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Chapter 1194: A Killing Machine

Translator: Exodus Tales Editor: Exodus Tales

Yang Ming had always been ignored by the Li Zhichun father and sons. In their view, Yang Ming was not important. They simply did not regard Yang Ming as a character.

Before today, they even had the stupid and naive thought that the Huang Family could get through the disaster entirely because of Huang Xiaofei’s mouth, which persuaded that dumb*ss, Zhang Jingyao, to help him. This fool would also regret it sooner or later.

But today, Li Zhichun and his sons saw a different side. It seemed that the person who had all the power to determine everything was Yang Ming; it had nothing to do with other people!

Huang Xiaofei or Zhang Jingyao, they should not be the leaders of this matter, and Yang Ming was the one who knew Li Qiang and General Kars.

Judging from the seats of Yang Ming and Huang Lele and their arrogant att.i.tude, Li Qiang and General Kars may have a lower but not higher status than him!

So what did this mean? The cold sweat of the Li Zhichun father and sons immediately came out, and Li Zhichun’s face became pale. “Yang Ming, we’ve underestimated him.”

Li Tianjia and Li Tianyu seemed to have thought of the same problem. If Yang Ming was really the mastermind, could he be disadvantageous to the Li Family?

While Li Zhichun’s family was in fear, the bidding had officially started.

In fact, the bidding process was far from the heroic and sensation of the auctions. Most people had similar fair prices, and the bids were also concentrated on the more profitable gold mines and diamond mines. They did not compete on other mines.

At the entire bidding conference, the main event was the tournament at the end. Each mine owner would send a female slave who was either trained by them or a fighting master who they hired from other places at a high price to win the final victory.

Among them, the most bidding was done by a Euro-American person. He was sitting behind Yang Ming. This was considered as the top position in the whole venue. Of course, the order of these positions was also allocated according to their own economic strength.

That this guy could sit here meant that his own ability was good. When he bid, Yang Ming noticed him, and he obviously noticed Yang Ming too.

From the beginning of Yang Ming’s entry, this guy’s eyes often looked at Yang Ming, General Kars, and Li Qiang. Of course, he just threw a few glances at Huang Lele next to Yang Ming, and he did not do further a.s.sessing.

Obviously, he was a very intuitive person. From the nameplate in front of his seat, Yang Ming learned of his name. Bobby, a very common Euro-American name, was nothing special.

However, Bobby had his wealth and status today because of his keen observation. When Yang Ming “inadvertently” looked back, Bobby keenly seized this fleeting opportunity.

“Hi, sir. I am Bobby, an investor.” Bobby smiled and looked at Yang Ming, talking at an appropriate speed.

Yang Ming did not have to turn back when he wanted to observe someone; he could just observe with his special abilities. However, Yang Ming did it deliberately to see what kind of person Bobby was and if he needed to get acquainted with him.

After all, Country X was now his own territory. If Yang Ming could get acquainted with this kind of big investor in his own territory, he would try it.

However, Bobby obviously did not want to give up any opportunity.

“Hi, have you invested in a lot of mines?” Yang Ming nodded to him and spoke casually.

“Yeah, hehe , who doesn’t want to make a fortune? Who would complain that they have little money?” Bobby suddenly rejoiced to see that Yang Ming did not disregard him. “Sir, are you here to invest too?”

Yang Ming shook his head and smiled. “Do you think I am investing?”

After listening to Yang Ming, Bobby was slightly stunned, but then he laughed. “Of course, we are all here to invest in you.”

Yang Ming was a little impressed by Bobby’s quick reaction. He could figure out that Yang Ming was the real behind-the-scenes leader from just a few details. It seemed that this Bobby was a smart person, and it was a very happy matter to deal with intelligent people. Yang Ming also welcomed these people to invest in his private island.

“I welcome your support,” Yang Ming said faintly.

However, these four simple words had greatly increased Bobby’s interest, and his mood was extremely excited.

If Bobby could sit in this position at the bidding, it meant he had something extraordinary. The bidding seats were arranged by the number of mines that these mine owners once owned, so this also represented Bobby’s glory in Country X.

There must be a close relationship between him and General Kars. Now, Yang Ming was sitting in the VIP seat while General Kars and Li Qiang were sitting aside. Moreover, when Yang Ming turned back to talk to him, General Kars did not show anything. Especially when Yang Ming said the words, “I welcome your support,” General Kars would have heard them since he sat not far away.

What did these four words represent? This represented the rights to the land and absolute power! It was impossible for someone who did not have absolute power in Country X to say such an arrogant sentence.

Yang Ming said this sentence naturally instead. This indirectly explained Yang Ming’s ident.i.ty.

Bobby could easily guess Yang Ming’s position in Country X. It could be said that if he got acquainted with Yang Ming successfully, then he would be able to stand firm in Country X. At least, he would not be bullied.

Bobby was not afraid of other mine owners bullying him. He had a lot of armed forces in his hands, but he feared Country X officially bullying him. The power in Li Qiang’s hands was not something that they could compete with.

“This is my boxer. What do you think of her?” Bobby pointed to an Asian girl in front of the ring and asked.

Yang Ming’s eyes looked to the front of the ring where Bobby’s finger pointed.

Indeed, in a row of Euro-American black female boxers, the Asian female boxer appeared to be a little thin. Some of the black female boxers were twice her size.

The Asian female boxer stood there quietly; she looked very depressed, unlike others who were gearing up. However, Yang Ming did not have the slightest scorn for her. In the eyes of this female boxer, Yang Ming saw indifference and numbness. Other than that, there were no emotions on her face.

Yang Ming’s heart was suddenly astounded. He once saw such an expression in the eyes. The female a.s.sa.s.sin who broke into w.a.n.g Xiaoyan’s villa had similar eyes! It could be said that when a person achieved such a level, he could not be regarded as a person anymore, but a machine that harvests human life.

They would simply obey the orders of the master to kill someone. If he did not achieve your goal, he would never give up.

However, Yang Ming certainly did not think that there was any connection between the female boxer in front and the female a.s.sa.s.sin who broke into w.a.n.g Xiaoyan’s villa last time. Although this kind of person was relatively rare, there would be someone like this out there. At least, he heard from Fang Tian that the b.u.t.terfly Family could train such an a.s.sa.s.sin.

However, the b.u.t.terfly Family was only training for others; they would not train such a killing machine in their own family.

At this moment, Yang Ming was somewhat impressed by this Bobby. He could actually get such a killing machine. Perhaps, this boxing match already had results.

Although the muscles of this Asian female player were not very developed, and there were no muscles on her, in many cases, killing people did not require too many bodybuilding muscles.

As long as the muscles of the legs, arms and other parts were routinely trained, one could complete some strange killing moves. w.a.n.g Xiaoyan was a typical example.

Although Yang Ming did not hate those women who were covered in muscles, Yang Ming did not like to sleep with them on the same bed.

“Not bad. How much did you spend on her?” Yang Ming asked in a plain tone.

“Not much; five million dollars.” Bobby was not sure if Yang Ming could understand the underground boxing match, and he was not clear whether Yang Ming could see the special features of the Asian female boxer. Therefore, he could only tell the truth for Yang Ming’s question.

However, the special features of this female boxer could not be noticed by ordinary people, including the other female boxers on the stage and the mine owners below the stage. They all looked at the Asian female boxer with mocking eyes.

In their opinion, Bobby was purely making a fool of himself. Did he dare to put such a thin woman in the ring? Wasn’t she the kind of character who would be defeated in one punch?

In addition to Bobby’s Asian female boxer, there was also another Asian female boxer on the stage, Li Lexin. However, Li Lexin was now warming up seriously in a Muay Thai costume, so the others did not underestimate her.

Muay Thai had its own strength. Although many online legends said that Muay Thai originated in Emei, some also said that Muay Thai was created by Nai Khanomtom [1] in the 18th century Ayutthaya Kingdom.

However, no matter what the truth was if a martial arts could be pa.s.sed down for many years, it must have its own strengths. Therefore, the people on the stage did not dare to take lightly Li Lexin who seemed to have real skills.

Bobby’s Asian female boxer was standing still on the stage and looked like she was here to make up the numbers.

“Five million dollars? It’s very cheap.” Yang Ming was telling the truth. Five million dollars was not expensive for this kind of killing machine. How much money could an a.s.sa.s.sination mission earn? Therefore, it seemed that Bobby had gotten a big bargain.

“Yeah…” Bobby did not even know whether Yang Ming was praising him or being sarcastic to him because Yang Ming’s face had no expression at all. Bobby was a very perceptive person, but he always could not understand Yang Ming’s real thoughts when he was facing Yang Ming. “I also met her by accident. When I saw her, I almost ignored her. If it weren’t for her amazing performance, I wouldn’t pay so high a price.”

Bobby did not understand Yang Ming’s real thoughts, so he could only explain it self-servingly.

“She is a killing machine…”

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