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Immediately, Fatty Li understood that all of this was the work of Old Keng. In fact, if Fatty Li looked at the whole thing following Yang Ming's train of thought, it was not difficult to find Old Keng suspicious and see his role in the entire event.

However, Fatty Li, in the previous scenario, was like the onlooker who sees more of the game. With his trust in Old Keng, he didn't think so much at all. Now thinking about it, this Old Keng was indeed very suspicious!

Old Keng was the only person who knew that Fatty Li was going to pick up Yang Ming, so how did Hei Lao San know? He wouldn't be able to predict it. It was obviously impossible. There was only one possibility where Old Keng deliberately spread the news, or he directly worked with Hei Lao San.

The second possibility was more plausible. Otherwise, Hei Lao San would not make a move without absolute certainty since he was not stupid. With Old Keng acting as a spy, he could always grasp Fatty Li's movements. With that, it was more convenient to make his moves.

This would probably be the reason why Hei Lao San dared to make up his mind to make such a big move. However, perhaps Old Keng did not expect that Yang Ming's ident.i.ty was not typical. Similarly, Yang Ming agility was simply extraordinary. Yang Ming intervened, and the situation was instantly reversed. Hei Lao San not only went for the wool and came home shorn, but Old Keng's plan was also completely ruined.

Now Fatty Li didn't even think about whether Old Keng was being framed. From his previous drastic actions and words, these things should be planned by him!

What gave Fatty Li a chill in his heart was that Old Keng would betray him. Moreover, looking at what Old Keng had done, he should have already planned it for a long time, rather than making a last-minute call.

This could be seen from the fact that he could speak Chinese. Old Keng and Fatty Li had not spoken Chinese for more than ten years. Fatty Li had taught him, but he could not learn it.

If Old Keng could speak Chinese and in such a fluent manner, then it meant that Old Keng had been planning for a long time. Old Keng had bluffed to Fatty Li all along, ever since the past!

As he thought of this, Fatty Li's expression was extraordinarily gloomy. Originally, Fatty Li wanted to retire after a few more years. After all, he was a little annoyed with the days where he was at the heart of the struggle. At that time, Fatty Li would definitely hand over his power to Old Keng, but now it seemed that Old Keng was too impatient.

But through this matter, Fatty Li also saw Old Keng's true colors. Fortunately, Old Keng couldn't help it. Otherwise, after giving the power to him, it would not be simple for Fatty Li to take back his words.

Fatty Li sighed and looked at Old Keng's dead body on the ground. He shook his head slightly and said to Yang Ming solemnly, "Brother Yang, I am really grateful to you for this matter! You saved me again and eliminated the rat beside me!"

"It's just a little effort." Yang Ming smiled and said, "If you don't solve these things, you can't send me to Africa with a peace of mind!"

"After a while, I will start the internal cleaning and eliminate all the forces under Old Keng!" Fatty Li nodded. "When I finish this, I can take care of your business with peace of mind!"

Yang Ming nodded and didn't urge Fatty Li. He also knew that if these things weren't solved, Fatty Li really couldn't help to take care of his own affairs. After all, Old Keng's forces around were time bombs beside him. Who knew if they would try to avenge Old Keng?

"I will take you to an absolutely safe place! Then, I will start the internal cleaning!" Fatty Li said, "I don't know if this place is safe; we will evacuate as soon as possible."

The several waiters downstairs still didn't know something was going on upstairs. Seeing Fatty Li and others coming downstairs, they greeted with respect.

"I have locked the room upstairs. Don't enter it on your own!" Fatty Li commanded the waiter.

"Okay!" The waiter nodded quickly and replied.

Outside the restaurant, the few people went to the jeep together. When they came, they were four people. Now there were only three people left. However, no one was sad. Yang Ming did not feel anything. After all, he was not familiar with Old Keng. Yang Ming had nothing to do with Old Keng's life and death.

On the contrary, Fatty Li was full of indignation and depression because Old Keng cheated on him.

"Relax; in fact, this is nothing." Yang Ming shook his head and persuaded, "Old Keng has said that he was like Hei Lao San in northern Vietnam. They were the two wolves here. After your intervention, he was at the same level as Hei Lao San and became one of your men! Therefore, it is normal for his heart to be resentful."

"Indeed, but my heart is still a little uncomfortable, Old Keng really disappointed me!" Fatty Li sighed. "Forget it. There is no need to be angry with him."

"It's great that you can get over it." Yang Ming smiled.

"However, Brother Yang, sister-in-law is also very powerful. I thought she is your nurse. I didn't expect that she..." Fatty Li looked back at w.a.n.g Xiaoyan and couldn't connect her with a word like a.s.sa.s.sin.

However, w.a.n.g Xiaoyan killed Old Keng between the chattering. She did not feel anything wrong with it, which made Fatty Li admire her.

The car went onto a different path and stopped in the backyard of an old-fashioned house. Fatty Li parked the vehicle nicely and said, "We have arrived. This is the place."

"Where is this?" Yang Ming got off and started to a.s.sess his surroundings. This building had a typical urban architectural style from the 1980s and 1990s. It was a two to three-story building with a stair railing outside. The people living here were obviously not rich.

"My home." Fatty Li said, "My family lives here. No outsiders can come, not even Old Keng. You know, there are many enemies in our line of work. There are things that must be hidden from everyone."

Yang Ming listened to Fatty Li's words, but he immediately understood that this was Fatty Li's way to express friendliness. Indeed, with the skill of Yang Ming and w.a.n.g Xiaoyan, it was easy to be unfavorable to Fatty Li. Moreover, Yang Ming had solved a lot of troubles for him. In this way, Fatty Li was better off to have absolute trust of Yang Ming, so he could exchange it for Yang Ming's favorable impression.

He did not lose in this gamble. If Yang Ming could really treat him as a friend, then Fatty Li would definitely have a strong boost.

"Your wife?" Yang Ming probably guessed who was living here.

"My wife, my son, and my wife's little sister," said Fatty Li.

Yang Ming didn't expect Fatty Li to have a son, but it was not surprising thinking about it. In his line of work, it was very likely that he would die one day, and of course, he would leave an offspring from himself.

Fatty Li came to the front of the compound and knocked on the door.

After a while, there was a woman's voice. "@!##¥..."

"It's me. Little Hua, open the door." Fatty Li said to the people inside.

"Zhigua..." The courtyard door was opened. Standing inside was a fifteen to sixteen-year-old girl with a pair of big eyes. She was very pretty, but she was just a little pet.i.te. She was about one meter six with a simple outfit on her. It was not apparent that she was rich.

"Brother-in-law?" The girl named Little Hua saw Fatty Li and quickly greeted.

"Little Hua, is your sister there?" Fatty Li nodded, laughing as he asked.

"Sister went out to buy food. I am doing homework," said Little Hua.

"These two are my friends. Let go in first before we continue," Fatty Li said to Little Hua.

"This is my wife's little sister, Yang Hua," Fatty Li said to Yang Ming and w.a.n.g Xiaoyan, "Brother Yang, it seems that you are a member of the same surname."

"h.e.l.lo, little sister." Yang Ming smiled and waved at the little girl. Yang Ming was a little surprised that this little girl actually spoke Mandarin, but it was not surprising she knew Mandarin since she was together with her sister and Fatty Li.

However, Yang Hua seemed to be very afraid of strangers. She was scared to go forward. She forced a smile at Yang Ming and went on to do her homework.

The house was very simple. There were two small rooms and a large living room. Only the large living room had a writing desk, and Yang Hua was doing her homework there.

If Yang Ming didn't know how much Fatty Li could make, he couldn't believe it was Fatty Li's home! It was almost like the average working-cla.s.s home in Vietnam!

Not at all luxurious, no place reflected any riches.

Fatty Li also noticed Yang Ming's doubts as he smiled and said, "Do you think it is very simple?"Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click for visiting.

Yang Ming nodded.

Fatty Li lowered his voice, "I don't want people to notice them. After all, there are too few rich people. If life is too extravagant, it will cause some people to pay attention."

Yang Ming came into realization all of a sudden. It seemed that Fatty Li wanted to be low-key, but Yang Ming also whispered, "Do they all know what you are doing?"

"They know some of it..." Fatty Li smiled bitterly. "Didn't you notice that Yang Hua is hostile to you? She thinks that my friends are doing the same business as me..."

"It turns out to be like this. I thought the little girl is not good with strangers." Yang Ming smiled.

Not long after, the sound of knocking on the door came from the yard. Yang Hua quickly stood up again and ran out to open the door.

This time, it was a woman in her twenties who was similar to Yang Hua's appearance. She still had a little boy in her arms who seemed to be only two years old while she held a basket in her other hand.

When the woman saw Fatty Li, she suddenly showed a sweet smile on her face. "You came back? Why don't you say it in advance? I will buy some ingredients... Eh, there are guests?"

The woman was very surprised to see Yang Ming and w.a.n.g Xiaoyan. She knew a lot more than Yang Hua about Fatty Li's situation. She also knew that Fatty Li never brought his friends around to this place, but today, two people came. The woman was naturally baffled.

"En, he is a friend from the river. You can trust him absolutely!" Fatty Li nodded and said, "This is Yang Ming, Brother Yang. That is his girlfriend, w.a.n.g Xiaoyan. Brother Yang, this is my wife, Yang Mei."

"h.e.l.lo! Fatty Li also said just now we have the same family name." Yang Ming smiled enthusiastically to Yang Mei.

"h.e.l.lo, you are welcome to be our guests." Yang Mei and Yang Hua were both fluent in Mandarin, "Should I go out to buy some fish meat?"

"No need," Yang Ming said quickly. "It's better to be simple. We did not come here just to eat."

Seeing Yang Ming say this, Fatty Li also waved his hand. "Then, let's do it simpler. There is no need to be generous with Brother Yang."

Fatty Li also knew that Yang Ming was definitely not lacking any luxury food. He could eat anything he wanted in China. There was no need to come here to eat, so he didn't insist.

When Yang Mei heard Fatty Li say so, she gave up. She pa.s.sed the little guy to Fatty Li and got busy in the kitchen.

"When you can stop, just stop." When Yang Mei went to the kitchen, Yang Ming said to Fatty Li, "It seems like sister-in-law is worried about you. This line of work is difficult. Retire when you can."

"I think so too. After thinking about it, in a few years, I was going to hand over the business of the underworld to Old Keng. I will bring Yang Mei and my children back to China or go to either Europe or America." Fatty Li sighed, "But now, with such an incident, it seems that I still have to do it for a while."

"It is fine as long as you can handle it." Yang Ming and Fatty Li were not special friends, so they didn't say much more.

Initially, Yang Ming thought that Yang Hua was also Fatty Li's mistress, but when he saw Yang Hua, he brushed aside the idea. She was just a child. Based on Fatty Li's gaze on Yang Hua, there was no such meaning in his eyes.

Yang Ming thought that Fatty Li was a good person. He was not so l.u.s.tful. Yang Mei looked pretty, but in comparison, Yang Hua was prettier.

The conversation might have woken up the little baby in Fatty Li's arms. The little guy suddenly cried.

"Don't cry... baby..." Fatty Li was obviously not a kid expert, and he suddenly felt helpless.

On the other hand, Yang Hua heard the child's cry and quickly put aside her homework. She ran over and took the little guy from Fatty Li. She started coaxing him. After a while, the little guy returned to being quiet.

Fatty Li scratched his head embarra.s.sed and said to Yang Ming, "The little guy doesn't recognize me. I come home less often. He is closer to his mother and aunt."

Fatty Li's wife was obviously a master of housekeeping. It didn't take long before a few dishes were served. Although they were plain, they were still savory.

When they were eating, Yang Hua learned that Yang Ming and w.a.n.g Xiaoyan were not friends of Fatty Li, but they came from China. Her att.i.tude was obviously better.

Obviously, although the little girl didn't say anything, she also knew what Fatty Li usually did. It was only for that reason that she was hostile to Yang Ming.

They talked about the country but did not mention anything about Fatty Li. It seemed Yang Mei and Yang Hua were still very curious about China's matters.

However, from the conversation, Yang Ming realized that the father of Yang Hua and Yang Mei was Chinese, and their mother was Vietnamese. Only after their father provoked a nemesis that could not be provoked, did they moved their family to Vietnam.

At that time, Yang Hua was still very young. Her memory was not very deep, but Yang Mei had already made a note, naturally knowing the gap between Vietnam and China.

Although it was only a verbal description, the two sisters were fascinated which made Yang Ming feel sentimental. No wonder many Vietnamese girls wanted to marry to the Chinese, the quality of life here was really poor.

In the evening, Yang Ming and w.a.n.g Xiaoyan were arranged to stay in the room of Yang Mei and Fatty Li. Yang Mei and Yang Hua were squeezed into one room. Fatty Li went out to deal with things in his gang.

Yang Ming believed that a lot of people would be involved tonight. Old Keng's people were involved in the middle, but there were also many innocent people. However, Yang Ming didn't stop anything.

Each environment had its own set of rules. Yang Ming had no obligation or responsibility to manage these matters. Since these people had chosen this path, they should antic.i.p.ate that there would be such a day.

As for Hei Lao San, he did not really provoke Yang Ming. If he really did provoke Yang Ming, Yang Ming would still grant him an agonizing death as usual, regardless of whether he had local forces.

"Today, when Old Keng held me, were you nervous?" w.a.n.g Xiaoyan lay next to Yang Ming and asked quietly.

"I started off being a little nervous, but I saw that you gave me a wink. I knew you could deal with him." Yang Ming smiled. "But it's a good thing I came out with you. I don't need to take care of you too much. You can take care of yourself. ""

"Is that good or bad? Do you like Chen Mengyan or me?" w.a.n.g Xiaoyan hesitated and continued to ask.

Yang Ming broke into a sweat after listening. He did not expect w.a.n.g Xiaoyan would ask as such. For your information, w.a.n.g Xiaoyan never talked about similar topics with him before. What happened today? How do I feel like she is a little woman who is jealous?

"This... I like both..." Yang Ming said in embarra.s.sment, "Yanyan, why do you ask this all of a sudden? Don't you ignore these things?"

"Why? Do you hate me?" w.a.n.g Xiaoyan snorted and glared at Yang Ming, displeased.

"I don't hate you. It just feels a bit strange..." Yang Ming said quickly.

"There's nothing strange about it. I just wanted to ask all of a sudden." w.a.n.g Xiaoyan knew that Yang Ming was a little troubled, so she stopped asking. She only sighed and said, "I found that I really care about you. I really do not know what will happen in the future..."

"You care about me. I already treat you as my girlfriend." Yang Ming said. "In the future, I will find a way to make you fit into Chen Mengyan's circle."

"I am not talking about this... It is something about my family." w.a.n.g Xiaoyan shook her head. "My family's power is immense... I don't know if we can handle it..."

"Forget about it. Maybe our strength that time will not be small..." Yang Ming was a little amused. w.a.n.g Xiaoyan's words obviously reflected that she was at Yang Ming's side to deal with her own family.

"I hope so," said w.a.n.g Xiaoyan.

At this moment, suddenly there was a loud noise coming outside the window, followed by a strong door knock and a loud shout...

Yang Ming was shocked. He didn't have to say anything to w.a.n.g Xiaoyan. The two jumped up together from bed in a tacit manner and rushed to the living room outside the room...

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