scenes boss gave him ample financial support. Now, the matters that the boss handed him were not completed, and Tian Long could only set his hope on catching Yang Ming.

Come to think of it now, his plan was full of holes. Even if Yang Ming did not talk to Tian Donghua, Yang Ming should also doubt his motivation and purpose! However, Tian Long still didn’t take into consideration the most critical question: Could Yang Ming be caught so easily? He didn’t know Yang Ming’s other ident.i.ty. He only thought that Yang Ming was just a student who knew some Kung Fu. As long as he sent some people, Yang Ming could be caught.

“Dad, are you still lying to me?” Tian Donghua was obviously not a fool. After hearing Yang Ming’s words, he saw through his father’s plot.

“I…” Tian Long sighed. He also understood that no matter how he explained it, Tian Donghua wouldn’t believe him. He could only blame himself for telling Tiang Donghua about his plan to deal with Yang Ming.

“Dad, didn’t you promise me not to take action against Yang Ming? Why did you go against your word?” Tian Donghua finally couldn’t control his emotions and broke out. “You didn’t keep your word!”

“Donghua, it’s not that Dad did not keep his word, but some unexpected changes happened. It could only be fixed by catching Yang Ming…” Tian Long explained, “The other things that the boss handed over are already ruined. I can only rectify it from other aspects. Therefore, catching Yang Ming is the only way to rectify it.”

“Dad, I have already said that I won’t interfere with whatever you do, but you absolutely cannot take action against my friends!” Tian Donghua said resolutely, “You promised me. If you think of doing anything to Yang Ming, I will break this father-and-son relationship with you!”

Tian Long took a breath of cold air and didn’t expect his son to have such a strong personality. However, now that his son had already realized his plan, he couldn’t catch Yang Ming. Therefore, there was no reason to talk about these now. Even if Tian Long wanted to take action against Yang Ming, it would be more difficult.

“Okay, I promise you.” Tian Long said with some helplessness.

Tian Donghua did not say anything but silently hung up the phone. Is Father’s guarantee really useful? Tian Donghua smiled bitterly. In fact, he also understood very well that if it were really useful, his father would not go back on his word after he guaranteed it to himself before this.

If his father really went back on his word, could he really leave this father-son relationship? Tian Donghua still smiled bitterly. In any case, they were father and son; this was an unchangeable fact. Tian Donghua could only work hard for his own beliefs, but what could he do if his father really went against his promise?

It seemed that he could only warn Yang Ming about it. He really had no other better ideas.

After standing at the entrance of the school for a while, he saw Yang Ming’s car coming over and slowly stop at his side.

“Old Tian, ​​get in the car.” Yang Ming opened the door to the front seat and said to Tian Donghua, who was standing aside.

Tian Donghua was also not polite, and he directly got in the car. “Yang Ming, I haven’t seen you for a long time. I miss you, buddy.”

“I went abroad.” Yang Ming said, “Old Tian, ​​you are so anxious. Why did you look for me?”

“Yang Ming, I… I am indeed looking for you.” Tian Donghua hesitated, his face showing a distressed expression. Although Tian Donghua had made up his mind to tell Yang Ming that his father intended to do something terrible to Yang Ming, the person involved was his father after all; it was hard for Tian Donghua to speak up.

“Old Tian, ​​what the matter? Just say it.” Yang Ming also saw that Tian Donghua seemed to have a somewhat difficult time to speak up, so he said, “How about we first find a quiet place, then talk about it?”

“Sure!” Tian Donghua nodded. Tian Donghua really found it difficult to tell him in the car. “It just so happens that it’s noon. Let’s find a restaurant; I’ll treat you for a meal.”

Yang Ming smiled and said, “Okay, let’s find a Western restaurant. I know a Russian restaurant nearby that is quieter.”

Yang Ming drove to the nearby Russian restaurant, which was opened by Xu Peng. In the end, Xu Peng did not accept Yang Ming’s suggestion to do business with Li Dagang.

Because he had a wife and kid, he felt that it was better to have a more stable job. However, with the relationship of Yang Ming, Yang Ming also took care of Xu Peng through Bao Sanli.

Although Xu Peng didn’t work with Yang Ming, he was still a former brother. They cried, laughed, and went crazy together before. Yang Ming also helped him open such a Western restaurant. His income was much more stable and abundant than the previous billiard room.

Yang Ming was also very pleased that his old buddies had a good home. People have their own aspirations. Yang Ming couldn’t force him to do anything, as long as he fulfilled his moral duty.

Western restaurants generally had more guests in the evening, but there were not many guests during the day. Xu Peng was working out the accounts at the bar counter. When he looked up and saw Yang Ming coming in, he immediately put down the account book in his hand and came out from the bar to greet him. “Brother Yang, you are here!”

Although Xu Peng asked Yang Ming to come over and sit when he was free, Xu Peng knew very well that Yang Ming would not come here often. Yang Ming’s ident.i.ty already destined that he would not come here often although the grade of the Western restaurant was not low.

“Big Peng, how are you lately?” Yang Ming smiled and patted Xu Peng’s shoulder.

“Business is good. There are more than a hundred thousand left in a month.” Xu Peng did not have to hide at all from Yang Ming. After all, this was all given to him by Yang Ming. Although Xu Peng used his own money to open the Western restaurant, Yang Ming found people to help him with the social relationships. After all, without some connection, there were a lot of matters in both the legal and illegal aspects that could not be settled if people like him, who had no foundation, wanted to open a Western restaurant in the downtown area. But with prior notice from Bao Sanli, these matters could be settled much easier.

So far, no unknowing people came to trouble Xu Peng.

“It is also stable.” Yang Ming was satisfied with this result.

“Yeah, it’s a lot more profitable than before!” Xu Peng nodded happily. “Brother Yang, is this your friend?”

“My college cla.s.smate, Tian Donghua!” Yang Ming introduced to Xu Peng, “The same dorm, a good buddy.”

“h.e.l.lo, I am a buddy of Yang Ming from junior high school, Xu Peng!” Xu Peng reached out in a friendly manner to Tian Donghua.

“I am very glad to meet you!” Tian Donghua was also a natural socializer. He shook Xu Peng’s hands without being distant.

“Xu Peng, find us a private room. We want to talk about something. In terms of dishes, you make the call. I’m fine with anything.” Yang Ming said to Xu Peng, “I will reminisce with you another time.”

“No problem!” Xu Peng nodded and took Yang Ming and Tian Donghua to a very elegant private room upstairs. “Brother Yang, I will inform the kitchen to prepare the dishes.”

“It seems that I won’t be able to treat you for this meal!” After Xu Peng left, Tian Donghua made a little joke to ease the atmosphere.

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