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"Fight what jet? Where is the jet?" Huang Lele inexplicably widened her eyes and looked at the dark night sky. She did not find the flashing lights on the tail of a plane.

Huang Rongjin, initially thought that Huang Lele was not there, so he casually said such a sentence. But now, he found that his little sister was looking at him innocently. Huang Rongjin felt that he had embarra.s.sed himself.

It was reasonable that Huang Lele did not know the terminology used between these men. Huang Lele had never been exposed to these things since she was a child. Yang Ming was her first boyfriend. Yang Ming did not talk about it, so no one ever said it.

Zhang Xiaonao felt that something was creepy when Yang Ming and Huang Lele suddenly appeared. At this moment, the two should be very pa.s.sionate. How come it was so fast? Is Yang Ming a fast gunner?

Zhang Xiaonao was inexplicable. Suddenly, there was another obscene moan in the distance. Zhang Xiaonao was even more shocked. He widened his eyes and exclaimed, "This... what is this sound!?"

Huang Rongjin was also astonished. Initially, he thought that the sound was the voice of Yang Ming and Huang Lele. But now, Yang Ming and Huang Lele stood in front of them, and they didn't even take off their clothes. So, where did the voice came from?

"The gorillas are mating. You never hear this sound before?" Yang Ming looked at the inexplicable expressions of Huang Rongjin and Zhang Xiaonao.

"Ah?" Zhang Xiaonao's eyes widened. "The gorillas are mating... I thought it was you..."

"What?" Yang Ming blinked. "You didn't think that it was me with Lele, right?"

Zhang Xiaonao was exposed, and his face was red; it could not be denied anymore. He just nodded and said, "I thought you and Lele were having s*x outside..."

Zhang Xiaonao was young and spoke insensibly. If it were Zhang Jingyao, he would never say something similar because Yang Ming was not a person who can make jokes at his level.

Of course, Zhang Jingyao was just too careful. Yang Ming did not necessarily account for these. Yang Ming was not the kind of person who was aloof and remote. Therefore, Yang Ming was not angry at Zhang Xiaonao's joke. He glared at him and said, "If I am having s*x outside with Lele, would you hear it? Do you have any brains!"

"Ha ha ha ha..." Huang Rongjin couldn't help but laugh, pointing to Zhang Xiaonao, and he couldn't breathe. "It's two gorillas that inspired your childish desire!"

Zhang Xiaonao's face suddenly turned green. He didn't expect the truth of the matter to be the case. Yesterday, when he and the black girl had s*x, his mind still dreamed of Huang Lele's ecstasy, and he could only fantasize in his mind. But today, the beautiful illusion was shattered. His fantasy was just the sound of a female gorilla... This made Zhang Xiaonao feel a little disgusted.

Yang Ming also thought of something, smiled, and held the hand of the somewhat inexplicable Huang Lele. "Let's go; let them stupidly laugh here."

"Oh, okay." Huang Lele did not ask too much and followed Yang Ming to leave.

Huang Rongjin, who was left behind, was still full of laughter, while Zhang Xiaonao vomited the beer that had just been drunk into his stomach.


It was destined to be an unsettling night. Li Lexin finally came, and under Li Zhichun's long-awaited call, she set foot on the land of Country X.

Li Lexin was not very beautiful, but her body was very strong and had a unique beauty. However, compared with w.a.n.g Xiaoyan, it was a lot worse.

Even so, it had caused the attention of the perverted Li Tianjia and Li Tianyu. However, Li Tianjia and Li Tianyu lost interest after they knew that Li Lexin was a distant relative of the two.

This was the person who would represent them for the battle and play a big role in the Li Family's future in Country X.

Li Zhichun welcomed Li Lexin warmly, but there were no luxury hotels in Country X. Only a few people could stay in a small hotel. Fortunately, Li Lexin often performed missions in different environments, so she was not too concerned about it.

"How is it? Do you have confidence?" Although Li Zhichun knew that this niece was very powerful, he still asked in concern.

Li Lexin was disdained by how cautious Li Zhichun was but still said, "No problem. It is trivial."

Li Zhichun was relieved to hear Li Lexin being so confident.

In fact, in many cases, bidding was just a formality. Just like now, the prices of these mines were basically fixed. In everyone's mind, they all had a common price in their heart.

The reason was very simple. If the price were too low, it would be easy for the opponent to get in. If the price were too high, then there would be no subsequent profit. Therefore, the cost of each mine had basically become fixed.

To guarantee their own interests, the price of a mine would stay at a reasonable price, and the rest was up to these people showing their might.

Li Zhichun entered the venue with Li Tianjia, Li Tianyu, and Li Lexin. Li Zhichun was still immersed in the illusion of having a deep relationship with General Kars. He always felt that he was superior to others.

"Hey, Jeffers, how are you? Do you have confidence?" Li Zhichun greeted a white man in English. This white man was the boss of a small coal mine near his iron mine. The money he earned naturally did not amount to Li Zhichun's iron ore, and there was no deep relationship with Li Zhichun!

Jeffers once also asked Li Zhichun for help to get connections with General Kars. So now when he saw such an acquaintance, Li Zhichun naturally wanted to show off.

"Li Zhichun!" Jeffers also saw Li Zhichun, and he walked over to him enthusiastically. "Me? I don't have such great strength. It's good enough that I can keep my mine! But come to think of it, no one will fight over that small place with me..."

"That's true!" Li Zhichun patted Jeffers' shoulder. He said with some regret, "You haven't made much money in these years. Otherwise, I can help you win a bigger mine with my relationship!"

"Yeah, ai, my funds are limited. I want to get bigger mines, but I don't have so much spare cash. Thank you for your kind intention!" Jeffers was a little excited. He didn't think that after so many years, Li Zhichun could still remember him and give him warm help. "How can I have capital like you? This time, you must want a bigger piece, right?"

"Hehe, for me, my main goal is to protect; the iron ore must be kept. As for the others, we'll look at the situation." Li Zhichun said with pride, "Since I have more free cash at hand, I don't lack these."

"Yeah, with your relationship with General Kars, this time, there isn't a mine in any place that you can't take!" Jeffers said with envy, "In the future, you must take care of this old brother!"

In fact, Jeffers was even older than Li Zhichun, but he followed the custom and acted like an underling in front of Li Zhichun.Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click for visiting.

Li Zhichun was also enjoying this feeling very much. He was flattered to the point where he felt that his body was so light it was as though he were floating. He said quickly, "Certainly! With our relationship, I will take care of you!"

"If there is an accident with my coal mine in a while, Mr. Li, you have to lend a helping hand!" Jeffers said quickly. This was his real objective.

The money in Jeffers' hands was limited. He also knew that, so he did not consider any gold mines, diamond mines, etc. As long as he could guarantee the coal mine in his hands, it was very good. Therefore, his main purpose was to ask Li Zhichun to give him support and care.

"That is for sure..." Li Zhichun spoke halfway and suddenly stopped. He himself went to General Kars to find the door closed. Now that someone else was looking to him, could he help? However, since the words have been spoken, Li Zhichun also couldn't retrieve it. He could only force himself to say, "That is certain; no problem!"

Li Zhichun thought, This coal mine is not something profitable, and no one will grab it. Now I will placate Jeffers to leave enough face.

After Jeffers got a positive reply from Li Zhichun, he was relieved! As far as he knew, this time, if someone really wanted to grab his coal mine, he was not confident to compete with that person until the end. So he greeted Li Zhichun in advance!

How would Jeffers know Li Zhichun's inner thoughts? He thought he was really getting on well, so the mood at this moment was exceptionally comfortable. Whistling a little song, he went to show off to his old friends. In the meantime, he also wanted to disclose a message to his compet.i.tors in advance that he had some connections, and the relationship between him and General Kars was very good!

After he finished boasting to Jeffers, Li Zhichun did not take it seriously. He turned around and prepared to bid with Li Tianjia and Li Tianyu.

"Why did the people of the Huang Family not come?" Li Tianjia glanced at the venue but did not find Huang Xiaofei, Huang Lele, and other figures. They also did not see Zhang Jingyao and Zhang Xiaonao, so they were suddenly puzzled.

Previously, Li Zhichun was busy bragging to Jeffers and enjoying the feeling of complacency, so he did not pay attention to whether the Huang Family was here. Now, listening to Li Tianjia's words, he looked up and scanned around the venue. Indeed, Huang Xiaofei and Zhang Jingyao were not seen.

"Are they really not here?" Li Zhichun looked around carefully and still found nothing. "Could it be that they thought they couldn't do it, so they gave up?"

"There is a possibility..." Li Tianjia frowned. "But, Zhang Jingyao's purpose this time is here. How could he not come? Is there something wrong?"

However, the next scene, like a hammer, banged on the chests of Li Zhichun, Li Tianjia, and Li Tianyu. The most unbelievable and worst nightmare that the Li Family did not want to witness had happened...

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