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Chapter 1227: Tian Long’s InvitationTranslator: Exodus Tales Editor: Exodus Tales

Did something happen to Sun Jie? Thinking of this possibility, Yang Ming couldn’t just sit still. Yang Ming was only angry when the company’s money was stolen previously; he wasn’t really worried. But now, when it was about Sun Jie, Yang Ming couldn’t calm down anymore.

He called again, but it was still the prompt of the cold female voice saying that the phone was turned off. Yang Ming called Sun Jie’s landline again, but the phone rang for a long time. No one answered the phone until the phone call was automatically hung off.

Although Yang Ming was very rea.s.sured about Sun Jie’s ability to do things, it was precisely because of this that Sun Jie had never left her phone away from her. Even though she might turn off her phone at night, there was no reason to turn it off during the daytime.

This was why Yang Ming was worried. However, he was helpless to worry now. Yang Ming couldn’t go to Donghai personally to find out what happened.

He could only put this aside first. He would contact Sun Jie again at night, or he would ask Xiao Qing after he met her.

“Big Hou, Baozi, you two follow up with the company’s matter for me. Don’t blame yourself too much.” Yang Ming said, “In addition, during the time the police are doing the investigation, you can also inquire about the people that are close to Liu Chan and Qu Daming in the company. Find out whether there are any people or phone calls that they frequently contacted during this time. Try to find as many clues as possible.”

“I understand.” Bao Sanli and Hou Zhenhan solemnly nodded. “Don’t worry; I will do this well.”

After Yang Ming explained the matter, there was no need to continue to stay in the company. However, Yang Ming’s heart was thinking about one thing at the moment.

The company’s vice presidents, Liu Chan and Qu Daming, stole all of the company’s money, and someone spent money hiring an a.s.sa.s.sin to a.s.sa.s.sinate Hou Zhenhan and Bao Sanli after that! Were there any necessary links between these two things?

Was it just a coincidence, or was there an ulterior connection?

If Bao Sanli and Hou Zhenhan were dead, who was the biggest beneficiary? According to common sense, the beneficiary should be the immediate relatives of Hou Zhenhan and Bao Sanli because their immediate family members were ent.i.tled to the company’s inheritance right under the inheritance laws.

However, there was still a possibility that Liu Chan and Qu Daming would use extraordinary means to take the company away. When Bao Sanli and Hou Zhenhan died, the company’s accounts would be unclear. The deficit of one hundred and thirty million yuan wouldn’t be blamed on Liu Chan and Qu Daming, and they could completely shirk their responsibilities at Hou Zhenhan and Bao Sanli.

Anyway, they would definitely escape if there was no proof. The remaining sh.e.l.l company would be in huge debt. The families of Bao Sanli and Hou Zhenhan probably wouldn’t want to inherit the company. Who would inherit a company that had no money, but have a debt of one hundred and thirty million yuan?

So in this way, Liu Chan and Qu Daming could use some extraordinary means to have the families of Bao Sanli and Hou Zhenhan give up on inheriting the company. Then they would truly control the company’s management rights in their hands.

Of course, Liu Chan and Qu Daming didn’t know that the behind-the-scenes boss of the company was Yang Ming. Although they knew Yang Ming, they only knew that Yang Ming had good relations with Bao Sanli and Hou Zhenhan. They wouldn’t think that Ming Yang Entertainment was actually Yang Ming’s company.

In summary, the biggest beneficiaries of this matter were Qu Daming and Liu Chan. Maybe they hired an a.s.sa.s.sin to a.s.sa.s.sinate Hou Zhenhan and Bao Sanli, but because w.a.n.g Kejin had spent a lot of time on the a.s.sa.s.sination of Yang Ming, he couldn’t make a move on Bao Sanli and Hou Zhenhan. This made Liu Chan and Qu Daming anxious, so they had a second plan which was a plan to escape.

Or, they had already prepared an escape plan as a backup plan, but this would never be known no matter what. Perhaps because they didn’t get news of the a.s.sa.s.sinations of Bao Sanli and Hou Zhenhan for a long time, plus Bao Sanli and Hou Zhenhan came to the company this morning for a surprise investigation, Liu Chan and Qu Daming had to flee in advance.

Because Liu Chan and Qu Daming were very clear about Bao Sanli’s previous work, it was difficult to guarantee what Bao Sanli would do with his wrath, so they chose to escape.

This was enough to explain why the two people fled to Donghai instead of other remote cities. However, Yang Ming couldn’t figure out why they did this. He could only wait until the two people were caught before he could reveal the mystery.

Tian Long received a phone call from Liu Chan and Qu Daming.

He did not expect that the things on Song Jiang’s side were exposed so soon.

“You said that Bao Sanli and Hou Zhenhan went to the company this morning to check the accounts?” Tian Long knew that this kind of unexpected event could be blamed on Qu Daming and Liu Chan, but the feeling of failure just as one was about to attain success was still very uncomfortable.

“Yes, Brother Long.” Liu Chan said carefully, “We did not expect that Bao Sanli and Hou Zhenhan would go to the company at this time! The company has been established for so long; he has always been very trusting of us. But at this time…”

“Didn’t Boss Sui say that he had found an a.s.sa.s.sin? Why isn’t there any news after such a long time?” Tian Long suddenly thought that Bao Sanli and Hou Zhenhan should be dead in the plan.

“We don’t know. At this time, Hou Zhenhan and Bao Sanli are still living well. They didn’t look like they were being a.s.sa.s.sinated.” Liu Chan shook his head.

“Did Boss Sui lie to me? No way! What good is it for him to lie to me?” Tian Long frowned.

“Brother Long, we have nowhere else to go; we can only go to you. You can’t give up on us!” said Liu Chan quickly.

“Do not worry; you can just come. I will find a place for you two to hide,” said Tian Long faintly.

Fortunately, Tian Long’s ambition was in Donghai. He was never interested in Song Jiang. If it weren’t for the mysterious boss’ command that he had to completely destroy the forces of Hou Zhenhan and Bao Sanli in Song Jiang, Tian Long wouldn’t bother to trouble them. It was just that since the behind-the-scenes boss had ordered, he had to do it.

Now, the plan failed halfway through. The behind-the-scenes boss couldn’t blame him. It could only be said that Man proposes, but G.o.d disposes 1 [1].

Hanging up Liu Chan’s phone call, Tian Long called Sui Yuejin.

“Boss Sui, what’s going on with your a.s.sa.s.sin? Why isn’t there any news for so long? Why are Bao Sanli and Hou Zhenhan still alive?” As Tian Long spoke up to here, he couldn’t help but be annoyed. He can’t even do this little matter. It seems that Sui Yuejin’s capability is only so so!” En ? No news yet? I have already posted the mission. Logically, the a.s.sa.s.sin should have acted in the past two days, right?” Sui Yuejin was also shocked, listening to Tian Long’s question.

“Acted? Hmph !” Tian Long said coldly, “Boss Sui, are you putting effort into it or not? Bao Sanli and Hou Zhenhan went to the company today for a surprise audit. Liu Chan and Qu Daming are scared away now; they are running here to Donghai!”

“Brother Long, you can’t just say that. I hired the world’s top a.s.sa.s.sin group. As for why Bao Sanli and Hou Zhenhan are still alive, I don’t know much about it, but if you said that I’m not putting much effort into it, it is impossible!” Sui Yuejin listened to Tian Long’s words, and he was shocked. Although he felt he was somewhat wronged, he still could not help but argue.

After all, he did contact the a.s.sa.s.sin group, and the current situation was not what he was willing to see.

” Hmph , you should urge them to be quick. If these two people are not dead, your plan to get back your Jidun City will be in vain. Just do what you should do.” Tian Long sneered.

“I understand.” Although Sui Yuejin was very displeased by Tian Long’s tone, he couldn’t be helped. Indeed, Tian Long’s goal was only Donghai; Song Jiang and Jidun City were what Sui Yuejin wanted.

He made a mistake, but Tian Long was still worried about him. It was considered nice already. If it were another person, he would be watching the fun without bothering much.

Hanging up the phone, Tian Long sighed slightly. This is not good. The forces of Bao Sanli and Hou Zhenhan aren’t destroyed yet. How do I tell the mysterious boss?

If I can catch Yang Ming, I can still have some good news for the mysterious boss. If I can’t catch Yang Ming, it means that I owe the mysterious boss too much. How can I repay it in the future?

Thinking of this, Tian Long had to reconsider Yang Ming’s matter. It was obviously not a good idea to let Sun Jie call Yang Ming. Sun Jie obviously wouldn’t lie to Yang Ming.

Regarding Sun Jie’s character, Tian Long was very familiar with it. If Sun Jie called Yang Ming, Sun Jie would never lie to Yang Ming. She would probably tell Yang Ming to be careful and warn him not to fall for Tian Long’s trap.

In that case, Yang Ming would be careful. If he wanted to catch Yang Ming unexpectedly, it would be harder. Tian Long was very clear that the forces of Bao Sanli and Hou Zhenhan belonged to Yang Ming. He was a close person to Sun Hongjun, so he had a good understanding of the underworld’s matter.

Once Yang Ming was prepared, then he would bring revenge and gang fights that no one could imagine. This wasn’t the result that Tian Long wanted. What Tian Long wanted was to catch Yang Ming without hurting his own interests. If it took too much effort, it wasn’t necessary anymore.

If it turned out to be a lose-lose situation, then what was the use for him to control the Sun Family’s forces in Donghai?

So, how could he lure Yang Ming without alerting him? It was obviously unrealistic to make a move on Yang Ming in Song Jiang. Tian Long was also not sure whether Yang Ming was protected by bodyguards. The best way was to have Yang Ming come to Donghai.

The connection that he had with Yang Ming was only Tian Donghua, but Tian Donghua didn’t want to help him bait Yang Ming. It seemed that Tian Long could only make a move on his own.

Thinking of his son, Tian Donghua, Tian Long suddenly came up with a brilliant idea. Of course, he felt it was more wonderful.

As Yang Ming left the headquarters of the Ming Yang Entertainment Company, the ringtone of his mobile phone rang. Yang Ming took out his mobile phone, and he actually saw the phone number of Tian Long! Previously, Yang Ming only met Tian Long once at the Immortal Resort. At that time, they only exchanged phone numbers, but they had no more contact after that. What was it about for Tian Long to call him now?

“h.e.l.lo, Uncle Tian?” Yang Ming asked in a hesitant tone.

“Yang Ming, it’s me!” There was a forthright laugh from Tian Long over the phone.

“Uncle Tian, it ​​really is you. I was still doubting when I saw the caller ID.” Yang Ming also smiled. “Uncle Tian, ​​are you looking for me?”

“I… really have something to ask from you. However, I don’t know if you, Yang Ming, have time?” Tian Long had already thought about how to say it, so at this moment, his tone was very natural.

“Time? I have. Uncle Tian, ​​you can just tell me.” Yang Ming’s first impression of Tian Long wasn’t bad, and because of Tian Donghua, Yang Ming was very polite to Tian Long.

The more important reason was that Tian Long was the helper of the Sun Family. Since Yang Ming was the son-in-law of the Sun Family, naturally, he would need to deal with Tian Long frequently. However, Yang Ming’s ambitions were in Country X of Africa; he wasn’t interested in the underworld’s matters here.

Yang Ming’s initial plan was that if Sun Hongjun really retired, Sun Jie and Yang Ming obviously couldn’t inherit his family business, and Sun Zhiwei wasn’t a talent in this area. Then this important task could only be entrusted to Tian Donghua. It was possible that Yang Ming could only hand over these matters to Tian Donghua. Although they were handing over the Sun Family’s business to another, Yang Ming’s energy was limited. He really couldn’t take care of these things. At most, he could leave some shares for Sun Zhiwei.

“It’s like this, Yang Ming. I want to talk to you about Donghua and his girlfriend…” Tian Long thought that this reason was very natural. Calling his son’s good friend to learn about his son’s matters in school. This was normal.

“Looking for me? Talk about Tian Donghua?” Yang Ming was stunned, then he suddenly showed a strange expression. “Uncle Tian, ​​you called me just because of this?”

“What else can I find you for!?” Tian Long sighed. “I have been busy with my career these years, and I’m losing touch with Tian Donghua. Now Tian Donghua has a girlfriend, but I don’t even know what his girlfriend’s family does. Tian Donghua didn’t tell me either, and I don’t know what he is busy with at school every day!”

“It turns out to be like this!” Yang Ming felt that Tian Long seemed to be making a fuss, but he could understand Tian Long’s feelings. Parents are always worried about their children. When thinking about his parents’ att.i.tude toward him during the college entrance examination, he could understand the feeling.

However, now that Tian Donghua was so big, it was a little strange that Tian Long was still so worried about Tian Donghua’s affairs.

“Uncle Tian, ​​what do you want to know?” Yang Ming thought that selling out Tian Donghua behind his back wasn’t something that a friend should do, so Yang Ming could only answer selectively on Tian Long’s questions. It would be better if he could communicate with Tian Donghua first, but he didn’t have the time now.

“What about this? Yang Ming, it’s almost noon already. Uncle will treat you to a meal; let’s talk while eating!” Tian Long, step by step, lured Yang Ming into his own trap.

“Eat a meal? Uncle Tian, ​​are you in Song Jiang?” Yang Ming was stunned.

“No, I am in Donghai. You can take a taxi and come to Donghai. Uncle will reimburse you for the fare! It will be very fast; it’s just an hour.” Tian Long said, “Uncle can’t leave Donghai, so I can only ask you to come.”

“Me? Go to Donghai?” Yang Ming was baffled after listening to Tian Long’s suggestion. He felt that Tian Long was really making a fuss. He could clearly speak on the phone, but he had to see Yang Ming. Moreover, if Tian Long was in Song Jiang, it was easy to come out and have a meal together after all. However, the problem now was that Tian Long was in Donghai. Yang Ming had to drive an hour to meet him for a meal and to chat!

“Yang Ming, if you have something, then forget it. Let’s talk about it another day.” Tian Long’s voice seemed a little pitiful.

“It’s fine that I go over…” After all, Tian Long asked for a favor from him for the first time. As a junior, Yang Ming really couldn’t refuse it. In fact, the most tempting thing for Yang Ming was to go to Donghai.

Before Yang Ming had not contacted Sun Jie, Yang Ming also thought about visiting Sun Jie to see what happened to her. Therefore, Yang Ming simply agreed. “Uncle Tian, ​​then I will drive myself. Just tell me the place.”

“The Spring Garden Hotel in Donghai. After you reach there, tell the lobby manager that you are looking for me.” Tian Long saw that Yang Ming promised him, and he was delighted immediately.

“Well, Uncle Tian, ​​then I will see you later.” Yang Ming replied and hung up.

However, Yang Ming’s heart was full of doubts. Tian Long suddenly looked for him just because he wanted to understand Tian Donghua’s things, and had him run to Donghai which was a thousand miles away. It was still unreasonable, no matter how he thought about it. However, Yang Ming couldn’t think of another reason. Although he had doubts, he could only keep the doubt in his heart.

Before leaving for Donghai, Yang Ming decided to call Tian Donghua first. School had started for so long, but he didn’t attend cla.s.s. He had been busy with things outside, so he didn’t know if anything was happening at school.

Zhang Bing was busy with the jewelry company during this period. Probably he had no time to go to school. If Yang Ming wanted to ask about school, the only person he could go to was Tian Donghua.

This kid was always with w.a.n.g Xue all day long; he had already become a member of Yang Ming’s cla.s.s, so he could just ask Tian Donghua about the matters in cla.s.s.

On the one hand, he had to ask about the school’s matters; on the other hand, he wanted to ask Tian Donghua whether this kid had gotten himself into trouble. Before Yang Ming met Tian Long, Yang Ming needed to synch up his story with Tian Donghua.

“Old Tian, ​​it’s me.” Yang Ming dialed Tian Donghua’s phone.

“Yang Ming? Just a moment. I am in cla.s.s; I am going out into the corridor.” There were the voices of Tian Donghua and the cla.s.s teacher in the cla.s.sroom.

The cla.s.sroom management of the university wasn’t strict initially. For a young master like Tian Donghua, it was obvious that he came to the school to dawdle his time. Therefore, the teacher also turned a blind eye to his usual behavior.

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